September 18, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos speaks during a press conference addressing offensive comments written on the eye black of infielder Yunel Escobar (not pictured) before a game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jays Have To Do Something Before Trade Deadline

If the Toronto Blue Jays don’t do anything before the trade deadline I’m going to go to Rogers Centre and punch Alex Anthopoulos in the throat myself.

I went my whole life without being an internet bully but here we are!

He could probably take me in real life.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not antsy waiting for the Blue Jays to make a trade. After all the trade market has been slow so far this season as you probably have noticed if you’ve been paying attention to it.

But guess what? A team that’s 10 games below 500 after 100 games, has a losing record in 3 out of the 4 months of the season, had one 2 game win streak in April, that hasn’t had a 2 game win streak in July and has a losing record at their home freaking ball park is a team that needs more than just minor tweaks to be able to contend next season.

And of course the Jays also have the waiver trade deadline in August and the offseason to make sure we don’t repeat the disaster that is 2013 but they’ve got to get started on making changes now.

They can’t afford to stand pat.

Anyone in the bullpen should be available. The Orioles acquired K-Rod as a 2 month rental and had to give up a top 200 prospect.

The Jays have a loaded bullpen with lots of years of control. They might be able to cash in big time. The Jays also have a ridiculous amount of depth in the bullpen. And replacing a reliever is a lot easier to do then acquiring players at other positions.

As far as position players go if making an upgrade is possible that’s great but not crucial. If the Jays can trade a position player to get starting pitching without significantly hurting their offense then go for it.

But that’s a dicey situation.

They could use players they’re comfortable giving up from their farm system to.

Last season at this time I thought the 2012 rotation was going to be Morrow, Ricky, Happ, Henderson Alvarez and Carlos Villaneuva. So a lot can change from now to the start of 2014.

Who, how, where and when the Jays get new starting pitchers is anyone’s guess.

And the only Jays starters with trade value right now are staff ace Esmil Rogers, Dickey and Buehrle.

But if the Jays were to decide to really shake up their rotation they could trade guys with little trade value just for the sake of getting them off the team. But that seems like a long shot.

Rogers has only made 10 starts this season and failed as a starter before this season so it may not be that easy to sell high on him.

Dickey and Buehrle are both under control for a few more years and are still owed a lot of money so who knows what the Jays would get in return for them. They may have trade value but it’s definitely not where the Jays would want it to be.

But they’re both not going to be any younger next season.

The Jays don’t have to fix all their problems by the July 31st trade deadline. But they have too many problems to not at least get started on fixing on them.

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  • Dadditudes

    While I wouldn’t resort to threatening assault, I would say that my frustration goes up a notch for each of the following names who remains a Blue Jay into August:

    Emilio Bonifacio
    Josh Johnson
    Casey Janssen
    J.P. Arencibia
    Colby Rasmus

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re all capable players. But they don’t fit the team the Jays need to field next season in order to contend. And if you’re not winning many games, having a closer like Janssen is meaningless. Cecil can close, and so can a few others; and having more than one closer is as useful as going to the plate swinging two bats.

    • Andrew van Laar

      To be honest, this is the first time I ever really thought of this, but I wouldn’t mind having JP on the team next year. WAIT let me finish lol. If we can get a good all around starting C in the offseason, one that does not need defensive substitutions, I wouldn’t mind having JP as the back up. I mean, the one thing the jays have lacked for years is a power bat off the bench. JP could fill that role. I have seen worse backup C’s… well some haha… but I think he is serviceable in that role.

      I would love if AJ Jimenez was able to start for the jays next year…

      • Dadditudes

        I’ll use the same thing as I said to Brad below to frame JP… he’s very competent. It would seem that Toronto needs a team full of All-Stars just to compete. On that basis, I agree with you he’s a solid backup. And even Jack Morris talks about how good JP has been at blocking the plate, unlike the spaghetti-legged catchers on some other teams. But if you want to go position to position against every team in the East and compare notes, JP can’t be the everyday guy. Too bad, because I like him. He seems like a good guy who the players are behind. But the club demonstrated with Kawasaki that no matter how popular you are in the clubhouse, there’s no room for .210 hitters and okay fielders in this lineup.

    • brad

      Why Rasmus? The guy has actually been really good this year. Pretty good on base, decent average, great power and outside of a single play last night, has played gold glove caliber defense. According to WAR(fangraphs), he has been the 4th most valuable CF in the MLB this year and the 6th most valuable outfielder over all.

      • Dadditudes

        He HAS been good this year, no question about it, and that’s why I pointed out that he’s a capable player. Here’s my issue with Rasmus… Zero stolen bases this season. One attempt. I think even Cecil Fielder stole more bases than Rasmus (only slightly kidding). I’m not sure where THAT ranks among center fielders, but I can’t imagine it puts him in a very positive light. One assist from the outfield. He’s very capable, very competent. Toronto doesn’t need competent. Toronto needs blow-the-doors-off exceptional. Every team in the AL East does. And if it’s simply because Gibby can’t get him to play up to his capabilities, and Alex isn’t going to get rid of Gibby, then we need guys who don’t need prodding to blow the doors off, and Rasmus would be better somewhere that he’s inspired to blow the doors off.

        • Dadditudes

          …and I just went and checked on the SB thing. There are THREE center fielders in Major League Baseball with more than 300 ABs and fewer than 10 SBs… Adam Jones with 9, Jon Jay with 3, and Colby Rasmus with 0. (And he also has the most errors and fewest assists of any CF in the game.)

          • brad

            …. shouldn’t use errors and outfeild assists to gauge CF ability. Rasmus gets a better jump than any of the players you mentioned(and 99% of players you didn’t). Is Melky Cabrera a better outfielder than Rasmus? he has 3 assists, 0 errors and 2 stolen bases….. short answer, no.

          • Dadditudes

            Except that one expects different things from a LF than a CF. Part of why Melky has more assists than Colby is because Melky can hit a target. I’ve seen countless plays where Melky has ALMOST nailed somebody at 2nd. But if someone hits a ball deep to Colby, you’ve probably got a good shot at tagging and scoring from 2nd, because chances are the throw will be nowhere near the plate. I don’t want to turn this into a Colby-bash, because I think he’s a good player. But everybody runs on his arm. And I’d take a healthy Melky over a healthy Colby at the plate any day. (But I’d never put Melky in CF, either.)

          • brad

            That’s fair but th part you’re leaving out is that a lot of balls that melky throws to get the guy at 2nd, rasmus catches. He is one of th best defensive Centre fielders in the mlb and is putting together a really good offensive season as well. I take a healthy roided melky over rasmus at the plate but I don’t know about non roided. As mentioned above, I think the are only four better players in the mlb that play Centre field and I don’t see th being available

        • brad

          I suppose my question is more “is there someone you think the Jays can get who is better than Rasmus”? You seem to share the same view as me that with the right changes, the Jays can contend next year but I just can’t wrap my head around Rasmus being included on your list… the rest of which I completely agree with. There are probably 4 centre fielders I would take over Rasmus and I don’t think McCutchen, Carlos Gomez or Trout are going to come available any time soon. The Jays could try and sign Ellsbury as a free agent but that’s a whole ton of money that I think can be spent better elsewhere. Outside of those 4 guys, I take Rasmus.

          Also, I would personally add Adam Lind to your list. I just don’t think he is going to be the guy he used to be for an extended period of time and his value is as high as it’s going to get right now. If packaged with a good bullpen arm, they might be able to land a mid rotation starter from a team that could use some hitting and has a lot of starting pitching depth. A team like the nationals comes to mind. With the $7 million they wouldn’t need to pay Lind next year, they could probably sign a good 1b from a deep free agent class in the off season. Then with the money they save from not signing JJ, sign a starter like Ervin Santana or Matt Garza…. at that point, the rotation starts looking pretty good again…. on paper