Jose Julio Ruiz and Other Jays Notes


Apparently the Jays have shown more interest in Cuban defecting 1B Jose Julio Ruiz. It was just reported that he had a tryout “against members of the Blue Jays” and it was also added by his trainer that it would be his last before he signs. That either indicates that Ruiz will sign with the Blue Jays, or that they finally admitted to not seeing eye-to-eye on the value of a contract. Either way a decision should be made soon and it has been rumoured that if he is obtained, he would most likely begin the year in AA or AAA and could play both 1B and the OF. Should he do well, he would become insurance behind Bautista and Snider, as well as Overbay should he be dealt. More to follow soon.

If you’re a Jays fan, you have to read Jordan Bastien‘s blog updates throughout the season and offseason. His latest update takes us through some key elements for the Jays in 2010:

  1. Aaron Hill‘s clubhouse leadership and how he has accepted that role and isn’t shy about it;
  2. Lyle Overbay‘s approval of the new direction the Jays are taking, and his surprising comment about ensuring they stay the course, even if the road gets rough – fully realizing it means he’s on his way out of town in that process; and
  3. Scott Richmond and his setback. It seems the reports were off and that Richmond went through the same ordeal in 2009. If it ends up the same way, it’s very good news for the Jays and their SP depth, as Scott should be back in play earlier than expected.

Finally, the Jays website has a video about life after Doc, which sadly reminds us that he won’t be the opening day starter. There is no news on possible future trades, that I’m aware of anyhow, and it seems the Jays may have to wait for teams to get a little more desperate before making any moves. However, if the Jays do end up signing Ruiz this week, look for a move to be completed sooner rather than later.