2012 MLB Draft Update: Blue Jays Sign Three

In yesterday’s Day 2 rundown on the Blue Jays’ selections in rounds 2-8, I wrote that the most of the college picks were “likely” going to be signed below their recommended slot amounts so the club could bank money from their bonus pool to spend on higher-profile picks, like 50th-overall selection Matt Smoral and third rounder Anthony Alford.

That’s exactly what everyone thought the Blue Jays were doing when they selected the most college seniors on Day 2 than any other MLB club, but no one could have predicted that the pre-draft agreements between the teams and players would have been for merely four figures, and so far below their recommended slot amounts.

According to Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi, Georgia Southern third baseman Eric Phillips, the Jays’ sixth round pick, has signed for $5,000, or $168,200 below slot. In the article, Phillips said that “a lot of the seniors are only going to get $1,000″ and that he “was happy to get above that”.

So when Tucker Donahue, the Blue Jays’ fourth round pick, said in an interview with Baseball America that he had already signed a “four-figure bonus” with the Blue Jays, it’s safe to assume that it was around $1,000, meaning that he has saved his new club somewhere in the neighborhood of a whopping $307,700 in bonus pool funds to use on other picks.

10th rounder Alex Azor, selected out of the United States Naval Academy, has already signed for $1,000 as well, according to MLB.com’s Chris Toman via Gregor Chisholm’s North of the Border blog. Chisholm added on Twitter that guys like Azor “likely never would have been drafted under the old system”, and with a recommended slot amount of $125,000 for their 10th round selection, the Blue Jays will be able to apply nearly that entire sum to other players. Toman also added, via Twitter, a great quote from Azor about his signability:

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  • WALTER53

    These guys are playing for the love of the game . Very nice to see . They are most likely the best seniors in the draft . Usually seniors are lucky to get 10 % of slot anyway . Most of the time seniors get less then $5k .
    Sure , the teams are working the system but so are these seniors . Go get them guys !

  • dannyboy12

    Your reasoning why Tucker Donahue signed for $1000 is laughable.  Stick to reporting the facts.  Anytime you guys try to make any sort of leap in judgement or analysis it goes horribly awry.  

  • Jared_Macdonald

     @dannyboy12 If you read the article again, you’ll notice that it simply says Donahue’s signing has saved the Blue Jays over $300,000 in slot money to put towards other picks. If you thought the reasoning behind his signing was directly correlated to either Phillips’ comments or saving the Blue Jays money, then that’s a misinterpretation on your part.

  • Jared_Macdonald

     @WALTER53 Agreed, Walter. It’s a great opportunity for those players after their college careers, regardless of how much bonus money they get.

  • WALTER53

    Oh Danny boy , point is , if we like it or not , the Jays came up with a plan to take advantage of the new system . And so did these seniors . These guys were going to get the same money , if not less ,  if they were to sign in the 5th round or 25th round .
    Hold it against your team if you like, but not these guys who are willing to play for your team because they love baseball and would of signed for a “hot dog “.
    A couple of these guys were drafted twice . As mentioned Donahue sits @ 94-96 . Make no mistake , these guys have skills . The jays took advantage of the senior discount . Lets see if these guys can take advantage of it also .
    Go get them guys !