First Spring Game for Jays in the Books


Well, it doesn’t mean anything other than we get some information on how well players are beginning their spring training, but the first spring training game for the Jays in 2010 is in the books. They lost to the Tigers 7-6 in a game that featured mostly pitching at the front-end, and hitting at the back-end.  Jays highlights:

  • Newcomer Chris Lubanski smoked a Schlereth offering over the fence for his first HR of the spring. Way to make a good first impression Chris! There were two runners on at the time, giving Chris 3 RBI on the day.
  • Jarrett Hoffpauir and Brad Emaus each made one error on the day.  Hoffpauir’s was a fielding error, while the Emaus error was on a throw.
  • Aaron Hill walked both times he was up and stole one base. Jose Bautista and Brad Emaus also stole a base a piece.
  • My main man Mike McCoy was 2 for 2 on the day with a double and 2 runs scored.
  • Randy Ruiz was 2 for 3, a nice start for the big man.
  • Both catchers, John Buck and Raul Chavez, got into the action with a double a piece.

On the pitching end it was a mediocre day overall.

  • Zechry Zinicola got through 1 and 1/3 innings while allowing 2 hits and getting 1 K.
  • Both Merkin Valdez and Willie Collazo had rough starts, allowing 2 ER each and over 1 inning a piece and allowing 7 hits between the two.
  • Most importantly, both Ricky Romero and Dana Eveland looked good as the got through their 2 innings a piece with very little damage. (1 ER).

All-in-all it was a good start for the Jays despite the loss. While they did allow 15 hits to the Tigers, they also got 10 of their own and did respond with 4 runs while down 5-2 in the eighth. I’m sure the 3000 or so people who saw the game live enjoyed it and let’s hope that the starts of McCoy and Lubanski continue into the season!