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Shortstop Dawel Lugo watches as he hits a walk-off home run for the Bluefield Blue Jays against the Burlington Royals on July 19, 2013. Mandatory Credit: Jay Blue

Breakout Candidates

Dawel LugoOffensive Potential

A season after mashing the Appalachian league for the Bluefield Blue Jays to the tune of a .297 batting average Lugo fell off a little.  Last season with the Lansing Lug Nuts in the Mid West league he batted .259.  He did continue to drive in runs at an impressive rate having 53 RBI in 117 games.  His in ability to hit right handed pitching last season was his downfall.  Only hitting .238 will drop you batting average significantly no matter who you are.  The potential for Lugo is there and I would expect him to have a good year this season.  Our number 14 top prospect here at Jays Journal is looking to have his good contact translate into more hits.

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Richard UrenaProspect watch

The Jays Journal’s #13 Prospect has played very well thus far in our organization.  So well that they deemed his competition (Franklin Barreto) expendable and was traded as part of the Josh Donaldson trade to the Oakland A’s.  Urena is expected to start the season in Lansing or Dunedin which are various levels of A ball.  To this point he has shown the ability to hit well and play decent defense.  His offensive output is definitely the attention grabber.  At the age of 18 in the Appalachian league he batted .318 with 20 RBI in 53 games.  He has a quick level swing which has allowed him to hit the gaps well thus far.  In 2014 he was able to pop 15 doubles, 2 triples, and 2 home runs in the 53 rookie level games.  His defense could have been better in that time but I expect him to improve.  In 50 games at short he committed 19 errors in 229 chances last season.  That is good for a .917 fielding percentage which is solid but could improve.  I see him as a quick rise candidate for this season if he can keep his offense output on the higher side.