Blue Jays: Is it time to change gears?

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 02: Justin Smoak
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 02: Justin Smoak /
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TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 13: Jose Bautista
TORONTO, ON – AUGUST 13: Jose Bautista /

This is a flawed team don’t you think?

When looking at the way things have went this season and the events that have transpired, it is hard to believe that there is any chance this team will finally click. This team has done everything from blow huge leads, to play players in positions that they have not played in since high school. Is this the mark of a potential playoff contender heading forward when they lack the depth to fill holes in an every day lineup? This lack of above or average replacement level players has been a huge blow for a team that had made the playoffs over the past two seasons.

One example of this is the amount of playing time that Ryan Goins has received, playing in 110 games this season. When this season started he was part of the conversation as a possible trade candidate due to lack of options left on his contract. A plethora of injuries later and he has played in nearly every game this season. Goins is having a decent year as he has posted career highs in many offensive categories. The issue is the fact that he is currently ranked as the Jays 5th best RBI guy with 49.  That has him just behind Jose Bautista who has 54 on the season. This shows how rough the offense has struggled for production. Outside of Justin Smoak the team has had massive issues putting the ball in play efficiently.

We have also had Russel Martin and Josh Donaldson playing positions they have not played in years just to force extra offense. The idea this past series was Josh Donaldson can play short stop and Jose Bautista can play third once again. The issues with that are there really was not a solid upgrade to put on the field in right, so it really was just an injury risk for JD. JD is one of the most athletic players I have seen in years but the idea of working the keystone with someone he has not played with directly could have led to disaster. If Donaldson went for a double play and had a collision with Goins, Barney, or Refsnyder it would have been the end of his MVP like play for an extended period. Odd moves like this and lack of depth rarely lead a team to the promise land.