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Jays Still Considered Front-Runners For Jeff Samardzija

According to a tweet by Chicago analyst Bruce Levine for WSCR-AM, and an earlier story by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Jays continue to be the front-runners for acquiring Jeff Samardzija from the Chicago Cubs.

Levine tweeted:


Back in November rumours swirled about the Jays trying to work out a deal for Samardzija. As more rumours developed, there became an indication that the Jays would need to part with at least one of their top prospects, such as Marcus Stroman or Aaron Sanchez. This raised questions about whether it would be worth making such a move.

At this point there is no certainty, and even if the Jays are indeed the front-runners, there is no indication what kind of trade is being discussed.

Further complicating matters is the recent development that A.J. Burnett has elected not to retire (as was previously expected) and will not likely re-sign with the Pittsburgh Pirates. This certainly helps the Jays as another quality arm unexpectedly enters the market.

The Jays also seem viable candidates for top pitching free agents Ervin Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez, with much debate over who would be most suitable.

The 29 year old Samardzija had a disappointing 2013 posting a 4.34 ERA with only eight wins. Still he shows promise in other areas, such as his strike-out per inning rate.

Who do you think is the best available option for the Jays pitching rotation?

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  • Shaun Doyle

    I’m not keen on such a high price for a pitcher who is average… the apparent cost of Stroman and Sanchez (even one) seems too much. I value prospects more than the money on Jiminez or Santana….. or even… gulp Burnett.

  • Doug Hall

    We can’t give up S or S please . I don’t have a problem with A.J.

  • Jamie Miles

    Don’t do it! This guy is crap i have seen him enough times to know he sucks plus the price is way too high!

  • Eric

    Absolutely no way we trade stroman or Sanchez. Terrible deal. Samardzija is an average number 4 starter at best. He strikes out a ton of batters but will have an era of 4.50 in Rogers centre. And you people are nuts if you think we sign a.j. He didn’t even like playing here. He’ll be in Pitt or Baltimore this year. GO JAYS!

  • Quincy-Sam

    The early rumors in Nov. were that Bailey, Price or Shark would each require the Jays to give up Stroman and Sanchez. All 3 are still available because the asking price on each is too high. Except for Price, I don’t see either of the prospects being moved.

    Shark could be a #2 type starter, so maybe the Jays have interest, but a deal would have to make sense and I don’t see Cubs bringing down their asking price enough.

    • Andrew van Laar

      I really don’t see him being a #2 guy. In the AL East, he’s a solid #4 at best. Don’t forget looking at his stats, you are going to have to increase his number against him.

  • RyanMueller

    To quote Micheal Scott from the Office, “No GOD NO.”

  • Rui Hanazawa

    No deal, if we are willing to part for Stroman and Sanchez – Might as well go and talk with the Rays for Price. The Cubs are asking way too much for him and will continue to do so until mid season when they realize no team will commit 2-3 top drafts with his stats. I don’t know why management is still hung up on this deal. It’s not even a deal but a steal, for the Cubs. Their request is laughable, AA should put them on hold and brew a cup of coffee.

  • brad

    I like the shark but he’s trending the wrong way right now. I would be OK to include Sanchez or Stroman if Castro was also involved and the shark signed an extension(maybe with Jannsen added on the Jays side) but to give up BOTH for only the shark? Not a chance.

  • Tyler MacDouell

    I would rather throw Stroman out there for a full season and see what he can do. His numbers can’t be any worse than shark’s stats from last year. And Stroman won’t cost the jays a ton to resign after this upcoming year like Shark will. I say put the money into Ubaldo…it’s the perfect situation for the jays having pick compensation tied to these guys because it should cool their market to the point where we can get them for less $ and only give up a second rounder. And if Stroman falters in the #5 spot, then there’s hutch, happ, drabek, redmond, and rogers that could all step in. a lot more options then we had last year. Shark isn’t worth anything that the Cubs will try to get