Blue Jays Fans: Who should we cheer for now?

CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 26: Edwin Encarnacion
CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 26: Edwin Encarnacion /
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LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 23: Brandon Morrow
LOS ANGELES, CA – JULY 23: Brandon Morrow /

Los Angeles Dodgers

There was a point in the year when it looked like hosting the playoffs was pointless. The Dodgers looked unstoppable, and on paper they’ve still had a pretty unbelievable season. However, they’ve struggled to great lengths in the second half, and it’s really hard to say which version of the team will show up to the playoffs.

For those who are thinking, “I can’t cheer for them, they’re always in the playoffs!”, you would be correct. That said, they haven’t won during this era of the team, and it’s almost feels like it would be wrong if Clayton Kershaw never brought a championship to the Dodgers.

That said, it’s also hard to feel bad for the team with baseball’s biggest payroll, whether they’re more likeable than the Yankees or not.

Former Blue Jays on the roster– Brandon Morrow, Chris Woodward (third base coach), Turner Ward (hitting coach), Alex Anthopoulos (front office).

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Should I cheer for them?

If you don’t like super teams, at least they’re not the Yankees or Red Sox.

Washington Nationals

The Nationals haven’t had a lot of playoff success throughout their dominant run in the National League, but this could be the year that all changes. The East division champions have one of the better rotations in baseball once again, and will look to turn the tide on their organizational success.

Bryce Harper is back from the disabled list in time for the playoffs as well, which should be a huge boost to the lineup, even if that’s just in the form of clubhouse morale. By all reports he seems to be game ready though, so we’ll see how he plays this week.

There’s also the added element that they used to be the Montreal Expos once upon a time. While it doesn’t exactly bring a championship north of the border if the Nationals win, it would be nice for the history of the organization, I guess.

Former Blue Jays on the roster- Adam Lind, Jayson Werth, Randy Knorr (Sr. baseball advisor)

Should I cheer for them?

I might. I’ve got no beef here.

Chicago Cubs

Last but not least we come to the defending World Champions, who ended a 107 World Series drought in 2016, completing an improbably comeback against the Cleveland Indians. The storybook season looked like it was ending in disappointment a couple times, but they persevered to bring Cubs fans the first championship of their lifetimes.

They’ve returned largely the same cast, save for losing Dexter Fowler and Aroldis Chapman, but adding Wade Davis at the back end of the bullpen. The young core is another year old, obviously have accrued some big game experience, and should be hungry for a repeat, especially with pending free agents like Jake Arrieta on the roster.

Former Blue Jays on the roster- Eric Hinske (asst. hitting coach), Dave Martinez (bench coach)

Should I cheer for them?

I’m not big on repeat champions (with 1992-93 being the obvious exception), but the Cubs are a pretty likeable group. They’ve always been my National League team because I wanted to see that drought end, but I haven’t had the same soft spot for them this year. I imagine I’m not alone.

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So, who are you going to root for? Or, are you interested in watching if the Blue Jays aren’t in the playoffs? If I had to pick one, I guess I’d go with the Nationals. I’d love to root for Encarnacion to get a ring, but I just can’t cheer for Cleveland.