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Editorial Staff

Kyle Franzoni, MLB Editorial Director

Kyle Franzoni has the unfortunate distinction of having his very first baseball memory be that of Mookie Wilson's slow grounder going through the legs of Bill Buckner. Since then, it has been an up and down love affair with the game, which naturally lead to putting his thoughts to digital paper and trying his hand at writing about the game he loves. A native of Vermont, where he lives with his wife and twin sons, Kyle is editor of Jays Journal and is the Editorial Director for FanSided MLB.

Ryan Mueller, Staff Writer

Long time Toronto Blue Jays fan. Attend 3-5 games per year, but watch every game (thank you PVR). Love talking everything Blue Jays, but I must warn you, I am a homer. My Favorite Blue Jay was Shawn Green and my least liked Blue Jay would have to be Pat Borders (I think it was his obsession with adjusting his gloves).

Shaun Doyle, Asst. Editor

Shaun (@JaysFromCouch) is a teacher who has decided that those who can should. He has branched out into the writing arena. Shaun is a blogging neophyte. He has a BAR (Blogs Above Replacement) rating of 0.5. He's been a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays for as long as he can remember. He's travelled throughout Asia with his beautiful wife. Together they spend their time with their amazing son. Shaun believes in learning by doing, so his writing is as much for his own edification as it is for your entertainment. *Art by Trevor J Marchand

Brandon Nickel, Staff Writer

Husband, father, and aspiring writer from Ontario, Canada. I have loved the game of baseball as long as I can remember, but it does not put blinders on me. I record the truth as I see it, even at the most painful of moments. Feel free to comment on anything you agree or disagree with, as I love to debate and grow the game. Let's have fun, but let's be real!

Keegan Matheson, Staff Writer

Keegan Matheson (@KMatheson12) lives a life happily dedicated to the emotional instability of being a Toronto Blue Jays fan. Living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Keegan was described as a "0 Tool" baseball player by several scouts, which led him to drop his bat and pick up his pen. He is a fan of the role players, and the glue-guys who only "seem" unspectacular, shown by his dog named after Gregg Zaun. He loves the Blue Jays, his bookshelves, and enjoys a well-placed bunt more than you enjoy a Grand Slam.

Michael Wray, editor

I'm a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and all things sports-related representing the Greater Toronto Area. Unfortunately my fastball tops out at about 45 MPH so I'm stuck writing about the Jays instead of playing for them. I used to have these things "hobbies" but managing all of my fantasy sports teams has become a part-time job. Now I just watch as many live sports events as my girlfriend allows. I believe in three things - peace, love and baseball.

Jeff Morten, Staff Writer

A not-so-recent member of the Toronto sports media on the production side. I have decided it is finally time to throw out my views on our beloved team friends are getting sick of it. I need to share with the masses! Get the word out, good or bad, with all you other die-hards out there. I am opinionated, goofy, fun, irreverent and above all a Jays fan from the early days. My perspective will change you, mold you...or might tick you off. As long as you respond and feel the words then my job is done!

Eric Elliott, Staff Writer

Sitting in the left field bleaches of the then Sky Dome watching Shawn Green and Carlos Delgado is where Eric fell in love with the game of baseball . After realizing he couldn't throw the ball over 70 MPH, he decided to find another route into the game: journalism. He's Canadian through and through, living in the nation's capital studying and writing as a staffer for the Jays Journal at FanSided MLB.

Ben Machin, Staff Writer

Ben Machin is a 19 year old baseball and hockey enthusiast who has a passion for Toronto Sports teams, especially the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs. He currently attends Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario studying Sports Administration. When the opportunity arose to become a staff writer for the Jays Journal he immediately applied. I applied not only for the experience, but because he wanted to expand his passion for sports in a way that differs from just tweeting and arguing with friends and family over sports news. Some of his other hobbies either than hockey and baseball are weight training, squash, basketball, as well as fantasy sports. He's hoping to be a part of the Fansided team for years to come and Go Blue Jays Go!

Joshua Menezes, Staff Writer

I love watching the Toronto Bluejays. You probably love watching the Toronto Bluejays. Or somehow got redirected to this site. I think I love talking about the Toronto Bluejays as much, if not more than watching the Toronto Bluejays. I try to look at everything from every fans perspective. And I hope everything you read from me sparks thoughts you didn't have before. So when you read my posts I hope you're entertained and can laugh, cry, get mad, get excited and be almost as engaged as you are watching the great game of baseball.

Lucas Silva, Staff Writer

I've spent my entire life in Western Canada, but despite never having the pleasure of watching a game at the Rogers Centre, I'm a huge baseball fan and love everything Blue Jays. I'm currently enrolled in my third year of Journalism at Mount Royal University in Calgary, and look to grow as a writer as a part of the Jays Journal staff. I played the game of baseball my entire childhood, including two years as a pitcher for the University of Calgary, but when my childhood dreams of becoming a professional baseball player came to its inevitable end, I turned my passion for the game into the dream of becoming a sports reporter.

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