Aug 6, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Mariners second baseman Nick Franklin (20) forces out Toronto Blue Jays center fielder Colby Rasmus (28) at second base at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Blue Jays - Draftboard Update - 15/09

Hey, welcome back Colby Rasmus, way to stop a streaking Jays team.  We were finally making a bit back on the draftboard after an early September hot streak, and you had to go and jack one to beat Baltimore.

The outfield is definitely not the most pressing question that Toronto will have this off-season but it should provide for some interesting discussion.  I’m going to assume that Rajai Davis isn’t asked back, which I may be completely off with, but when you have three kids around that can provide similar value (bear in mind, even with his 41 steals at an 89% clip, he’s still only worth 1 WAR according to Fangraphs), it’s probably not worth the money.

Speaking of the kids.  Moises Sierra has been fun to watch.  He may make the odd (ok, many) mistakes, especially on the basepaths but the kid has tools, lots of ‘em.  Anthony Gose‘s numbers are, once again, mildly disappointing, but, if looking for positives, his triple today gives him four for the season, putting him second on the Jays.  He can flat out fly.  if only he could get on base.

Kevin Pillar will figure things out.  I have utter faith in that.  No particular reason, just do.

Begs the question then, where will a spot open up?  Jose Bautista is good, and cheap, for how good he is.  But with his games played seemingly on the decline, there is a portion of the fanbase that are talking trade.  I doubt it will happen, but who knows.

Colby will get a raise.  If the Jays were to sign him long term, he’d be due quite a large raise.  Manipulating the stats, he ranks fourth amongst all center fielders in wOBA with a .358 mark.  At twenty-seven, the outfield could be build around Colby, but on the flipside, he also, likely, provides the most value in a deal.

Melky Cabrera?  I don’t know.  Maybe he gets healthy and gives us something similar to his 2011 season with the Royals?  I doubt it, but hey, fingers crossed.

On to the draftboard.  It’s still pretty tight.  I think we can write off anything in the top six, but anywhere from seven through fourteen is wide open:

Rk Tm G W L W-L% ▴ GB
1 HOU 148 51 97 0.345 0
2 MIA 148 55 93 0.372 4
3 CHW 148 58 90 0.392 7
4 CHC 148 63 85 0.426 12
5 MIN 147 63 84 0.429 12.5
6 MIL 147 64 83 0.435 13.5
7 NYM 148 66 82 0.446 15
8 SEA 148 66 82 0.446 15
9 SDP 147 67 80 0.456 16.5
10 SFG 149 68 81 0.456 16.5
11 TOR Phil Bickford
12 COL 149 68 81 0.456 16.5
13 TOR 148 68 80 0.459 17
14 PHI 148 69 79 0.466 18
15 LAA 148 71 77 0.480 20

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