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Toronto Blue Jays: Who Stays When Jose Reyes Comes Back?

According to Shi Davidi, Toronto Blue Jays oft injured infielder, Jose Reyes, is set to start running on a treadmill and begin taking ground balls. The Blue Jays training staff and management will more than likely take a cautious approach with Reyes’ hamstring, as they should.  If all things go according to plan we can expect to see Reyes in the line-up sometime in mid-April.

Who will be the odd man out in the Jays infield?

Maicer Izturis isn’t going anywhere as  he has done a complete 180 from last year’s performance. Maicer is swinging a hot bat and has provided solid defense, making it easy for John Gibbons to pencil his name in the line-up. Ryan Goins has not shown any ability to hit, well anything, so far this year. Jonathan Diaz has not set the baseball world on fire, but has been having more productive at-bats than Goins. Both guys have provided solid defensive play and versatility, playing second base and shortstop. Goins and Diaz are similar players, but Diaz seems to be more advanced handling the bat and has more versatility (he can play the outfield also). Diaz is batting .200/.333/.267, with 2 walks, 5 strikeouts and 1 stolen base. Goins is batting 0.063/0.063/.125 with 1 walks, 5 strikeouts and zero stolen bases.


Another factor that is worth noting, one that everyone Toronto Blue Jays fans loves discussing, is player options. Goins has them and would not have to pass waivers if management decides to send him to Triple-A Buffalo. Likewise, Diaz has options available as well, so there is no worry about sneaking him through waivers at this stage. I previously made my feeling about Jonathan Diaz very clear in a piece I wrote in February. His performance has been exactly what I thought it would be; however, I have been impressed with his ability to work the count.

Although very early, I believe that Diaz has shown enough with the bat and with the glove to keep him in Toronto over Goins when Jose Reyes is activated from the DL. That allows Reyes and Izturis to play everyday, and have Diaz being a defensive replacement and  giving the everyday guys some rest.

So Jays fans, which all glove no bat infielder would you send to Buffalo?

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  • Jenffrj

    Ryan should enjoy Buffalo this time of year.

  • Ewan Brocklehurst

    I also agree that it should be Goins unless he makes a complete turnaround with the bat. I almost fainted when he walked last night. (Surprised Gibby did not challenge the pick off)

    • JP

      if it’s between these two, I would keep Diaz, option Goins. But there is a real chance, as discussed in another thread, that they may option Kratz….,.another possibility, with Diaz so versatile is the 3 man bench and 8 man pen, I think it will be Goins , Kratz or both. I will be surprised and disappointed if Diaz is optioned. Apart from his greater vesatility he is also a capable pinch runner.

  • brad

    why keep 3 catchers and send an infielder down? Kratz should go down when Reyes comes back and Goins when they can find another OF for the 25 man….. so that Sierra can get some playing time. Then they have a backup C, a backup infielder, a pinch hitter(Lind or Sierra depending on lefty/righty starter) and a backup OF for insurance in case, after Sierra pinch hits, an OF gets hurt

    • Kyle Franzoni

      Kratz will likely return to Buffalo when Janssen is activated before Reyes.

      • brad

        In that case, why ever have an 8 man pen?

        • Kyle Franzoni

          There is never any reason to have an 8-man pen….

          Of course, the other fluid part of this discussion is Happ…

          • brad

            even worse lol. Maybe they can make Happ the 8th member of the bullpen and put all the things I don’t like about baseball in 1 roster move….

          • RyanMueller

            without your dreams what do you have?

    • RyanMueller

      Carrying 3 catcher is a head scratcher for sure. Diaz can play the OF also, so there is your extra OF/defensive replacement. Kratz has shown he can come off the bench and provide some power. Why not send Thole down, if Navarro is a good defensive catcher why carry Thole to only catch one pitch.

      • brad

        really? I didn’t know that. Definitely should be a catcher going down then(then you have goins/izturis as a defensive replacement on the infield, Sierra/Lind as pinch hitter #1, Diaz as a pinch runner and/or bakup OF depending on if you need to burn Sierra as a PH before you need a PR and a backup catcher).

        there is a pretty good case that can be made for Kratz. I think he is a far superior catcher to Thole at catching everything but the knuckleball. I also think he is a better hitter and could potentially be PH#2 as well as a backup catcher(but that’s a slippery slope). If I was building a backup catcher for any other team, I would build Kratz. The problem is the fact that navarro has been exceptional. You know that he is not going to catch any of Dickey’s 35 starts so the question becomes: how many more starts are you going to give the backup? I would say 10 at the most if navarro keeps this up… leaving about 130 starts for Navarro and 50ish total for backup catchers. Thole is far better with Dickey and as such will give more value than Kratz in 3/4 of those games. Gotta go with Thole for his ability to catch that one pitch… I also think he may be due for a bit of a turnaround at the dish(think .255 with a little gap power)

  • Mike Hradil

    I agree – Diaz stays. Goins back to Buffalo to work on swinging at pitches in the zone

  • Hooey_Plain

    Goins has only had 20 PAs, so too early to make moves based solely on batting average. Besides, his BABIP so far is 0.077. If his BABIP was a more reasonable 0.300, he’d have 4 hits instead of 1 and his average would be 0.200. It’s still low, but pretty close to what you’d project for Diaz anyway.

    • Justin Jay


    • Mike Hradil

      Don’t all your fancy stats to see that Goins is absolutely lost at the plate. He has another week or so to get it together, figure out a way to get on base, or clearly Diaz stays.

    • RyanMueller

      You are right it is early, but decisions still need to be made on Diaz and Goins. We can’t keep both of them in TO. I really like Ryan, as I have followed him for a while; however, I think that Diaz’s experience, ability to play multiple positions and being a better base runner make him an ideal bench guy. If Goins goes down, it won’t be forever.

  • Justin Jay

    I think that it’s FAR TOO EARLY to be judging players. Goins needs to get adjusted. Izturis needs to prove he can keep playing at this level. Both players need to stay at this point, unless we’re talking about keeping Diaz. Diaz is another guy, that if you’re going to keep for fielding purposes, that’s fine, but then move Goins. I’ve seen enough of Diaz to know that this kid won’t hit at high rate, but he does have a good glove and at 2B, an above avg arm.
    I agree that carrying 3 catchers is dumb. If they’re going to platoon Kratz with Lind at first, I may be for it, but Sierra is out of options. He looks overmatched at times, but has shown the kid can hit. Ultimately, I think it comes down to can Thole hit better than Kratz? Dickey said he had no prefence in catcher. So if not, #AAAThole… if so, then put Kratz back in Buffalo.

    • RyanMueller

      FAR TOO EARLY is exactly right, maybe even an understatement.

      • Justin Jay

        I just don’t understand it. Pedroia had a disasterous start to his MLB career in 2006 and the 1st 2 months of 2007. The Red Sox stick with him and he rewards them with RoY in 2007 and MVP in 2008 and the rest is history.
        I’m not saying that Goins is going to be Pedroia. His minor league numbers are nowhere near as good as Pedey’s numbers. What I am saying is that fans need to practice some patience. Give some players a chance to get acclimated at the MLB level. There are 8 other hitters on the team besides Goins. It’s not like he needs to carry this team with the bat, he just needs to bring stability to 2B, especially now, with (can’t believe I’m saying this…) Izturis being gone.

  • Dave E

    I think it should be Thole that gets sent down. With such a short bench, having three catchers is a luxury we can’t afford. I am not sure why we kept Thole over Kratz I the first place – Kratz is a much better hitter. Their slash lines, if you combine spring and regular season are as follows:
    Thole 290/312/326
    Kratz 375/394/656
    Kratz caught Dickey most of the time in the spring, so – because he started more games – he faced tougher pitchers. They had almost exactly the same number of ABs. A bench of Sierra, Kratz, Iztris and Diaz provides lots of options.

  • Quincy-Sam

    Izturis has earned the 2B spot for now. Diaz the backup. Goins isn’t going to fix his issues with the bat while on the bench. Time in Buffalo is what he needs. Love his defense, but if he is going to be with the Jays he needs to be able to hit, walk, bunt or do whatever he can to get on base, and quite simply he hasn’t done any of it. Short of a meltdown by Diaz, Goins should go.

    Both in ST and since his call up Kratz has made it a tough call on whether to send him down. If Dickie likes Thole best, still a tough call. What each does until Jannsen comes back will decide. And so will Jays overall offense.

    • RyanMueller

      Well said Quincy-Sam. I like the point about Goins needing at-bats in the minors to improve his hitting skill.

  • flipbits

    Just want to point out a player with options doesn’t need to ‘sneak through waivers’. They can be sent down without being exposed to waivers.