Blue Jays: Imagining what the 2020 lineup looks like

BALTIMORE, MD - MAY 19: Anthony Alford
BALTIMORE, MD - MAY 19: Anthony Alford /
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TORONTO, ON – JUNE 28: Marcus Stroman
TORONTO, ON – JUNE 28: Marcus Stroman /

Coaching staff

I’m a fan of John Gibbons, but I don’t know that he’ll be the manager through the likely rebuild/re-tool that the Blue Jays will face as some point. I don’t believe that he deserves to be fired at the moment at all, but his contract runs out at the end of 2019, and I have a hard time seeing him around longer than that.

He has been known to be a bit of a “veteran’s manager”, and we all know that the coaching staff is the first to take the fall when a team struggles. It’s entirely possible that the Blue Jays remain competitive from now until 2020 as well, and if that’s the case Gibby could still be calling the shots in 2020. (I can hear some of you screaming at me through the screen)

What do you think? Again, I didn’t put any science into this, it was a speculation piece for fun while we wait for the second half to begin. Where do you disagree? How do you think this team, or your team, would fare?

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So many questions, but that’s what’s fun about an exercise like this. Let me know what you think, there’s all kinds of room for argument here, and I look forward to looking back on this in a couple years and having a good laugh.

Also for what it’s worth, I think the future is bright in Toronto, even if this year hasn’t gone the way we’d hoped it would.