Blue Jays: Looking back at the last 10 Opening Day starters and lineups

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Coming out of mediocrity and bringing back excitement to Toronto?

  • 2012 – Ricky Romero at Cleveland Indians – Win 7-4 (16 innings)

Blue Jays 2012 Opening Day Lineup:

This Opening Day brought some form of optimism, as it was the first year MLB introduced the new playoff format and a 2nd wildcard spot. People thought the 2012 Blue Jays could potentially compete for a spot with the new format in place.

This was the 2nd Opening Day start in a row for Ricky Romero and it unfortunately would be his last, as his knees just simply weren’t strong enough anymore. 2012 was the sharp decline of what was looking to be a good career for Ricky Romero. He struggled this Opening Day, labouring through 5.0 innings and allowing four earned runs, including a three run home run off the bat of Jack Hannahan.

Opposing Romero was Justin Masterson, who was simply incredible. Masterson went 8.0 innings only allowing one run while striking out 10. It all fell apart for Mark Shapiro’s Indians when Chris Perez came in and blew the save. The Blue Jays tied the game in the 9th and won it in the 16th inning after a three run homer from Arencibia, and a shaky save from Sergio Santos. Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, they didn’t take advantage of the new playoff format that season.

  • 2013 – R.A. Dickey vs. Cleveland Indians – Loss 4-1

Blue Jays 2013 Opening Day Lineup:

R.A. Dickey, the prized acquisition in an off-season that also featured the massive Miami Marlins trade, got the nod on this uber exciting Opening Day. Following the crazy off-season, many thought this would finally be the year the Blue Jays would end the playoff drought. This Opening Day was a bit of a mess, which ended up being the story of the 2013 Blue Jays.

Dickey made his debut for the Blue Jays on Opening Day and it was rough. J.P. Arencibia had what seemed like endless passed balls trying to catch the knuckleball, and Dickey did not look like a Cy Young winner over 6.0 innings. Justin Masterson wasn’t as dominant as a year ago on Opening Day, but he still threw 6.0 innings allowing just one run.

  • 2014 – R.A. Dickey at Tampa Bay Rays – Loss 9-2

Blue Jays 2014 Opening Day Lineup:

R.A. Dickey got the call for the 2nd straight year on Opening Day, and for the 2nd straight year, Dickey struggled with the assignment. He allowed six earned runs over 5.0 innings while future Blue Jay David Price continued his dominance over the Blue Jays with two earned runs over 7.1 innings.

The 2014 season was a step in the right direction for the Blue Jays. Until early July, the Blue Jays were in first place in the AL East. Until mid-August, they had a wildcard spot. There was a sense of excitement around this team for quite a while during the 2014 season, but they ultimately fell short of the post-season. Luckily for Blue Jays fans, this was the beginning of a playoff era of baseball.