5 Toronto Blue Jays All-Stars that are easily forgotten

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Paul Quantrill – 2001
Stats – 11-2, 3.04 ERA, 80 appearances, 4.83 K/BB

Alright, before anyone jumps on me about this choice, hear me out for a second. The case of Paul Quantrill isn’t like the previous ones. Quantrill was more than deserving of being selected to the All-Star game in 2001. Winning 11 games in Major League Baseball is tough enough, but doing so out of the bullpen is a whole other story in its own right. Quantrill was also in the midst of his first of four consecutive seasons of leading all of baseball in appearances.

For Quantrill, it was his only selection to the All-Star Game. Unfortunately, it was a forgettable appearance. He would last just 1/3 of an inning, surrendering two hits and a run in the eventual American League win.

However, Quantrill’s one an only appearance on an All-Star roster is forgettable more so because he was the team’s only representative and the Blue Jays were snubbed at the ballot box

The hometown Mariners fans came out in droves to vote their players in and managed to get former Blue Jay John Olerud elected as the starter at first base. With the Kansas City Royals sending only one representative, first baseman/DH Mike Sweeney roster was stocked full of first baseman. That forced Blue Jays first base masher Carlos Delgado to the shadows, despite his 24 home runs and 59 RBI before the break. That was one of many snubs that Delgado had to endure at a star-heavy position.