Blue Jays Fans: Who should we cheer for now?

CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 26: Edwin Encarnacion
CLEVELAND, OH - SEPTEMBER 26: Edwin Encarnacion /
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HOUSTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 02: Francisco Liriano
HOUSTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 02: Francisco Liriano /

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Boston Red Sox

Much like the Yankees, the Red Sox have a young core and will be a tough obstacle for the Blue Jays in the coming seasons. They’re got the type of roster that should be able to make a deep run in the postseason, but they’ve been scuffling a bit as the season comes to a close.

The only reason I can see for Blue Jays fans cheering for the Red Sox would be to see David Price finally get a World Series ring. He’s well liked around Blue Jays’ circles for good reason, and it would be nice to see him put his playoffs demons to rest and finally quiet the critics.

Of course the problem is, he plays for the Red Sox, so I can’t cheer for that outcome no matter how much I like the loveable lefty. I like Brian Butterfield a lot too (third base coach), but that doesn’t mean I want to see him win a ring with a division rival.

There’s also the added element (for me anyway), of enjoying watching a John Farrell lead team lose out in the postseason. I have a hard time cheering for someone who jumped ship to head to a division rival, regardless of the circumstances.

Former Blue Jays on the roster: David Price, Rajai Davis, Manager- John Farrell, Brian Butterfield

Should I cheer for them? 

Hard no.

Houston Astros

The upstart young club has surprised everyone with their dominance this year, but not necessarily that they’ve qualified for the postseason. They’ve been the strongest team in the American League for almost the entire season (before Cleveland’s huge run), and they’ve done it on the strength of a well spread out contribution from their roster.

They’ve had their spats with the Blue Jays this year, but this isn’t the level of rivalry that the Jays have with the Texas Rangers or their division rivals, so it’s possible some folks may cheer for the Astros. The Jays did make a trade with them this year as well, so they’re carrying Francisco Liriano, who was sent over in the Teoscar Hernandez trade, which also included Nori Aoki coming to Toronto.

Former Blue Jays on the roster: Francisco Liriano, Jake Marisnick, Joe Musgrove

Should I cheer for them? 

If you want to, I guess. They did send the Blue Jays Hernandez for Liriano, so that was pretty kind of them. It would be a nice boost for the state as well given everything that’s happened with Hurricane Harvey.

Cleveland Indians

This one probably represents the most difficult for most Blue Jays fans. Cleveland was the team responsible for knocking the Blue Jays out of the playoffs last year, so that sting definitely counts in the equation here. However, there is one big difference between the 2016 and 2017 versions of Cleveland’s roster. A loveable slugger by the name of Edwin Encarnacion.

If there was ever a time that you get a pass for cheering for the team that knocked the Jays out of the playoffs, it would be now. Encarnacion is 34 years old and has never won a World Series ring, so if you can’t pick another team then this one at least makes sense. I guess. Yuck.

Former Blue Jays on the roster: Edwin Encarnacion, Joe Smith, Yan Gomes

Should I cheer for them? 

Reluctantly, I can understand why you would.