Sep 21, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Texas Rangers pitcher Matt Garza (22) reacts as he walks off the field against the Kansas City Royals during the ninth inning at Kauffman Stadium. Texas beat Kansas City 3-1. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Many Cheap Pitching Options The Jays Missed Out On

According to Alex Anthopoulous (ninja GM my rear end!) the Toronto Blue Jays MIGHT not add a starting pitcher this offseason.

So since we don’t have any pitchers to speculate on the Blue Jays acquiring let’s take a look at the many cheap pitching options the Jays missed out on this offseason.

AA has always said he likes to acquire talent through trade and free agent contracts that are 5 years or less. There were many pitchers this offseason that were acquired that way but yet the Blue Jays didn’t get any of them.

Josh Johnson – YEAH I SAID IT! Not a typo. The Blue Jays could have given Johnson a 14 million dollar qualifying offer. Yes that’s a lot of money for a lottery ticket like Johnson. But hey you can never have enough starting pitching depth like we’ve learned the last 2 seasons. And it looks like starting pitching depth is how the Jays plan on winning this season anyways.

Doug Fister – The Nationals acquired Fister for practically nothing (utility man Steve Lombardozzi and left handed pitchers Ian Krol and Robbie Ray), he’s under control through the 2015 season and the Nats are paying him a tiny 7 million in 2014. The argument has been made that the Tigers might not have wanted to trade Fister to an American League team but this is the same team that traded Prince Fielder to an AL team and a World Series threat. You’d like to think the Jays could have gotten Fister if they could have offered the Tigers a little more than the Nationals did.

Matt Garza – When I heard that the Brewers signed Garza to a four-year, $52 million contract I was shocked. Garza’s just 30 years old so you would think he’d command more. Blah blah blah he has experience in the AL East and he’s injury prone. But whenever he’s healthy he would have been a contributor. And his contract is one the Jays could easily afford with so many contracts coming off the books in a couple of years.

AJ Burnett – Again not a typo lol. And 16 million dollars he got for 1 year from the Phillies is scary. And if we knew for sure Burnett could pitch well in the AL East he would have still been playing for the Yankees last year. But hey the Jays are planning on winning in 2014 with pitching depth anyways.

Ubaldo Jimenez – Jiménez signed a 4-year $50 million deal with the Orioles. It’ll be interesting to see how he fairs in the AL East for all those years. At the very least you know he’s a guy who can be counted on to make 30 starts in a season.

And there’s probably even a few more examples that I can’t remember.

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  • Len Nunes

    your idea of “cheap” is from a Yankees persepective LOL

  • malna

    ????? Terrible article….

    Matt Garza and Jiminez both cost 50 M over 4 years….. This is cheap? As another commenter said, you are thinking of cheap in terms of how the Yankees or Dodgers might view “cheap”….

    Doug Fister was traded from Detroit to Washington, and Anthopoulous very specifically said he called Dombrowski before the trade to see if he could get Fister instead. Dombrowski said “no, we want to make the worst trade in recent memory (since the last fister trade) with Washington”….. how on earth can you call this a “missing out?” Not a very well researched or thought out piece of journalism here…. We very clearly did not miss out, this is a very clear case of GM Dombrowski being not that good of a GM…..

    And Josh Johnson….?

    Did you seriously want Josh Johnson back with the Toronto Blue Jays at 14.1 MM for the 2014 season? The same guy that put up a 6.20 ERA with the jays last season? Even JJ’s agent said they would have accepted the QO mid way through the 2013 season, and he would have been the first player in the two years of the current FA arbitration system to accept the QO.

    Do you honestly think JJ would have signed here for less money than the 14.1M we refused to offer him? Seriously? This is not how the real world, nor even the baseball world, works.

    Honestly this article is so bad it is funny….

    • threo

      I wouldn’t be surprised. Look at his history–pretty much everything he writes is a shitty opinion piece and this one is no exception.

      • malna

        Yeah i usually peruse the articles of this site in my news feed and am familiar with his work, but this one really stuck out to me…..

        It is opinions like this that have the bandwagon fans jumping off. Opinions like this that might make it seem as if the second half of the Riccardi tenure had more promise than the excellent strides the organization has made since the Riccardi tenure….

        • Justin Jay

          I wouldn’t call it an excellent stride until some of AA’s draft picks really come to promenence. JP never had the payroll that the Jays have allowed AA. I think that’s something that should be considered. Also, what worse? Drafting a poor 1st Rd pick or not signing what’s viewed as an excellent 1st Rd pick?

          • malna

            I’m not sure you understand how drafting and developing players works in the MLB….

            Who was the poor 1st rd pick the Jays drafted? Was it Aaron Sanchez you are talking about, or Noah Syndergaard?

            Who cares if a team doesn’t sign their first round pick? They get the exact same pick the next year if they don’t sign the guy…..

          • Justin Jay

            And you do? Tell me your system. Please! Offer your advice to the Blue Jays and HOPEFULLY you can fix this system. I implore you to! You clearly know something this entire system and myself do not. I would love to hear this wisdom.

          • malna

            There is nothing broken with the system?

            The system was broken under Riccardi, and it has since been fixed. You must be a very young baseball fan to have such a short sighted view…

            EDIT: it is only keith law, a disgruntled former Jays employee that has anything negative to say about the current Jays farm system…..

          • Justin Jay

            Aaaand you’re done

          • malna

            How so? Since AA has taken over, depending on the source material you want to use, the Blue Jays farm system has been ranked as anywhere from top-5 to middle of the pack.

            Even after all the trades, only Keith Law can rank it as 24 while Baseball America still has the system in the middle of the pack?

            Who is done. You? For wanting to change GM’s for no reason at all? Your age is revealing itself with each passing comment….

          • Andrew van Laar

            Malna… stfu with the age comments. We get it you are 100+ years old and wiser than anyone else. Stick to logical arguments and not whining that someone is so young. Flipping annoying…

          • malna

            Sorry Andrew that you and your friend Justin have your panties all cought up as knots in your crotches, but I have yet to see a single baseball reason as to why you would be showing hate towards the best thing that has happened to Blue Jays baseball in 20 years….

          • Andrew van Laar

            Did Jay or I say we hate AA? I definitely didn’t. I actually like him quite a bit. However I am not blind to his flaws like you are. In your eyes nothing he does can be wrong.

          • malna

            Im not blind to his flaws at all. Im curious as to what flaws you see though…..

          • Andrew van Laar

            I think some of his trades were not the best ex. Lincoln trade, Happ trade, Rogers trade (man Gomes would look good now and Aviles is a great bench piece), and yes the Napoli trade. Why would he trade Napoli, a young power bat who had decent numbers for an average reliever? He definitely has issues scouting major league players when he brings them in. So far Bautista, EE and Escobar are the only ones he’s traded for or brought in that have shown he has a good eye for major league talent. Otherwise the rest have been flops. He also can’t get first round talent to sign. I know we have differing opinions on this but it is a concern. What is Bickford or Beede turn into the next Strasburg? We missed out on them and can’t get them back.

          • John

            Actually, Bautista and Encarnacion are Riccardi trades. So no credit there.

          • Justin Jay

            Bickford and Beede. Please stop.

          • malna

            I think you are the one that needs to stop…..

            For failing to sign Tyler Beede, the Jays got a compensation pick the following draft year. Who did the Jays draft with that compensation pick? Marcus Stroman….. A guy projected to put up over 1 WAR this year according to projection systems, whereas Tyler Beede is still in college.

            The same goes with Bickford. For failing to sign Bickford, the Jays now have the #11 overall pick in this upcoming draft. A draft that is supposed to be much deeper than last year’s draft, which was considered weak. The jays also have the # 9 pick.

            If you think the Jays are not scouting their players properly, then you are wrong. Baseball America now projects Bickford to be the top available colege arm in the draft a couple years from now, and the Jays also drafted Aaron Nola and Luke Weaver, two guys projected as the 5th and 6th best college players in this next draft, right behind Tyler Beede. The Blue Jays are doing a great job of identifying talent, developing talent, and trading talent when the assets are prime for being traded. If you are too ignorant to see this, then you are too blinded by the fact that AA is a better human than yourself. (He is better than me, i can admit my faults….)

          • Justin Jay

            I guess we can agree he’s better than you.

          • malna

            Hey finally something I can agree with you on….

          • Andrew van Laar

            It matters when for two years out of three you don’t have a first rounder developing in your system. If you knew anything about asset management, you want to have a consistent stream of prospects coming through each year. You don’t want gaps where potential blue chip prospects are not coming through.

            I think JP and AA both have seriously flaws in their management styles. AA is not the be all and end all to GMs. He’s good but you are worshiping him Malna. Like Justin said, he has issues signing first round picks which is a serious issue even if we get compensation the next year.

          • malna

            1) No it doesn’t matter because if you don’t sign your first round pick you get the exact same pick the next year. For failing to sign Tyler Beede, the Jays picked up Stroman. For failing to sign Phil Bickford, the Jays have the #11 pick in a much deeper draft this upcoming year.

            2) If you knew anything about asset management you would not have just made that comment. While there is an opportunity cost in the time value of player development, this can be discounted in other ways. For example, Tyler Beede was coming out of high school when the Jays drafted him. He would have taken at least 3-5 years to make the MLB. Thus, the following year, the Jays draft Marcus Stroman, a college Junior, who should only take 1-3 years to make the MLB….

            3) The Jays now have a consistent stream of prospects coming through the door, whereas under Riccardi, there were 0 prospects coming through the door. This year, we will be looking at guys like Stroman, Nolin, Drabek, Rasmussen, Gose, Pillar, Sierra, Goins, and friends to make contributions to the team. Most of these are AA acquisitions….

            4) No one said AA is the be all and end all to GMS, but I will surely shut down the bandwagon fans that have suddenly started calling for the guys head. I can think of 25 other teams in the league that have worse GMs than the Jays do.

            5) I’m not worshipping, Im putting down Justin Jay for his incredibly odd lines of thought.

          • Justin Jay

            Number 2 may just be one of the dumbest things I have ever had to read. You’re making assumptions on the development process. Please look at St.Louis, Boston, Tampa Bay, Oakland, and then talk to me about progress and development. You’re calling me shortsighted and need to take a good look in the mirror.

            Even if you are ancient, so we can put this crap to rest, I’m 31, been following Toronto since 1990. We still haven’t seen anybody since Gillick and I understand it took him some time to get acclimated to his job as GM in Toronto. As GREAT as Gillick was, his player development program didn’t necessarily take off initially. He made very solid trades during his time as GM and also was given the payroll flexibility to do so. People don’t take into account that Riccardi was very financially limited in a way that AA is not. That doesn’t excuse his poor drafting on the back end of his tenure, but if AA is the best thing in 20 years for the Blue Jays, I know all I need to know about you. And that is you have learned nothing in your numerous years of opportunity, to learn much of anything about baseball.

            Quit harping on your age as a reason for others to settle down. Your age hasn’t merited much of anything at all.

          • malna

            I feel sorry for you if you are 31 years old and read the following as “one of the dumbest things you have ever had to read”:

            “2) If you knew anything about asset management you would not have just made
            that comment. While there is an opportunity cost in the time value of
            player development, this can be discounted in other ways. For example,
            Tyler Beede was coming out of high school when the Jays drafted him. He
            would have taken at least 3-5 years to make the MLB. Thus, the following
            year, the Jays draft Marcus Stroman, a college Junior, who should only
            take 1-3 years to make the MLB….”

            Seriously please tell me what is wrong with that statement…..

            It is literally the same draft pick. You are getting your panties stuck in your junk because you are upset the jays didn’t sign Tyler Beede? Then the jays use THE EXACT SAME DRAFT PICK, one year later, to draft Marcus Stroman? What are you upset about? Marcus Stroman is set to help the Jays this year while Tyler Beede would be in Lansing this year…..

  • True BlueFan

    So I do hope that this was a tounge in cheel rant of yours – Josh Johnson, after last year’s debacle would have only come back on a qualifying offer, and just for the money, and after last year, the way he was knocked around, he really was not woeth that type of money.

    Doug Fister – this trade literally came out of no where, and he was not being shoppd around the league – quite a few teams had no clue as to what was going on with him. (read – MLB trade rumors for that)

    Matt Garza – do we really need another injury prone starter in our rotation??

    Burnett – made it quite clear he wanted to remain close to home in Maryland, and that location was quite important to him.

    Jimenez – while it would qualify as a mistake if he really has turned a corner, but with his walk total already high, and his slider being a “chase” pitch, I do not think he will look good facing the Red Sox/Yankee’s/Rays hitters that often in the Al East.(I would have liked a flyer for no more than two years, though)

    Ervin santana – a flyball pitcher who is home run prone in one of the best hitters parks in the AL East, would be sunk money for no gain.

    The only one on this list that I am actually looking at would have been Fister, and all reports stated that the Jays knew nothing until after the fact.

    • Justin Jay

      I agree with most of this… Everybody makes the Santana flyball thing a bigger issue than it is. We’re OK with Dickey, but fear Santana and Santana had 18 starts without allowing a HR while Dickey only had 11. It’s just easier to cite Santana’s track record, which is very inconsistent, exemplified by HRs.
      Jimenez’s numbers vs the AL East is very limited. He was great against the Jays, Orioles, and Rays last season, but sucked against the Red Sox and Yankees. It was a very small sample, so to say he can’t pitch in the AL East isn’t really justified.
      Garza and injury prone is unfair. He’s only pitched less than 155 IPs once in the last 5 seasons. Pitchers reaching 200 IPs has become rare. I think the mental state of Garza is more of an issue, but I’d take him on this team for that deal.
      Everything else I agree with.

      • malna

        1) The Santana fly ball issue is a huge issue as he lead the MLB in HR’s given up a couple years ago.

        2) Jiminez would have been nice to have, but not at the opportunity costs present. His deal is not “cheap”, and only made sense for teams seriously lacking in SP depth, which the Jays are not. The Jays need more top flight SP, not more SP depth.

        3) The same goes with Garza as it does with Jiminez.

    • malna

      The reports say that the Jays knew Fister was getting traded:

      “The beginning of a recent sportsnet interview with Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos shows why that might not be as easy as it sounds. Anthopoulos says Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told him that the Jays simply didn’t have the players he wanted in a trade for doug fister.”

      Source: MLBTR / al-notes-fister-blue-jays-orioles-rays.html

      The jays did not miss out on fister…. Dombrowski is just a terrible GM end of story. If not for Mike Illitch and his desire to spend Dombrowski would have been out of a job a while ago…..

  • Justin Jay

    The Jays CAN spend. But why? Are the options out there much better than the ones in house? Is Jimenez worth the money and pick? I believe he is, but my buddy Chris makes a good point that if his mechanics go awry, can the Jays staff get him back on track. The Blue Jays track record shows they’re not capable of doing so. So it’s a scary thought to pay out the money to guy who can’t consistently repeat his mechanics.
    Josh Johnson didn’t want to be here. End of story. He can do as much damage control as he likes. He took a lesser deal with a team that could end up in 1st and could end up in last. Sound familiar? JJ didn’t want to be here. That’s not a miss on AA’s part.
    Doug Fister was never in play. AA can be as upset as he wants. The fanbase can be as baffled as they want about the Nats-Tigers trade. The fact is AA didn’t know Fister was available. Dombrowski never contacted Toronto about Fister’s availability. He was NEVER an option.
    Garza would have been a nice signing and he did take a helluva discounted deal considering how inflated the market became. Of the names on this list, he would have been “the missed cheap signing” considering the way the market blew up and what people predicted what his AAV would be.

    • malna

      What are you talking about AA didn’t know Fister was available??

      AA clearly said he called Dombrowski before the fister trade was made in order to ask him about Fister’s availability. Dombrowski told AA that the Jays did not have the players the Tigers needed for Fister, and then Dombrowski proceeded to make one of the worst trades in recent baseball history (outside of the last fister trade)….

      “The beginning of a recent sportsnet interview with Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos shows why that might not be as easy as it sounds. Anthopoulos says Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told him that the Jays simply didn’t have the players he wanted in a trade for doug fister.”

      Source: MLBTR / al-notes-fister-blue-jays-orioles-rays.html

      • Justin Jay

        And what did Dombrowski say about it? I’m sick of lip service.

        • malna

          Dombrowski said “sorry tigers fan base, don’t know what to tell you…”


          here is what he actually said:

          “You’re always prepared when you trade the known for the unknown that people in general don’t like those type of moves”

          • Justin Jay

            Yea, that’s a terrible answer. You keep on believing on the BS that’s being placed out there. Keep on following the misdirection. You can site MLBTruthRumours. I read it. I don’t buy it. What did Dombrowski say?

          • malna

            Umm i clearly wrote in that post what dombrowski said….

          • malna

            Also, you honestly seem like a bandwagon fan with a short sighted view. We can go back to the Riccardi days if you would like….

          • Justin Jay

            Yea, I google and read that too. Look, the point is, for a guy who doesn’t say much supposedly, AA said a lot this offseason. “We’re going this way” “We’re going that way” “Exploring all options” would have been the better answer. So many people have this unjustifiable false hope that AA is the answer because you’re all clinging on to the amazing Wells trade, which means jack squat now that there’s Buehrle, Reyes, and Dickey to trump whatever Wells made (and no, Buehrle IS NOT worth what he’s getting paid). Then what? Cling to the Halladay trade because all that is left is Drabek? Did AA bring in EE? I believe he traded EE that first time and got him back. AA brought in Bautista too right (don’t answer that, I know it was Riccardi and he got lucky)? Why, oh f*cking why is AA so widely viewed as something special at this point when the farm system has yet to provide much of anything (yes, they’re coming soon, and that’s one of my points–We’ll see), the team tanked, he brought back a coach that had success in the Riccardi era… and THE ONLY reason I can find why people love AA is because he’s not Riccardi. Great method of thinking. So I’m really interested in your insight as to why you know how the MLB drafts and develops players, but the Jays have yet to effectively do so. Shit, the Jays might as well bring back Ash!

          • malna

            1) You do realize AA has been all about “due diligence” since stepping into his role? By all accounts he is one of the hardest working MLB executives around, and will have a job in pro baseball until the day he dies…..

            2) Why are you so naive as to be duped by someone saying “we’re going this way” or “we’re going that way”? Can you please cite an example of AA telling the media which direction the Jays were headed other than to Dunedin and then to Toronto to play baseball games?

            3) The wells trade was one of, if not the best, trade in recent baseball memory.

            4) The Jays acquired Jose Reyes and Mark Buerhle for nothing, so who cares if their contracts are a slight “over pay”? At least these players still produce, unlike Vernon Wells who will be making 25 M this year to chill in Texas…..

            5) Dickey has one of the most team friendly contracts in baseball…..

            6) Want to know what is left of the Halladay trade? Dickey, Gose, and Drabek….. what world do you construct your logic in?

            7) How do you know that AA didn’t bring in E5? AA was the assistant GM at the time, and we do not have all the information. Furthermore, AA gave E5 all the opportunities in the world to turn himself around, and then resigned e5 to one of the most team friendly contracts in baseball…..

            8) As with e5, AA was the AGM at the time of acquiring Bautista, and this is the exact type of transaction an AGM would have made. Honestly, how do you think AA got his job in the first place? Secondly, Bautista was finally given full time playing time under AA’s watch, and AA resigned Bautista to one of the most team friendly contracts in baseball….

            9) Why are you so disgruntled about the farm system? We basically did not even have a farm system prior to AA. Syracuse left the Jays AFTER A 30 YEAR MARRIAGE BECAUSE OF HOW HARD RICCARDI MESSED UP….. Clearly you are not familiar that it usually takes 5 years for a completely rebuilt system to start producing talent….

            10) Here are other reasons to love aa:
            10a) traded marcum for lawrie (lol)
            10b) traded nothing for steve delabar (lol)
            10c) traded nothing for sergio santos (lol)
            10d) traded nothing for colby rasmus (lol)
            10e) traded brandon league for brandon morrow (lol)
            10f) traded nothing for jose reyes and mark b
            10g) traded nothing for yunel escobar, resigned escobar to one of best contracts in MLB (eye black incident forced him to get rid of him)
            10h) traded nothing for JA Happ

            11) Here are some players that AA has drafted or acquired while young that should be helping out the Jays either this year or next: Stroman, Sanchez, Nolin, Drabek, Gose, Rasmussen, Goins, Pillar. Notice how about 4 years into his tenure, the system starts producing? Because as I have said in other posts…. it takes about 5 years for a completely barren MLB farm system to start producing after it is rebuilt……

            How long do you think it will take Houston to rebuild with all their #1 draft picks? It has taken 3 years so far……

          • Andrew van Laar

            1. every GM does his due diligence. If they didn’t they would not have jobs.

            4. I wouldn’t call the Marlins trade nothing. We have up some serious prospects in that trade as well as Alvarez who is still very young and the type of pitcher we did (extreme ground ball pitcher)

            5. Doesn’t matter how friendly the contract is if the player can’t produce

            7 & 8. Complete speculation. I can’t believe you made that point. There is no way to know if AA did or did not do those trades.

            9. I think people are disgruntled because of how many fantastic prospects left in trades that brought back questionable returns.

            10h… for what Happ has done here… I wouldn’t take him and his $5+ million contract is someone paid me. He is a horrible pitcher.

            11. I doubt Sanchez is going to help that soon. Apart from Stroman and Gose, no one else there I would consider game changers. Thats great some B and C prospects are coming up but you don’t build a franchise around those players.

          • malna

            1) Umm pretty sure Dombrowski did not do his due dilligence with the Fister trade.

            4) The marlins trade is nothing. Marisnick will never hit at the MLB level, Hech will never hit at the MLB level, and maybe nicolino might be a usefull bullpen lefty or national league starter…. Alvarez was very clearly never going to be a starter in the American league…. and we have plenty of two pitch pitchers already… may as well have traded him while his asset value was high….

            5) Wait, Dickey didn’t produce last year? I’m still pretty sure he is a top 40 pitcher over the last 4 years in the MLB….. you must have different info than I do….?

            7-8) I’m pretty sure I stated that was complete speculation, because I am not a god, much like yourself. But do you know what is not speculation? The fact that Bautista and E5 were given full time playing time under AA’s watch, and were signed to two of the best contracts in baseball by AA.

            9) The only fantastic prospect we gave up was Noah Syndergaard.

            10) I would take Happ and his 5M contract over jiminez/Santana/Garza and their 50 M contracts every day of the week, unless I had unlimited monies and did not understand the concept of economics.

            11) Sanchez has one more year in the minors, unless there is a slew of SP injuries or unless he just simply dominates. We are looking at midseason 2015 for sanchez…. But thanks for nitpicking one name out of the nearly ten i provided…..

          • Andrew van Laar

            1. One guy…? Thanks for that tips

            4. Wow… so you contradict yourself quite a bit. You site the fact that sooooo many prospect ranking organization and writers have the Jays farms system between #5 and middle of the pack and then those same guys who have Marisnick and Nicolinio in the top 100 prospects in baseball are now wrong about that? Hech you may be right about but I disagree about Alvarez. I think he has a future. Look at his stats last year. He would have been our ace.

            5. I talked about last year and you are siting the previous 3 years? Thanks again tips. Ya he was great the previous 3 years. Last year he didn’t do so hot. I don’t know where you are going with this one? lol

            7-8 You are right and I give AA credit for that. Great move to sign them at those rates!

            9. once again, your beloved prospect writers would suggest otherwise

            10. I would rather never have traded for Happ and had one of our guys like Jenkins pitch for next to nothing that his $5 mill. For the record… I am not in the camp of people wanting AA to sign one of the FA pitchers out there.

            11. I am sorry if your eyesight is failing you old man, but I said that the other 9 other than Stroman and Gose are not players who are cornerstone pieces to a team. They are bench players or players who can easily be replaced by others.

        • malna

          If you are sick of lip service why do you pay attention to sports news?

  • Andrew van Laar

    I think Josh’s only problem is putting cheap in the title. The Jays did miss out on quite a few pitching options if you are in the camp of the Jays needed to add a starter. Take it easy on the guy geez… especially Malna who is acting like a complete douche bag. It was a fine article with a bad title. Get over it people and move on.

    • Justin Jay

      Thank you

    • malna

      I guess we have different standards of blogging and journalism.

      • Justin Jay

        Are you blogging?

        • malna

          Yes, I have in the past, and my blogs have been much better than the drivel spewed out here.

          • Andrew van Laar

            Back up your talk and let us have a look then old man.

          • malna

            You have heard of a “pseudonym”, no?

            Unless you read through the Malna post history you will never find the many publications I have written for and have produced. Even then, you would have to be really talented at the game of 20 questions to get close.

            I’ll give you a hint: these publications and blogs have nothing to do with sports. GL,HF

          • Andrew van Laar

            No thanks :) If you want to brag about your writing skills, I will wait for you to give me something to back it up. Until then I will assume you have never written anything before. Thanks for coming to play <3

          • malna

            Hahaha. Well, clearly my comments entertain you enough and are easily of equal if not higher quality than this blog post….

          • Justin Jay

            Well thank you for reading. We should all be so lucky for you to take time out of your day to let us know our writing is… umm… “drivel.” I can clearly see you are a valuable and important individual as you have gone out of your way to let somebody know their writing is not up to your standards. At my not-so-advanced age, I know feel like I can die smiling being graced by your presence.

          • malna

            If people like me don’t tell you that your writing is drivel, who will?

          • Justin Jay


  • Hooey_Plain

    You missed Scott Kazmir for $22 mil over 2 years. If Billy Beane was willing to pay that, you know he was worth more.