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Apr 16, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays opening pitcher Aaron Sanchez (41) against Tampa Bay Rays in the fifth inning at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Pitching Production

As we know our pitching has been the reason we have lost a bigger share of games then we should have.  With a team total ERA at 4.73 I can see why we have had issues winning games.  When you take a look at our splits we are pitching excellent at home and getting destroyed away from the dome.

At home the Jays pitching is posting an 11-9 record with a 3.68 ERA.  Away they are showing a 5.71 ERA with an 8-15 record.  They have only allowed 80 runs at home vs 127 away also.  The teams WHIP drops from 1.508 to 1.227 at home which is crazy when you think that the Rogers Centre is a hitters park.  Their has been talk that the new AstroTurf is much slower then its previous versions.  This could be part of the math that is allowing the Jays pitchers to perform better at home.

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Looking at our pitchers I wanted to see just how much better our starters have fared at home.  Rookie Aaron Sanchez is an interesting example.  Thus far he has pitched 4 games each at home and away.  In the home starts he is 2-2 with a 2.88 ERA and 1.320 WHIP.  Away from the Rogers Centre he takes a wicked turn to a 1-2 record with a 5.77 ERA and 1.820 WHIP.  I understand that Sanchez has been getting better as the season has progressed but the other main starters followed this same trend.  The one I was rather thrown by was that Drew Hutchison also followed this trend.  He has been known for not pitching well in the Rogers Centre but is doing incredibly better at home versus away through 24 innings of work each.  Hutch has a 4.07 ERA at home and an 8.03 ERA on the road.   That is just shocking to me because it is so different.

It appears that the Jays have some things that they need to figure out on the road.  Yes it is always easier to play at home in front of your fans, but there is room for a massive improvement on the road.  The statistics that we just looked at show there is potential for our current staff of pitchers to be average if they can find out how to translate the success from the Rogers Centre.  It appears to me that things may not be as bad as they look when looking at these stats.  We are not playing like a last place team in our friendly hitting home.  If part of the success at home can be shown on the road we can contend for a playoff spot.  If they can improve their on base percentage offensively and start controlling some of the run scoring from a pitching aspect we will start to win more.

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