Quick Jays Quirps


Here are some recent Jays related news and implications:

  • It’s believed that the Marlins have increased their offer to Aroldis Chapman from their $13 million initial offer. Still, many people believe the Jays make a lot of sense and could be the likeliest destination for him – as stated on MLBTR. The same site also reports that he may decide on a club within 4-5 days and that it’s expected that either the Angels or Jays could land him for approximately $21 million which is well within the range of the Jays, but no years for the contract were disclosed.
  • Previous 1st round Jays pick Russ Adams signed with the New York Mets. Interestingly, he was listed as a OF when signed, but you have to believe the Mets wanted him on board in case Jose Reyes re-injures himself in 2010.
  • Two likely trading partners for Lyle Overbay can be crossed off the list, as Seattle landed Casey Kotchman from the Red Sox and are likely to re-sign Russell Branyan, the Braves landed Troy Glaus to play first and just signed ex-Jay Eric Hinske who can also play 1B. The remaining candidates to land Lyle include: the Giants – who apparently made a nice $17 million offer to Adam LaRoche who decided to say no, they are also rumored to be looking for a left-handed bat which Lyle Overbay qualifies for; the Mets – who could use a healthier, younger, and cheaper alternative to Carlos Delgado at 1B; and the Orioles – although trading with a division rival could be tricky in this case.
  • Edwin Encarnacion burned himself in a fireworks accident in the Dominican Republic, but is fine after being treated.
  • Miguel Olivo signed with the Rockies for $2 million with a $2.5 million option in 2011 that holds a 500K buyout, making the John Buck signing look that much better. On the catching note, the rumored Jays signing of Ramon Castro was apparently false, as he is still a FA. This leaves the possibility that a Buck-Chavez combo will begin the year for the Jays.