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It's Time for Blue Jays to Send a Clear Message

The time for pitchers and catchers reporting for spring training has come and gone, with the Jays still holding onto hope that they sign a pitcher this off-season. But enough of the hope.

Ubaldo Jimenez will go to the Orioles, pending physical, A.J. Burnett will go to the Phillies. That leaves one big name left, Ervin Santana.

The good news is that one of the teams rumoured to be in contact with Santana was the Orioles. Now that they are in the process of finalizing a deal with Jimenez, the Jays can look to close a deal with Santana.

But will they?

The late-developing free agent market had a lot to do with the delay in teams being able to bid and make deals for Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. And A.J. Burnett’s late decision to test the market rather than retiring also changed some GM’s gameplans.

Still, other teams around the league are, for the most part, set. They may still do some tinkering, sure, all teams certainly will throughout the year.

At this point, the Jays could drag out whether or not they are signing Santana to a deal for days, maybe weeks. But why would they want to? Why cast doubt over the team? Wouldn’t it be better to enter the spring with some certainty?

It would be nice to get a clear message at this point. Something like: After seeing the proposed deal for Jimenez, the price is too rich for us now.  Or, we have full support of our young starters and the opportunity to add an arm has passed. Or an even clearer message, doing what needs to be done so that Santana gets signed to a deal as soon as possible.

The Jays either want Santana, or they don’t. If the price is too high, or the term is too long, don’t bother, it’s not likely to change any time soon. If they’re not interested in him that much as a viable starter, then say so.

Being an enigmatic team may provide advantages during the off-season, but no one cares now. Fans certainly want to have an idea of how the team will look next season. And even though nothing is set in the spring, players might want a better idea of where they stand in the organization for the season.

With a new catcher at the helm in Dioner Navarro, and with Josh Thole likely to be given more playing time, giving them as much time as possible to prepare and get to know about the pitchers they will be working with is something that should be given a high priority.

The Jays need to either do something or nothing, and make their minds up about it soon.

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  • mike in boston

    well said. sure, they might get him on a little less AAV 2 weeks from now, but what would be the point? We heard lots of excuses about how the WBC disrupted training camp last year. This portends to be the distraction this camp, unless they take active steps to quash it.

    • Michael Wray


  • Jensan

    12 Million is there for them to spend, the cdn dollar is a small issue since Revenue sharing of the gate comes into play as well as all TV revenue. Between gate revenue and TV revenue that is 70 million USD dollars, so the shortfall is the other 70 million dollars at 10% , going forward. The extra 7 million dollars CDN should not be red herring here.

    Additionally, since Rogers lowballs the Media Revenue to TBJ, because the own the team Rogers should not be allowed to suck and blow at the same time or a nicer expression is to have their cake and eat it.

  • Jason Kerr

    Gibbons has said a few times here that they’re happy with their depth in pitchers … I think that means that they aren’t going to bother picking up another pitcher at least that is a clear indication.

  • Tyler Dunsmore

    This has been the most frustrating off season. Send a clear message, earn your fans and their respect. If they would have told us fans at the start of the off season that they weren’t going to chase a pitcher, then I would of coped by now. Since they said they were in the market for one, I have literally googled Jays rumors, or Jays news about 30 times a day since. The business is profitable, and the people making the decisions don’t care if we are happy or not. I am an avid jays fan, which is why it kills me to state that the Jays are the laughing stock of the AL East. We can post anything we want that proves financially why the jays should sign someone. AA, I actually think did good last off season(overall), but this season, awful. We signed a backup catcher to start for us. Way to go… I feel bad for guys like Reyes, Melky, Bautista, Edwin, even Rasmus. All guys that have shown talent that deserves to play for a contender. Instead, we are wasting years of their career. The jays front office wants to win, just not bad enough. I’ve never questioned how bad the Yankees want it, regardless of how their seasons went.

    • Michael Wray


    • Lawrie13

      I agree. AA needs to shit or get off the pot. I love what he did last off season but this year he has had the exact opposite mentality. The anticipation and wonder is killing us fans. I can’t imagine how it is making the rest of the team feel, especially the guys hoping to get the fifth rotation spot. Let’s figure this out ASAP Alex so that we can all relax and the boys can get a solid spring training in this year.