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Be The Manager of the Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays manager John Gibbons. Mandatory Credit: David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that the Blue Jays did not live up to the hype of 2013. We have written up a lot of stories about it, but we want to know what you would do to change the team for the better. Really! You be the manager.

Here is the deal. I pledge as a writer for Jays Journal to take everyone’s ideas to the Toronto Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons in person or at least he will hear my screams before I am pummelled by security. I promise that he will read them if I survive the beating. The best idea, chosen by the writers of Jays Journal, will also be published online. I also swear to mention your name as “sage extraordinaire” in every article I write this baseball season, starting in April and ending September. I should mention that I have no money, tickets, t-shirts, or first children to give you as a prize.

What do I this get out it? Well, there has to be another story in this somehow.

1. Your idea cannot cost the Toronto Blue Jays or me money.
2. Your idea must be physically or anatomically possible and not be rude, mean or use curse words. Got it? &$?#^%**!!!
3. Your idea does not involve anything sexual.
4. Your idea must not be anything immoral, illegal or go against the rules of Major League Baseball.
5. Your idea must not involve animals, children, blood or scat.
6. Your idea must be something that will help the Blue Jays be a better team… full stop.

David Stewart

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  • bob l.

    1. i would stop listening to trades whenever any of my stud/young pitcher’s names surface (stroman,sanchez,osuna,norris or smoral).
    2. i would trade bautista for more young pitchers and insert sierra into rf.
    3. i would trade rasmus for infield prospects and insert gose.
    4. i would lower ticket prices to bring in more people and by doing so create more revenue for the team through food and drink sales.

  • Justin Jay

    Dammit, I have so many ideas… but I have to help choose a winner!

  • David Stewart

    Justin, nothing was said about writers not giving their opinion. Still, I think there is a conflict of interest. So far, Bob I has it. Come on people, let’s hear those ideas.

  • bob l.

    oops, i think i took the role as gm instead.

  • bob l.

    as manager goes… i would give mcgowan every chance to win a spot in the rotation as well as hutchison. move drabek into a late reliever. i do like goins as the 2b. i would also give gose more playing time in center and bat him ninth to set the table for reyes and cabrera before the meat of the order comes up.

  • Josh Elliot

    I dont think managing is the issue right now. Its the general manager that needs improving. I’ll do the same of what Bob did. GM: 1. Sign Matt Garza or Ubaldo Jimenez – Our rotation just isn’t good enough right now. If you want a Playoff contending team, you need a solid rotation. Your gonna need a guy that will eat up innings and keep Runs against to a minimum. Both of these guys have a low ground ball rate which what this team needs. Send Drabek, Hutchinson and McGowan to the bull pen. They will not hurt the bullpen. 2. Get a new training staff: Injuries has been a huge issue for this team in the past 2 years. Boston got rid of their whole training staff a few years ago due to players being frequently injured, look at them now. 3: Trade Bautista – Bautista is getting old, but his value is pretty high right now. You can easily get a young, power hitting outfielder or even solid infielder. 4: Sign Vernon Wells – I know that Vernon hasn’t been very good in the past 2 or 3 years and he is getting old but, signing vernon would be a low risk. 2 or 3 teams are eating up basically his whole salary right now. We would only have to pay 500 thousand. Bring him in and let him be a kind of a role model for guys like Gose, or any other acquired young outfielders. Pretty much the same thing we did this past year when we brought in LaRoche to help with Brett Lawrie. It wont hurt. Now for the Manager role. 1: Bring in Gose more often: I wouldn’t give Gose a starting position quite yet. His ability to hit at the Major league level isnt quite there yet. But, bring him in for some games more often, He wont improve his hitting unless he’s going up against the best. Eventually when his hitting improves, you can depend on him if one of our key outfielders go down on injury. 2: Share the Catching position with Navarro and Thole – Give thole a chance at staring more often and not just catch for Dickey and thats it. He could break out and have a key bat to our lineup. But, if you have a catcher who is hot on the bat, stick with him. 3: Give Goins the starting 2nd baseman position – Goins has proven that he can hit at the major league level last year. He’s going to have his break out season. 4: Give Stroman some starts at the Major League Level – This could be a guy who will be clutch for us in the future, so give him a taste of the majors. That will help him improve. Thats pretty much it for my opinion. Everything else should fall into place.

  • John W.

    I feel like this is more of a be the GM type of question but just to answer if I was the manager of the blue jays I would have to turn up the intensity level HUGE. First off we have the talent on our team to be a contender but these players NEED to be pushed (veterans or not) they need to know that if they are not playing up to par they will be benched and if that doesn’t please them they can moan and pout and request all the trades they want but they have a contract with this team and they will play under this system properly (meaning if you are asked to bunt, you bunt and get it down) and will be held accountable and saying that “this is how I play and will continue too” is unacceptable. If they decide to not play hard well I’m sure a fine for conduct detrimental to the team and lose of money will fix their attitude. As the manager it is your job to push your players to the top of their game, players like Gose should work on base running/bunting everyday, Lawrie should be able to do both as well ect. Use the hit and run, be aggressive BUT know when to run and when not too. Also play the match up game with the bullpen we have (they are one of the best) and DON’T wait until we are down 5-0 before you go and take the starter out. Basically use the players we have and all the areas of the game to our advantage.

    Now as far as GM moves go lol…and this is not to be mean or rude (just a part of the game) but first I would get rid of our current manager. I mean we went out and got all these big league players and then got a small time (second time around) manager who I just don’t feel is able to control or have an impact on this team as well as does not bring out their full potential.
    Second, I would then look to make a move like Jose Bautista + Sean Nolin to Cleveland for Danny Salazar + Dorssys Paulino + Clint Frazier (who I know can’t be traded until June) so maybe Tyler Naquin but a trade base around that. Cleveland could use a middle of the order power bat and RF and we all know the jays need pitching! Third, I would then sign Nelson Cruz to a 1 or 2 year contract to bring back some power and have somebody to bat behind Edwin as well as refill RF.
    Fourth, I would then sign Johan Santana to round out the rotation
    Now personally I would love to have Goins be our middle infielder off the bench which is where I would count on my major league scouts to do their research and find me a starting mlb ready 2 bagger that we can acquire with pieces such as: Jansen and really any reliever, Gose (who if traded, I would then pick up another speedy player to come off the Bench) and prospects. Look if you aren’t willing to trade some of the kids then you might as well trade Bautista, Edwin, Rasmus, dickey, burhle, Morrow and reyes and get prospects for the future cause you don’t see the yankees crying about their farm team…Lol holayyy well that’s my LONG rant and how I feel.
    One sad jays fan!!

    P.S. this is just my opinion. So, if you don’t like it, well lets hear what you got!!

    • Eric

      Love the answer I’d do the same but I don’t think Cleveland is willing to trade Salazer. I think he is really good plus he’ll have a bad arm in a few years. Good work though mr. GM !

  • Rui Hanazawa

    As acting Manager I would propose the following:

    1-Attitude, it’s okay to have fun and games in the dug out but not when we are losing. High fives should follow up with a stare that says we can’t be beat. Tino Martinez, Paul O’Neil, Bernie Williams – are examples of players that are so competitive that you can see in their eyes that there is no way they are gonna get beat. Those guys knew how to hit before swinging their bats. When they did get a hit they weren’t smiling because they wanted more. We need that same glare and attitude from 1-9.

    2-I would ask for help from Cito to work with Seitzer. Cito’s a great hitting coach who’s seen it all from fundamental swings (Olerud) to dead pullers (Carter) to clutch hitting (Molitor). Let’s not forget turning a forgotten player to a 2 time home run champ with a simple step kick in his stance. We need him to work with our players to focus on contact hitting with 2 strikes. With 0-1 strike go for it. With 2 strikes we need to shorten our swings and slap it.

    3-Watch out for our bullpen, with Hentgen on leave I would keep a keen eye on that area. With an uncertain starting rotation we cannot afford an uncertain bullpen.

    4-If we are gonna trade, we will trade our bullpen arms with the exception of Santos. We are built to win now and for a while if we keep our prized prospects. Bautista, Edwin are out of the question unless I get something stupid like a Miggy and Max for 1 of our guys.

    5-Addressing injury issues. I don’t believe in coincidence just lack of staff attention, more effective training measures on the players. TaiBo, KungFu – I don’t care just get our players ready mentally and physically.

    6-Adopt Dave Winfield’s team Fail Jar. You miss a bunt, you pay the jar. You give up a hit with 2 strikes, you pay the jar. You don’t run on a grounder, you pay the jar. Win the playoffs, you spend the jar. Lose the playoffs, you give away the jar.

    7-Adapt with the umpires. They occasionally make bad calls on balls and strikes. However watching them get flustered leads to a free swinging 3rd strike. The pitcher has to throw 3 strikes, you can’t tell me not one was in your control to hit. Don’t lose plate discipline and don’t blame philosophy. Learn, adapt and know you’ll get him next time around. Don’t worry the guy behind you is gonna come through for ya.

    8- Starting rotation. Let’s face it, we aren’t going to get a quality pitcher outside of Tanaka. Any one else is not worth the money. So we need to focus on grooming Stroman and Sanchez and hope for the best in Morrow. Morrow, Buehrle and Dickey is not too bad in as a 123 punch in no particular order. If one of those guys go down then we are in a heap of trouble. I’ll start aggressively trading depending on our standings.

    9- Starting catcher. A great catcher needs to call a game effectively to get the most out of our rotation. This position concerns me more than 2nd base. Based on reputation on game calling with a quality bat from last year, Navarro is a sure upgrade but I’ll be sitting beside him on the bus. Got to work my game plan with my game caller.

    10-Tell Gibbons the next day to relatively stick with my proposed batting order. If some one struggles, switch that person’s order with another but do not bump up or down with the rest. Every one has a role and too many adjustments leads to every one trying to go over the fence.

    My starting batting order:
    1.Jose Reyes S
    2.Melky Cabrera S (move to 7 if speed is an issue)
    3.Colby Rasmus L
    4.Jose Bautista R
    5.Edwin Encarnacion R
    6.Adam Lind L
    7.Brett Lawrie R (possible 2. Hitter)
    8.Navarro R
    9.2nd Base Platoon team(left hitter will hit 8th spot depending on opposition pitcher’s track record)

    Lightning up top followed by thunder below.
    Putting Bautista as a #2 hitter is a waste. I rather have a potential multi-run home run as opposed to a single run homer.
    Colby quite possibly has the most power on the team. I like his short uppercut swing, decent speed and I see him better as a 3rd man up followed by Bautista at clean up. Edwin at 5 to follow up Jose in case he is walked.
    3-7 hitters all potential 20+ home run hitters.
    This order switches righty to lefty with the exception of Jose and Edwin forcing the other team to work harder on righty/lefty match ups.
    Assuming 1-3 hitters have good on base percentages, that gives a more likely hood of our 40+ home run duo to end the game with a swing.
    The guys behind the duo also have a bit of power.
    We have an awesome batting order if everyone just plays to their capable level. Anything more will be a bonus.

    We have a set up man and closer in Santos and Janssen with a righty and lefty specialist in Cecil and Delabar.

    All we need is a certified Ace in the starting line up to bring it home.
    Oh and I know it’s wishful thinking but The Jays can take my earnings this year as Manager if we could get Tanaka. That guys splitter is nasty. I’ll also sign a 7 year phone plan with Rogers as a bonus.


    • BlueJayBlue

      Love the batting order !!

  • Hooey_Plain

    The Jays should sign Ubaldo Jimenez to be the 3rd or 4th starter. His salary is hard to predict, but I’m going to go with $15 million per year annual average salary for 4 years, with the salary that is backloaded by a couple of years to allow for flexibility: Something like $11, 14, 17, 18. So how to save $11 million dollars to make this happen?
    The Jays have a lot of pitchers that are out of options: Jeffreys, Rogers, Cecil, Happ, Perez, McGowan, Santos, and Redmond. I would try to trade Happ to the Mariners for Ackley. I don’t know if the Mariners would go for that, but they do need pitching and the addition of Cano makes Ackley expendable. The Jays have plenty of 5th starter candidates to fill Happ’s spot and that trade would save the Jays.3.7 million while also addressing the hole at 2nd base. Next, trade Adam Lind to the Pirates for prospects; Lind can’t hit Lefties and can only hit Righties with consistency when his back isn’t giving him problems. Go with Sierra as sub for EE when he needs a rest. On those days maybe put Gose in left and use Cabrera as the DH. That saves the Jays an additional 7 million for a total of 10.7 million, which allows them to sign Jimenez. Could it happen? Would you do it?