Blue Jays 2015 Year End Awards: Play of the Year

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Honorable Mention: 06/27 – Devon Travis Bails Out Matt Boyd

One of the reasons Devon Travis endeared himself to Blue Jays fans was with his youthful aggressive approach both at the plate and on the field. More often than not, instead of taking the safe play at 1st base, Travis would rely on Jose Reyes to come over and be ready for an attempt to gun down the lead runner instead. Travis was successful most of the time, preventing any advancement on a ground out if he could help it. Even if he had to prevent his teammates from harming their own cause.

June 24th marked the MLB debut of Matt Boyd and it was an inauspicious one at that. The young lefty gave up four runs over six and a third innings, and it could have been worse given the way he handled a comeback grounder from Mitch Moreland in the sixth.

Boyd fielded and turned to try and erase lead runner Adrian Beltre but his throw was as useful as the 28 pitches he would throw against the Red Sox in his next start. Heading into center field, Travis managed to cut the throw off and still have time to get it out of his glove and retire Beltre. An adept flip from a player the Tigers wanted to stick in the outfield.

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