5 Reasons the Blue Jays Will Win ALDS Game 5

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Oct 9, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays relief pitcher Roberto Osuna throws a pitch against the Texas Rangers in the 9th inning in game two of the ALDS at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Beleaguered Bullpen

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Toronto Blue Jays

I expect we’ll see something akin to Game 4 happen in Game 5, this time for the Rangers. If Hamels isn’t himself, I expect the Rangers will try to yank him early and put in Yovani Gallardo as a stopper. This prospect is a frightening one, as scoring runs against Hamels and Gallardo is a daunting task. That said, it’s the last best chance for the Rangers. Friday’s Game 2 saw both teams go deep into their bullpen, having to pitch a combined 7 innings after each of their starters went 7 innings into the game. With Saturday’s rest day, both teams had the chance to rejuvenate.

However over the last two games in Texas, the Rangers have relied on their bullpen (not including Colby Lewis’ relief appearance from last night) for a total of 8 innings spread between 6 relievers. On the other hand the Blue Jays needed to use relievers a total of 3.2 innings spread between 4 relievers (also excluding Price’s relief appearance last night). Should the game go long, or Blue Jays pry deep into the Rangers pen, the odds look good for the Blue Jays.

While it’s likely we should expect Hamels into Gallardo for the game today, the Rangers should expect seeing Stroman into Price/Estrada/A primed bullpen. Meaning the Rangers must not only be on their defensive and pitching games, but they’d need to crack a very tough nut in the Blue Jay’s rested and ready to go Bullpen. Which is good if we look at the team splits.

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