Jays Journal Superbowl Picks


Normally I would delve into each team, look at the strengths and weaknesses of each team, and look at which team has the best package to win it all. But in this case, as a Patriots fan, I am forced to go against Brady’s biggest rival – Peyton Manning – and hope that the Saints can pull it off. I know for a fact that New Orleans has enough offense to get’er done, and that the city deserves a good boost. Making it to the Superbowl should normally be enough, but for a city hit as hard as New Orleans has been in recent years, they need to and deserve to win it all.

My other picks for the game:

  • Final Score: Saints 34, Colts 24
  • Superbowl MVP: Darren Sharper
  • Best RB of the game: Pierre Thomas
  • Best WR of the game: Marques Colston
  • Best TE of the game: Dallas Clark
  • Most sacks: Indianapolis
  • Interceptions: New Orleans (2) both by Darren Sharper
  • Fumbles: Indianapolis 2, New Orleans 2

I think that’s enough predictions. Not sure who’ll win the coin toss and I’m sure 3/4 of the list above, if not all of it, will be wrong. But hey, that’s the fun of the bowl now, isn’t it? I just hope the Saints come out on top and that Brees shows up Manning, after that it’s all gravy baby!!

Now, off to get the beer and snacks ready for the 50 inch HDTV experience we all deserve!