Introducing your 2015 Toronto Blue Jays NFL roster!

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Mar 24, 2015; Fort Myers, FL, USA; Toronto Blue Jays designated hitter Russell Martin (55) and right fielder Jose Bautista (right) talk as they work out prior to the spring training game against the Minnesota Twins at CenturyLink Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Starting Quarterback

Jose Bautista wins the starting QB job for the Blue Jays, but it’s not just because his rocket arm could float passes 60 yards down the sidelines. Though I’m sure that won’t hurt, especially when you see the options this team has at wide receiver.

Bautista is the player who has learned to lead by example as a veteran, picking and choosing his outbursts more selectively over the past year. As one of the more intelligent players in the game, Bautista will also break down opposing defenses just as easily as he breaks down pitchers.

Running Back

Russell Martin gets the nod as this team’s powerful, hard-charging running back. No position in the NFL is as hard on one’s body as tailback, just like no position on the diamond takes a toll quite like catching. Martin will know what he’s getting into here.

The running back and catcher also share a similar position, as the furthest man back with the entire field of play unfolding in front of them. It’s all about vision and quick decision-making for running backs, and if Martin’s dominance over opposing base-stealers is any indication, he’ll be one step ahead defensive linemen and linebackers all game long.


Dioner Navarro will line up in the backfield at fullback, an old-school position I refuse to see die at the NFL level. Not only does Dioner have the required build to smash through opponent’s defensive lines and clear the wreckage for Martin, he could also handle short-yardage carries. Just like Navarro does as the backup catcher for the Blue Jays, feeding him some carries at fullback could help to lessen the strain on Martin and keep him fresh for a deep playoff run. Stay off the tracks when the Navarro Train gets rolling!

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