Best Toronto Blue Jays Fights, Dust-ups, and Bru-ha-has

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September 15, 2009

Toronto Blue Jays vs New York Yankees

The following is one of my favorites. After

Aaron Hill

had been hit earlier in the game and the Blue Jays had a comfy 9-2 lead,

Jesse Carlson

threw WELL behind

Jorge Posada

. Obviously, Posada took exception to what was clearly payback. Posada eventually reached base and came around to score. He intentionally bumped Carlson on his way by and then it was on!

Rod Barajas

ended up on the bottom of the pile. It took a beat hug from

C.C. Sabathia

to hold Posada back.

There you have it. A record of some altercations that the Blue Jays have been involved in over the last couple years. What do you think? Are the Jays pretty tame? Do you have any others to add? Leave a comment below.