Solution for Young Athletes Lacing: QuickSnap


Does your son or daughter play T-Ball? Do you always end up being one of those dads or moms kneeling in front of that child tying up their laces over and over again? I’ve seen some dads and moms do this as many as 10 times in one 4 inning game! Well, do I ever have a solution for you. Some people I know have used this device and have fallen in love with it. Not only does it save them time in terms of tying shoes over and over again, but it prevents the game from being held up by shoe tying delays, prevents injuries caused by loose laces, and more importantly – it saves you from having to kneel in front of your child hundreds of times per year. The answer is called QuickSnap, and it will be available to everyone at Walmarts in short order.

Here’s a link to the QuickSnap website.

These little and inexpensive devices are durable, tested in all environments, and come in many fashionable colours for the “socially conscious child”. I’ve seen it in action with many athletes, including baseball players, and have been very impressed. Think about it: you install these on your child’s shoes or cleats one time – adjusting over and over until they’re happy with the feel that one time, and then you’re done! The child can do it on their own from then on! No more broken laces, loose laces, too tight daddy, too loose mommy, notta! Just playing the game and enjoying every moment.

If you are the coach of a team, you can even get your QuickSnaps customized, as shown here. And there is also discounting for school related purchases that get better as the orders get bigger.

Well, that’s my product promo for the month. Hopefully it can help make your young player’s baseball experience that much better!