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Toronto Blue Jays Get New Hat From New Era for 2014 Season

Something new is coming to the Toronto Blue Jays, but it isn’t the big ticket item we were all hoping for just yet. According to Mike Oz at Yahoo Sports, the Blue Jays will see a new hat from the folks at New Era this season. It looks a little something like this:


This hat, part of the New Era Diamond Era Collection, replaces the existing alternate cap, which was Blue with a red maple leaf. The new hat, as seen, is completely red with a maple leaf outlined in white. The colors now completely cater toward the Canadian national colors.

Unfortunately, the new Diamond Era design will not be ready for fans until the start of Spring Training, meaning New Era may fully miss the boat on getting fans trying to flout some national pride during the Winter Olympics.

Personally, I love the hat, as it is a stark departure from the previous model but still captures the spirit of the team. It is still likely to sport the team logo on the back, just above the MLB “batterman” logo, so there should be no confusion as to which team you’re supporting.

So Blue Jays fans, will you be picking up the new model? How do you feel about the change?

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  • Mike

    It’s a cash grab by New Era. They introduced perfectly good looking blue ones last year. IMO, they look better than this one. As much as I don’t want to encourage this behaviour, I’ll probably cave from peer pressure.

  • MSOLdn

    Could any hat design possibly be more generic? Apart from the obvious Canadian symbolism, what is there to connect this hat to the Jays? Someone was paid good money to produce this design?

    • Devlin Ralph

      Simplicity is not generic, this is a well designed hat. Alternate hats are supposed to represent a casual facet of the brand and this does so. From a marketing perspective it will also probably be one of the most bought in the Diamond Era Design series.

  • Mark Roberts

    Hate this hat and the blue one from last year. Has nothing to do with the Jays.

  • Robert Murawsky

    It has no peak. It’s flat. It makes you look like a duffs, like a past starting pitcher I have watched. Give it some form and design or it won’t be worth more then $5.00.

  • Andrew Bassett

    I can’t believe people actually pay $30 for this garbage.

  • Scream09_HartKiller

    That hat will pay for a year of Buerhle’s contract. There’s nothing Canadians like more than showing that they’re Canadian. I don’t know what it has to do with the Blue Jays since it doesn’t have a Blue Jays logo or any of the Blue Jays colors on it, but it’ll make them money. If anything the Jays should try to market the “us vs them, they’re out to get us” mentality they have with hockey for baseball – make Canadians believe Americans don’t want them there and they’ll pack the Rogers Centre.

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  • Rui Hanazawa

    Last time I checked, I thought we were the BLUE Jays. This cap belongs with the Raptors. The Argos are in blue, the Leafs are in blue, the Jays are supposed to be in blue and the Raptors are dressed for Air Canada.

    This is cap is making a huge statement to the other American teams. Aside from Lawrie, it may be inappropriate to assume his team mates would be okay with it. I already thought the blue version was pushing it but it matched our jersey. Going red head with blue, ummm No!
    This isn’t the Olympics. This is baseball.