Dirk Hayhurst’s Newest Gospel


Every once in a while a player comes along who brings a refreshing look at the sports world. A player who sees the opportunity he has as a blessing and one that he does not take for granted. A player who goes the extra mile to let people know that players like this exist, and who can bring hope to all fans that a good portion of players know just how lucky they are. To be able to read the thoughts and happenings of such a player on a regular basis is a luxury we rarely get, but in this case, the case of Dirk Hayhurst, we get exactly that.

In his latest gospel, Dirk states “Pitching’s been my life. Not many people get to say that—- I’m lucky and I know it.” This in the midst of his injury woes that are plaguing the Jays reliever. If you have the time to read his gospel currently posted on the BA site here, I strongly recommend it. Not only does it bring insight into the minor league world and the high stakes involved with any injuries that occur, but it gives people a good look at Dirk’s writing style and how he approaches the game of baseball. You can read a lot more about him on his site, and having read his book “The Bullpen Gospels”, I also strongly recommend it. It’s an honour that such a great guy be a part of the Jays organization and I hope they find many more like him, because he represents the true spirit of the game and represents it perfectly.

I wish Dirk the best of luck in his recovery and I hope he finds his way back to The Show ASAP.