Blue Jays 2015 Year End Awards: Comeback Player

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Honorable Mention: Marcus Stroman

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This vote may have been a little premature for Marcus Stroman. He really shouldn’t have been up for this award until 2016. People who tear up their ACLs do not affect their teams results through anything other than cheering from the bench to inspire victory. Little Wolverine had other plans though.

As wonderfully detailed by Ben Lindbergh on Grantland, before ESPN got a bad case of empire envy and axed the website and its staff, Stroman was determined to get back onto the field in September, and he detailed it every step of the way. Stroman did it so well, he was an easy choice for Best Social Media Presence.

The use of the advanced technology afforded to him by Duke University’s Human Performance Laboratory helped him get back into his pitching form without exerting too much pressure. That allowed Stroman to avoid any setbacks and he returned in September to fire five starts with a 4-0 record and a sparkling 1.67 ERA. Stroman will likely be the ace in the pitching rotation in 2016. If he comes close to matching what he’s done in his short career to date, the Blue Jays will be in good shape to survive without David Price.

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