Jays Notes: 14-Feb-10


Here are some Jays news and notes as we hit the middle of February and get close to spring training:

  • Scott Richmond can be scratched off the list of likely candidates for opening day rotation members since he had some shoulder issues during his preparations for spring training. Richmond had taken part on the World Baseball Classic, which may be part of the source of his shoulder issues. He will rehab and it’s unknown the exact timetable of his possible return. It’s a good thing that Alex has been proactively filling the SP depth chart, because there could be a few more of these unfortunate events.
  • Jordan Bastien gives us an excellent look at what to expect in the beginning of 2010 and also provides a quick run down of all spring training invitees. A highly recommended read for all Jays fans.
  • For those who were unaware, Brad Arnsberg is no longer the Jays pitching coach. He has been replaced by Bruce Walton who had been the bullpen coach for years, and Rick Langford takes over as bullpen coach. You can see Rick’s MLB stats and bio here and Bruce’s short career stats here.
  • Apparently the Jays would have even more competition than the LAA in acquiring Cuban SS Adeiny Hechavarria, as George A. King III reports for the NY Post that the Yankees may sign him to be the heir to Derek Jeter. No pressure! This  news and interest from a division rival is yet another reason for the Jays to outbid others for his services.  He adds that should the SS be ready sooner or not be able to remain at SS, he could also be used as a CF…..well, guess what, the Jays definitely could use someone new at either position, so bring it on!!!
  • Although Frank Thomas‘s tenure in Toronto was short and unheralded, he will become another player with the jays in his repertoire as he enters the Hall of Fame sometime after 2014. the question isn’t really about whether he’ll get in, but more about when.  One thing’s for certain, unlike Roberto Alomar, Frank won’t be wearing a Jays uniform when he goes in! Could he be a first ballot inductee? It’s pretty sad to consider after Roberto just missed out due to a few guys who wanted to make a statement. They should have made the statement elsewhere, in my opinion, actually they should of made it anywhere else .

The reporting of catchers and pitchers should be well under way by this time next week, so the news should be a lot more “fulfilling” by then. I’m certain that all MLB bloggers will be happy to get more information for readers to look into and here’s to a great 2010 season as we finally head into Spring Training!