MLB Draft 2015: Blue Jays pick round-up and profiles

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Name: Justin Maese

School: Ysleta High School (Texas)

Position: RHP

Well, give the Blue Jays some credit, they apparently have a plan for the 2015 MLB Draft and they are sticking to it. Justin Maese becomes the third straight pick used on a right-handed pitcher, and remarkably, all three are built right around the same size. Like Singer before him, Toronto seemingly reached a bit higher here to tab Maese with the 91st pick of the draft. had him ranked at #131 coming into the event.

2014-15 Stats

Yselta High School: Unavailable

The Good

The 6-foot, 3-inch, 185 lbs. right-hander pitched and played both shortstop and the outfield in high school, but make no doubt about it, the Blue Jays are drafting him for his arm. Maese can reach back and fire gas, hitting 96 MPH at times while also mixing in a solid slider and an occasional change-up. His pop with the fastball is what had him flying up draft charts though, and may feel that he can harness it a bit more and consistently run it up in the mid-90’s with continued work.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the heat that made him such a hot commodity isn’t consistent yet. While he can dial up to 96 on occasion, he typically sits in the high-80’s and low-90’s, according to the El Paso Times. Additionally, Jonathan Mayo of notes that Maese tends to get over-reliant on his slider due to his spotty command with his fastball. The limited repertoire and command issues may peg him as a bullpen candidate long term, but given his age, the team would let him develop before making those decisions too early.

The lack of polish may lead in two directions for the Blue Jays. The team could opt to low-ball him on a signing bonus or Maese could opt to honor his commitment to Texas Tech and enter the draft with a better feel for pitching.

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