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July will likely be a big month for the Blue Jays

Merry July eve everybody!

Your Toronto Blue Jays started the month of June in 1st place and even if both the Orioles and Yankees win today the Jays are going to start July in 1st place. It’s been to long since we could say that as fans.

July has always been my favorite month in the baseball season because of the all-star game and the trade deadline. And this July is bound to be even more hectic.

First of all, two years ago the Blue Jays extended free agent to be Edwin Encarnacion at the all-star break. So maybe the Jays look to do the same with Melky Cabrera and Colby Rasmus? But with the Jays looking to take on payroll for this season at the trade deadline that might be too ambitious.

But for all the talk about the Jays needing to add pieces by the trade deadline, Alex Anthopoulos has to make sure the Jays still have a realistic shot at the playoffs by late July.

Because I don’t know if you’ve looked at the Jays’ July schedule but it’s scary.

It goes Brewers (have the best record in the NL), A’s (have the best record in the AL), Angels, series against the Rays at Tropicana Field (where they can’t win a series), Rangers, Red Sox, series against the Yankees at Yankee Stadium (where they can’t win a game) and then the Red Sox again.

But let’s remember when the Jays went on their run earlier in the season they took 2 out of 3 from the Rangers and swept the Red Sox, A’s, Rays and Tigers so maybe playing good teams will help them get there mojo back.

And what can I say about the trade deadline that hasn’t already been said 3 billion times. The general consensus seems to be they need to add a starting pitcher and try to upgrade wherever else they can.

Regardless of what the Jays situation is in late July you’d figure they’ll do SOMETHING.

The Jays haven’t made a trade of significance since the Dickey trade in December 2012!

So if the Jays don’t do anything the pitch forks and torches will be out for AA even if the Jays are still in contention. Just because as a sports fans trades are fun and AA’s been denying us that fun for to long.

So between possible contract extensions, the Jays crazy July schedule, the trade deadline speculation and possible trade deadline moves there likely won’t be too many dull days for Blue Jays fans in July.

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