Jays Minors Draft Signings Update: 27-Jul-10

The Jays drafted 56 players in the 2010 draft and have now signed 23 of them (41%) withg their latest 2 signings. The Jays signed 20 year old LHP Sean Nolin who was drafted in the 6th round, 186th overall, on the 23rd of July. They followed that effort with another signing, on the 26th of July, this time of 18 year old 2nd round pick (69th overall) 3B Kellen Sweeney. Both signings are significant and indicate progress on the part of the team in terms of getting all of the top picks under control. It’s a busy time of year for Alex Anthopolous and Jays executives as the trade deadline and the draft signing deadline loom close by.

Here’s a short list of the 10 highest picks that have yet to sign with the Jays followed the draft, or what you could call our 10 most wanted list:

1 – RHP William McGuire, 6’6″ 220 lbs, 1st rd pick, 11th overall

2 – LHP Griffin Murphy, 6’3″ 200 lbs, 2nd rd pick, 61th overall

3 – LHP Justin Nicolino, 6’3″ 160 lbs, 2nd rd pick, 80th overall

4 – RHP Samuel Dyson, 6’1″ 175 lbs, 4th rd pick, 126th overall

5 – SS Richard Thon, 6’1″ 185 lbs, 5th rd pick, 156th overall

6 – LHP Mitchell Taylor, 6’0″ 155 lbs, 7th rd pick, 216th overall

7 – LHP Logan Ehlers, 6’1″ 190 lbs, 8th rd pick, 246th overall

8 – 2B Brandon Mims, 5’11″ 180 lbs, 9th rd pick, 276th overall

9 – RHP Tyler Shreve, 6’4″ 215 lbs, 10th rd pick, 306th overall

10 – SS Shane Opitz, 6’1″ 180 lbs, 11th rd pick, 336th overall (reports do say an agreement has been reached, not official)

What’s impressive with this list is who is not on it. What do I mean? Well, the Jays top 10 most wanted list above includes 10 players drafted in the top 11 rounds of the draft, so it’s pretty much as if they had yet to sign a single player in the top 10 rounds. But, this is not the case. They have, in fact, signed 7 players in the top 10 thus far, making the list above just as meaningful in that if the Jays were to be successful in getting them all signed, they would sign 18 players from the top 11 rounds of the 2010 draft, an impressive feat.

The Jays do have a lot of LHP youngsters to sign in the list above, and none more important than Griffin Murphy because of his ceiling. It’ll be interesting to see how the list progresses from now to the deadline, but I do expect a rash of signings to take place after the trade deadline passes.

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  • Rob

    According to reports, Griffin Murphy has signed, in addition to Dickie Thon and Shane Optiz. So that really only leaves 7 more to sign and have 11 signed in the first 11 rounds.

  • http://jaysjournal.com Mat Germain

    I heard the same Rob, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. As we saw with Barrett Loux, sometimes a simple physical can throw things to the way side.

    I do expect they’ll be fine and that you’re correct, that 7 are left to sign. The price tag associated with Opitz is said to be “lief changing” in his family’s opinion, so it’ll be interesting to find out how much that amounts to.

    I continue to praise Alex Anthopolous on all counts. He’s getting every single duck in a row for a run at championships in the very near future. It’s a very fun time to be a Jays fan and blogger!

  • lolwut?

    I think Murphy signed. This is the updated list I have.

    1 11 Deck McGuire RHP
    1s 34 Aaron Sanchez RHP – SIGNED $775,000
    1s 38 Noah Syndergaard RHP – SIGNED $600,000
    1s 41 Asher Wojciechowski RHP – SIGNED $814,500
    2 61 Griffin Murphy LHP -SIGNED $800,000 ($200,000 overslot)
    2 69 Kellen Sweeney 3B -SIGNED $600,000 + tuition
    2 80 Justin Nicolino RHP
    3 93 Christopher Hawkins 3B – SIGNED $350,000
    3s 113 Marcus Knecht OF – SIGNED $350,000
    4 126 Sam Dyson RHP
    5 156 Dickie Joe Thon SS – SIGNED $1.5 MILLION
    6 186 Sean Nolin LHP – SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    7 216 Mitchell Taylor LHP
    8 246 Logan Ehlers LHP
    9 276 Brandon Mims SS
    10 306 Tyler Shreve RHP
    11 336 Shane Opitz SS – SIGNED (Undisclosed + tuition)
    12 366 Omar Cotto OF
    13 396 Tyler Painton LHP
    14 426 Dayton Marze RHP – SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    15 456 Zak Adams LHP
    16 486 Dalton Pompey OF – SIGNED $140,000
    17 516 Myles Jaye RHP
    18 546 Kris Bryant 3B
    19 576 Travis Garrett RHP SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    20 606 Art Charles LHP SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    21 636 Chris Marlowe RHP
    22 666 Aaron Westlake OF
    23 696 Angel Gomez OF SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    24 726 Ronnie Melendez OF SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    25 756 Brando Tessar RHP
    26 786 Jay Johnson LHP
    27 816 Eric Arce C
    28 846 Adaric Kelly RHP
    29 876 Jonathan Jones OF SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    30 906 Steve McQuail 2B SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    31 936 Luis Benitez RHP
    32 966 Andy Fermin 2B SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    33 996 Melvin Garcia OF SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    34 1026 Tyler Powell RHP – SIGNED ($10,000 +)
    35 1056 Dan Barnes RHP – SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    36 1086 David Whitehead RHP
    37 1116 Chad Green RHP
    38 1146 Pierce Rankin OF SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    39 1176 Nick Vander Tuig RHP
    40 1206 Brandon Berl RHP SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    41 1236 Seth Conner 3B
    42 1266 Drew Permison RHP – SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    43 1296 Ronald Schreurs LHP
    44 1326 Mott Hyde 2B
    45 1356 Phil Diedrick OF
    46 1386 Connor Smith RHP
    47 1416 Gabriel Romero RHP
    48 1446 Nick Studer C
    49 1476 Matt Abraham 2B SIGNED (Undisclosed)
    50 1506 Kelly Norris-Jones

  • lolwut?

    Just realized I forgot to give my link. Here it is:

    Redlands East Valley pitcher Griffin Murphy, the 61st pick in this week’s Major League Baseball draft, has agreed in principle to a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. The second-round pick said that he agreed to a signing bonus worth $800,000, which is the value that he was looking for prior to the draft.

    “I’m really excited right now,” said Murphy, who will forgo a scholarship to the University of San Diego to sign. “This is a dream come true and I can’t believe that I’m about to play professional baseball. They came up from the number that the pick was slotted to get and met the number we wanted.”

    Murphy indicated that the bonus number slotted for the 61st pick was $600,000. There is plenty to be done before he joins the Blue Jays’ organization though. The paperwork for signing the contract will be delayed some due to exchange rate and other issues that come from the Blue Jays’ location in Canada.

    “I probably won’t start with the organization until early July,” Murphy said. “I just can’t wait to go and play ball.”

    • Mat Germain

      I’m not sure if that list is 100% accurate but it does seem like most of it checks out. I simply use what they provide us with here:


      The dollar amounts are hard to gather because teams rarely provide them until later in the year. Everything you have above is what I heard as rumored though, great job!

      • lolwut?

        The signing is not official yet due to over slot bonus just like the Dickie Thon signing. It should be official the day before or right at the deadline.

  • http://wsws.org Karl Radek

    The player whose stock has sky-rocketed over the summer is Logan Ehlers:


  • Coach H

    Shane Opitz is a great athlete the will be a great player for the Jays.