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Paul Beeston Confirms Ervin Santana Deferment Rumors On CBC Radio

Nearly half a day has transpired since Ken Rosenthal dropped the bombshell that Blue Jays players offered to defer salary in order to allow Toronto to sign free agent starting pitcher Ervin Santana, Blue Jays President and CEO took to the radio. In an interview with Matt Galloway of CBC Radio (H/T Brendan Kennedy for the link), Beeston touched on a number of subjects, including the report from Rosenthal.

Skipping forward to the 2:38 mark on the embedded clip, Beeston confirms that there was discussion with players about deferring salary with some players, but did not confirm that negotiations ever got to a point where there were serious plans in place to do so. Additionally, Beeston was put on the spot in regards to whether the Blue Jays had a “budget” in place, but refused to call it a cap.

Beeston confirmed that the Blue Jays as a business have a budget in place, but proceeded to spin it away from that talk, noting that the team spent heavily on this year’s roster and that they felt they wanted to develop from within more than commit further to free agents. He also confirmed that the Blue Jays will not spend at the same rates of the Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox, but felt comfortable with where the Blue Jays have spent.

Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos has refused comment on the report, according to various media outlets.

As noted in Rosenthal’s piece, while it was wishful thinking by the players to try to move money around in such a hurry, it was likely fruitless. One agent even went as far to note that the union would have balked at such an arrangement unless there was significant gain for the player deferring funds. Past attempts to do something similar, like when the Boston Red Sox nearly acquired Alex Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers, have generally met with a resounding “no” from the players’ union.

Regardless, it is another unique plot twist in the saga of the Blue Jays offseason. Had there been at least one pitcher signed this winter, just one, it is likely this would flow under the bridge without issue. However, the team’s lack of activity confounded fans and pundits alike which causes reports like this to snowball quickly.

This is not likely the last we’ll hear about this, as the Blue Jays and their players will be answering this question from the media quite a bit in the coming days and perhaps months if consistent pitching doesn’t put it to bed.

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  • Justin Jay

    Like I said… there was more to come! WOW! This change in philosophy IS WHY THIS TEAM LOSES! Good article Kyle!

  • Andrew van Laar

    I am starting to feel like there is a massive disconnected between the manager, GM, President and the Parent Company. This is starting to feel like a very dysfunctional team to me….

    • Justin Jay


    • Michael Wray

      I’m so sick of hearing “money isn’t a problem” when the budget they have to work with is clearly tapped out.

      • Andrew van Laar

        Exactly. It’s always “money wasn’t the limiting factor” but then we hear that there is a tight limit on the budget. I mean… you are either spending or not spending. You are not building your team ala the TB model and growing your prospects and putting them in your lineup, and you arent spending ala the Yank and Red Sox way so you need to choose one or the other. No more of this wishy washy hanging out in the Middle. Gah I hate Switzerland….

        • Michael Wray

          The message they are sending is just so frustrating – don’t worry fans, Rogers has lots of money they just don’t want to spend it!

  • mike in boston

    Thanks for getting this up so quickly. This is strangely reminiscent of the last time the Jays were owned by a large disinterested ownership group. Who could have predicted that Rogers would become Interbrew.

  • Jack Stevenson

    How cheap can this team be. Beeston is an idiot. After James Paxton’s start with the Mariners ( 7 innings, no runs ), I read about how Beeston refused to offer him a bonus beyond the ” accepted ” limit the other owners apparently had agreed on when the Jays drafted him. Then Beeston ranted about Scott Boras being involved and screwed Paxton’s eligibility at Kentucky for a year almost ruining his baseball career and University graduation. The Mariners got him for about 100,000 more than the Jays offered the next year. A Canadian pitcher lost for that amount of money ? We might be better off supporting the Mariners who seem to have a better idea now than the Jays. Their pitching staff is going to be beastly.

  • Jason Kerr

    I guess run it like it’s a business model if the team makes money we will put money into it … if the team doesn’t move it to Kentucky? This team is starting to feel a lot like the Toronto Maple Leafs … We’re building to win, we’re spending the money to build a winner, but we couldn’t quite afford to buy one piece of the puzzle so we’ll just give our fans this hope and then fail each year.

    This screams dagger in the heart and it’s only 5 games into the season.