AL East Round Up: Numbers Edition

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New York Yankees

The Yankees currently are on the outside looking in. They have a mathematical chance of making the post season. But Math has no emotion. It can’t and won’t console you. The numbers are what they are. As much as it looks like they are still alive, their playoff probability percentage sits at just 1.7%.

Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Lets’ look at some Yankee numbers:

– The Bronx Bombers are 4.5 games back in the Wild Card race. There are 4 teams ahead of them, 2 of whom hold the spots. There are 22 games remaining. Time is running out for them to leap frog these other teams. Their elimination number sits at 14. Depending on the number of upcoming Oriole wins and Yankee losses, this number may be reached soon. Their Wild Card elimination number is 18.

– The Yankees’ ERA is good enough for 19th in MLB at 3.79. They are 13th in wins at 73. They are also 28th(!) in innings pitched at 1257.1. Considering these not so good numbers, it comes as a bit of a surprise that the Yankees sit in 5th spot with 1181 strike outs. now we all know the troubles the Yankees have had with their rotation. From injuries to pine tar to more injuries, they have been piecemeal-ing their way through 2014. So, we should look out this off season. They’ll once again look to bolster their rotation because not making the playoffs is unacceptable in New York.

-Speaking of which a number that I really want to look at is this: The Yankees started 2014 with the 2nd highest payroll, a whopping $204,812,506! I’m not sure whose contract is costing them that extra $6, but it is odd. However, our attention should be at the other end of that number. TWO HUNDRED MILLION! It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the payroll issue as they try to make room for Jon Lester. Think they won’t?