Possible Jays Targets in 2010 Draft


I have updated the Jays Draft Picks in the Draft Pick section of the site “Post Barajas”, so feel free to have a peak to see what the Jays have to work with. I’m especially interested as to who they may target with the 11th overall pick, so I thought I’d start there. I’ve looked over a bunch of site, read profiles, and tried to get a feel for what the draft has to offer. Here are the recurring names in no particular order, although I did leave Bryce Harper at the top since he seems most likely to go at #1 overall.

  1. Bryce Harper, C (power and ability at very young age are calling cards. Will cost a pretty penny however, and some are beginning to question his abilities overall – silly skeptics)
  2. A.J. Cole, RHP – HS – (big power arm for HS pitcher, has great feel for pitching already)
  3. Anthony Ranaudo, RHP (Seems like he wins everything he touches, big pitcher)
  4. Drew Pomeranz, LHP (His Team USA success says it all)
  5. Jameson Taillon, RHP – HS – (yet another power pitcher)
  6. LeVon Washington, OF (drafted and unsigned by TB in 2009 1st round, speedy)
  7. Manny Machado, SS (very athletic, great situational hitter)
  8. Deck McGuire, RHP (has 2 years in college already – closest to big league ready)
  9. Christian Colon, SS (the SS who is closest to being MLB ready in this draft and my favourite choice as possible – and very early – Jays pick candidate. Look here for full profile)
  10. Rick Hague, SS (great hitter, needs to work on power numbers)
  11. Chris Sale, LHP (great arsenal of pitches)
  12. Yasmani Grandal, C (questionable D, but awesome offensive potential and arm)
  13. Bryce Bentz, 1B/OF (might be second best bat in this draft after Harper)
  14. Karsten Whitson, RHP -HS- (the best HS fastball in the draft. Works at ’92-94 MPH)
  15. Josh Sale, OF -HS- (great HS bat)
  16. Josh Osich, RP (best power arm in this draft – touches 98 MPH on occasion,if he doesn’t sharpen his other pitches he could end up in pen)
  17. Brandon Workman, SP (wicked curve and great fastball are his calling cards)
  18. Zach Cox, 3B (may be available to Jays at #11 due to possible high asking price)
  19. Dylan Covey, RHP – HS – (great stuff for a HS pitcher)
  20. Rob Rasmussen, RHP (commands 4 pitches very well with 2 being above-average)

Those are my top 20 at this time, but things obviously change quickly as the draft approaches. I’ll update this list as we get closer to the draft, but did want to point out a couple of things. First, there are 2 franchise SS prospect types on this list in Colon and Machado. It’s no secret that the Jays want to get better at the position, but it may be unlikely that either one makes it to them in the 1st round. If they are available, I have to believe the Jays will think long and hard before passing either one up. Colon in particular is so close to being MLB ready that he could have a Gordon Beckham like impact with the Jays in 2011.

Another point is that this draft seems to have a lot more bats at the top of the rankings than the 2009 draft did. Guys like Harper, Bentz, Colon and Sale all would have been placed ahead of hitters not named Dustin Ackley in the 2009 draft. Of course, this fits perfectly into the plans for the Jays who are looking to add some great bats to go with their numerous young arms. I’m not saying the Jays will concentrate on hitting only, but half and half seems likely in the 2010 draft and with 4 really high picks the Jays will get some potent picks to replenish the minors with.

Does anyone have a favourite for the Jays to draft at #11?