May 14, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Melky Cabrera (53) slides into home on a double by first baseman Edwin Encarnacion (not pictured) against the San Francisco Giants during the first inning at the Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Uh Oh! Melky Cabrera To Be Suspended?

According to ESPN’s Outside the Lines Major League Baseball is set to suspend 20 players connected to the Miami-area clinic at the heart of an ongoing performance-enhancing drug scandal, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, and *gulp* Melky Cabrera.

Since everyone knows that Mr. Cabrera has already served a 50-game suspension he’s in the clear….but it sure does seem like Major League Baseball is on a bit of a witch hunt no?


I really hope the esteemed Mr. Wilner is right on this one, but in the OTL piece, it sure does seem like the MLB is going to go hard after these guys.

One source familiar with the case said the commissioner’s office might seek 100-game suspensions for Rodriguez, Braun and other players, the penalty for a second doping offense. The argument, the source said, is the players’ connection to Bosch constitutes one offense, and previous statements to MLB officials denying any such connection or the use of PEDs constitute another.

If this really is the case…it seems to me that Melky could find himself in a spot of hot water, but I have a feeling the MLBPA might have something to say about this.

Updates to come as they are available!

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  • Kyle Franzoni

    MLBtr had this to say, “It is unknown how MLB would deal with players like Cabrera or Colon who already have PED suspensions on their record, though these players probably wouldn’t face a lifetime ban as three-time offenders — their prior suspensions would likely count as their so-called “first strike,” with this next violation putting them in line for 100-game suspensions as well.”

    That said, I’m curious is the connection with Biogenesis to Colon, Grandal, or Cabrera is tied to their previous suspensions. Can’t see how you could hang them up for the same crime twice.

    • Justin Jay

      It woold be absolute career suicide if Melky went back to Bosch AFTER the suspension. If he did that, he deserves everything coming his way, especially after the elaborate cover up last year.

      But if it’s shown that this was all prior to his suspension, it definitely should be time served.

      • RyanMueller