Ryan Goins has been optioned to Triple-A Buffalo by the Toronto Blue Jays. Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Goins optioned to Triple-A Buffalo by Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays announced tonight that second baseman Ryan Goins has been optioned to Triple-A Buffalo, according to Gregor Chisholm of MLB.com.

Goins, 26, has struggled this season and is batting only .150/.203/.217 in 24 games with nearly 60% of his ball in play being grounders. It was a bit puzzling that the Blue Jays didn’t make more of a push to upgrade at second base this off-season, which was a black hole of production last year. However even GM Alex Anthopoulos recently admitted on the ESPN Tonight podcast with Buster Olney that his team could do better at second base.

Goins batted .257/.311/.369 for the Buffalo Bisons during 2013 in what was his first taste of the International League. We’ll have to see if Goins is able to get going in Triple-A but at 26 he likely is who is he – a light-hitting, very good defensive player who fits the role of a utility infielder much better than a major league starting second baseman.

If I had to guess it will either be Munenori Kawasaki or Chris Getz who is called up with the corresponding roster move.

Update: According to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet, “multiple sources” have confirmed it will be Getz who gets the call. He’s currently not on the 40-man roster so another move will be required before the Jays can officially add him to the roster.

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  • 70-92

    if we had signed Stephen Drew I would care, but all the 2B options seriously suck. I’m sure we’ll have the worst slash line in the majors at that position all season long. good work AA! way to take a glaring weakness, do nothing about it, and then suffer through the whole season with no production at a key spot. ninja!

    • CashGameND

      Not sure I agree with that. If AA would’ve just found a platoon partner with Kawasaki at 2nd we would’ve been fine. IDK what this org has against kawasaki, but he has great at bats, works the pitcher, and can get on base against righties(which we face the majority of the time), and has solid defense. Pair him with somebody who can get on vs lefties and we’re set (Mark DeRosa actually was a great fit, because mark could play 3b as well. And is a great leader on the team. Absolute shame we couldn’t keep him).

      non the less, Kawasaki with Diaz wouldn’t even be that bad. Diaz hasn’t done bad so far this year & his defense is the best of all 3 options (may be a better SS defensively then Reyes).

      They call up Getz. At this point he’s earned it with better play at AAA then kawasaki. I have no idea why they went with goins to begin with, just a hope & a prayer gone wrong.

      • SM

        screw that man, my biggest concern is starting pitching! While 8 other guys can pick up a struggling 2nd base at bat to some extent, no one can pick up the pitching for a starter before 5-6-7 innings! AA needs to go

        • CashGameND

          its not AA’s fault the players aren’t performing. Johnson was not what he was supposed to be. Morrow’s injuries. Hamstrung by budget.

          and my post had nothing to do with the starting rotation, just addressing the 2nd base predicament.

          There is no doubt we need to upgrade the rotation. but overall as a team we’re not in that bad shape. We have a 2 pitcher in buerle, a 3rd in hutch, a 4 in dickey. I think stroman easily steps in as a 3-5 range type pitcher. The problem is we’re going at it without an ace which will hurt.

          our bullpen is great. our starting lineup is great except 2nd base. Our depth is terrible.

          so… we need an ace, a 2nd baseman, and an improved bench. I know it sounds like a hell of alot, but its really not that bad, almost every team has holes. And the 2B/Bench options can be fixed by midseason. The pitching issue…. we’ll have to roll with what we got & hope the bullpen can carry the team (and gibby seems to understand that has to happen, as he’s going to the BP early & not letting the starters implode & cost us the games)

          • 70-92

            your list of “needs” is, of course, exactly correct. but that’s kind of the problem: when you had the worst 2B and rotation in the majors in 2013, you have to do something about it. Chris Getz and/or platooning Kawasaki is not the answer on any level. Munenori’s OPS last year was .634. That is awful. Drew’s was .776 (right around his career numbers) . . . that is a massive difference, but AA messed it up plain and simple.

            Having “needs” is fine, but gaping, widening holes in the team is not acceptable . . . unless we’re content to be in last place all year, which maybe AA is.

          • brad

            I think that is a pretty fair assessment actually….. as harsh as it is lol.

            I am of the opinion that BOTH struggling rotation spots should be a bigger priority than second base with the potential this offense has. While they had terrible 2b production last year, they also had the third highest starters ERA in the majors. Once reyes gets his feet back under him and E5 comes around(which will be mid june likely), they have 4 elite hitters, a catcher that is providing surprising offense, a streaky CF, Lawrie(who is coming around….and has 20 RBI) and Lind/his platoon mate. That’s plenty in comparison I think.

            Logic would then dictate(assuming you buy the 2 rotation spots over 2b thing) that the exorbitant amount of money Drew wants would be better spent on starting pitching….. which is perfectly reasonable….. if they had have actually spent on starting pitching. A team can make the playoffs with a bunch of mid rotation types. They need to pick at least 1 up and hope that some combination of Stroman/ Drabek/ Morrow/ Romero(lol)/ Happ(lolol) can give them another. That’s where I would look to upgrade…. but as you pointed out, they haven’t.

            As for kawasaki (sorry for the absurd length of this comment…. wasn’t actually trying to hijack the conversation), Diaz gives the same quality of at bat and is a far better fielder at every position that either of them can play(not to say Kawasaki is bad) and Getz is a better hitter who is also better on the base paths(with about the same defense at second). I love Kawasaki but he just doesn’t have a spot right now.

          • CashGameND

            i agree getz deserves the spot now. but over their major league careers I think kawasaki has proven it, hes also endeered himself to the fan base & is a great clubhouse presence. Non-the-less I’m fine with getz/diaz platoon until AA is able to find a better option. As for the starting rotation. I believe Stroman can be a 3-4 type SP this year, only time will tell. That does give us a pretty solid rotation of Dickey, Stroman, Buehrle, Hutchison, Morrow. From there, there is nobody you would really want to take out of the rotation unless you can upgrade it in a trade. Morrow’s injury woe’s are a huge concern though. And if we are in contention & somebody goes down, I won’t be shocked to see Sanchez start much sooner then expected…. if he does well, he may not ever go back down.

            anyways, should be interesting. I am just cheering for the guys to be able to win with what they got right now until they inch toward the trade deadline. If they can stay at .500 or better then hopefully ownership will approve a larger budget, and they can make a few moves to improve the roster

          • brad

            I’m not really sure why you think the rotation problems end with caling up Stroman. Do I think he would be an upgrade? Likely, but he is by no means a sure thing. There are 2 spots in the rotation that need upgrading though. I’m not talking about injuries on Morrow’s part either. He is a #5 pitcher performance wise since his injury in 2012 and doesn’t give any length. In fact, he has pitched more than 6 innings only 3 times since the start of last season and a total of 6 times since his injury in 2012!

            I do agree that they need to be competitive with what they have at the deadline to get the upgrade they need but disagree with the rotation you mentioned being solid or close to playoff caliber. On a side note, blaming ownership fr not ponying up is pretty ridiculous at this juncture. payroll is $140 million which is mre than enough to be competitive. If AA needs more salary space, he should dump some dead salary in a trade like every other good GM does

          • CashGameND

            how can you not see it is the owners who have hamstrung AA. There is no way they would be getting the players to basically pay for Santana if the money was there to spend from ownership, clearly they liked the pitcher or they wouldn’t have bothered whatsoever.

            so with the predicament that AA is in, theres so few dollars to work with. You gotta find stop gaps, which is why platooning 2B could work. we just need around major league avg production (which kawasaki [or getz, since he has played better in AAA thus far this year] gives us vs RHP, need somebody vs LHP, diaz will have to do since there are no other options).

            bottom line, we gotta hope that this roster can get the job done (winning record) until at least after the draft/allstar break area. Then we gotta hope that our piece of sh*t owners will open their wallet & support a team that could contend if they weren’t so damn handcuffed to fill out the remaining holes. They can fill every one of their remaining holes, except an ace, before the trade deadline. And if they do so, that might be enough to win the wildcard, or in dreamland, the division. I am certainly not banking on ownership helping out though, they’ve proven time & time again that they are not willing to play ball

        • Bleed blue jays!

          Funny that people keep on talking about Santana he was never gonna sign with the jays

  • Hooey_Plain

    Trade for Nick Franklin where Happ goes the other way….two problems solved

  • brad

    This is a curious move. At the start of the season I was really pulling for Getz to make the team on the bench because of his pinch running ability. He always struck me as an above average second baseman as well…..though I haven’t seen him enough to put any stock in my eye test. At the same time though, this is a weird time to send Goins down…. I actually thought he was starting to come around. Over the last week or so I’ve seen 6 hard hit balls right at people. If those were all hits rather than all being outs, he would be hitting .250. I’m pretty sure management didn’t miss them so I would guess they have found something they think is fixable in his swing that they want him to work on.

    If it were me, I would like to see Getz on the bench behind a real starting second baseman….. though the bench really has a lot of problems. They need a pinch hitter(not really a lot internally….. until Lind comes back and they only need to fill the other side of the platoon) and a backup OF that can play center(Mastriani instead of Sierra maybe?…. a bit of speed there as well)….. and more than anything else, a spot for a fourth guy on the bench!! They used their whole bench in one move last week!!

    it’s good that they are sending a message to the players that if you don’t perform you’ll go down, but there are two rotation spots that are of much more pressing concern than second base….. and the rotation is an area where the AAA depth is of much higher quality…..weird move.