Sep 7, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Toronto Blue Jays first baseman Adam Lind (26) hits a three run home run in the first inning against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field. Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Rumors: Pirates Have Asked Blue Jays About Adam Lind

An interesting piece of news gossip just popped up on Twitter, courtesy of ESPN’s Jason Stark. Apparently, the Pittsburgh Pirates have inquired about the availability of Blue Jays first baseman/designated hitter Adam Lind.

Stark does preface the tweet by noting that the Pirates are narrowing their list down and James Loney appears to be the favorite. They have also talked to Texas about the availability of the recently indoctrinated spare part Mitch Moreland.

The Pirates are looking to upgrade at first base this winter, with Gaby Sanchez serving as the incumbent and last year’s trading deadline acquisition Justin Morneau recently signing in Colorado. At 30-years-old, Lind would certainly represent an upgrade there, coming off of a bounce-back year in Toronto where he hit a solid .288 with 23 home runs, 67 RBI, and a .854 OPS. His wRC+ of 132 and his Wins Above Replacement of 1.8 are both 4-year highs. With three years of team control at a reasonable price of $7.5 million AAV, Lind fits into the budget-conscious Pirates picture.

The Blue Jays could handle moving Lind for the purpose of upgrading the team, and could go to Moises Sierra as a replacement next season, especially with Sierra taking reps at first base this winter. And with Sierra out of options, the Blue Jays may be motivated to find a spot for him.

But what can the Blue Jays get in return aside from salary relief? Jordy Mercer could be an intriguing piece, but would likely cost the Blue Jays more than Lind. Perhaps a spare bullpen arm? The Pirates are also pretty rife with catching prospects that could be intriguing to the Blue Jays as long term acquisitions.

It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out, as this is really the first time we’ve heard Lind mentioned as a possible trade piece. The salary relief alone may be worth it in terms of utilizing it toward the starting pitching market.

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  • Smitty

    All this talk about salary relief is starting to get really annoying. Everyone including the stinking Twinkies are overspending and all I read about the jays is cutting cost.

    • Kyle Franzoni

      Let’s be fair, salary relief in only so much as to reallocate those funds to priority areas, not dumping salary.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Sierra’s a little unproven for our full time DH/1st base relief, although I like him as the 4th outfielder or a trade chip. Relying on him would open yourself to the possibility of needing to make an in-season trade for a bat. Or maybe he’d be great, I dunno, but it’s a risk.

    So who else could replace Lind? If it’s for salary relief, maybe Sierra is the best cost:performance risk option, but if Lind is part of a trade that fills a need, I guess his replacement could be anyone with a salary near or less than his, preferably who can hit either-handed pitching. Morneau, who was my target, just signed for less than Lind is making, for a term that would have fited with us. Oh well.

    Considering the profile of the new hitting coach, I’d like the team approach to be constantly hitting for contact, with the key being long, patient at-bats, with 3-4 power hitters. Trying to have a lineup full of power hitters was never going to work, just too many strikeouts, the inning is over before you get anything going. With Reyes, Melky, Lawrie and Navarro hitting singles, there’ll actually be someone on-base when Edwin, Colby and Joey B get up.

    I’d also like see Feldman brought in with an extra year to keep the AAV down and to have as a tradable asset.

    • Kyle Franzoni

      Melky would certainly be another option at DH, especially with his broken wheels.

      • RyanMueller

        come on Kyle Melky’s wheels are healed now….or at least that is what the organization is spinning.

        • Kyle Franzoni

          Ha, I get it…spinning wheels…

          • RyanMueller

            Little bit of humour.

    • RyanMueller

      Remember what happen to the last hitting coach that preached taking pitches, situational hitting, and no try to hit a home run with every at-bat???? What was his name??? the guy we got from the Yankees organization. He didn’t last very long. Let us hope that Kevin is able to deliver his message and the guys soak it up. I would love to see every player have one at-bat a game with the approach of Munenori .

  • Erik Trenouth

    Trade him, sign Choo. Move Bautista to first/DH as well as backup corner guy. Cycle through the DH spot and keep people fresh.

  • RyanMueller

    Not sure what the Pirates would be able to offer the jays that could help them now…..maybe a third team would be able to make this happen. We all know how much AA likes to involve other teams.

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  • JaysHopeful

    I like the concept of trading Lind, but the question becomes who are you going to replace him with in the order? He’s a solid #5 lefty power-bat. Colby is an awesome #7, with insane natural power, but the pressure of supporting EE and Bautista may set limits on his potential production; may better to leave him be at keep him #7 and see what he can do.

    Choo is a great idea, but his speed will not be utilized stuck at #5, and he’s looking at an upgraded multi-year deal. (What is projected, like a 5 year at $12-15 mil a year?) Jays are also sitting in a position where they have two things in abundance: OFs and DH’s, and there are several OFs who may be very close to becoming DHs (Sierra, Melky, Bautista). I just don’t know if its worth getting rid of Lind.

    • Ross

      I think the two biggest moves we need to make at this point are rid ourselves of Buerhle and Lind. This would give the Jays the flexibility of going after Garza and Napoli. Both Lind and Buerhle would not bring a huge return if anything but maybe some relief help. Then you move from Strength. Package Sanchez, Jansen, Gose to get Samar from Chicago. Offer Oakland Stromen, Izturis, Drabek and Happ to Oakland for Anderson and Jed Lowrie. With the additions of Anderson, Samar, and Garza with Dickey and Morrow we have 4 possible number two’s and Anderson being a type 3 pitcher. Offer Garza 14 mill a season and Napoli 10. You are saving over 30 mil on the subtractions of Jansen, Buerhle, Izturis, Happ and Lind. With the additions of Lowrie, Anderson and Samar we might need to increase payroll 5-10 mill but fill a lot of holes. Napoli can catch on occasion as well as play first base. Jed Lowrie moves to second. Sierra can fill the 4th outfielder role with the subtraction of Gose. Sure the pitching staff might have a history of injuries with Garza, Morrow, and Anderson but we would still have Redmond and Hutchison as guys waiting to step up. We have put in 75% of our chips why not push all in?

  • Jefftown37

    This is not a trade the Jays need to make, unless the Pirates wow them.

    As the article notes, Lind was valuable to the Jays last year at a reasonable price. As far as I know, he likes playing in Toronto. He is a patient hitter with the ability to drive the ball to all fields. He’d be a better defensive option than Sierra.

    Certainly they don’t need another bullpen arm. That would be a waste.

    I like Erik’s idea of cycling the DH to rest guys. Especially giving Reyes a day off from the turf on a long homestand and having him DH, with Izturis spelling him at SS vs. a 4th or 5th starter. Or having Melky DH with Sierra in LF and EE at 1B vs. a LHP.

    Again, the Jays should keep Lind unless they’re absolutely wowed by a trade offer.

  • Jefftown37

    The Jays should focus all of their energy on a starting pitcher.
    David Price will probably go to Arizona or Seattle, both of whom have top-level prospects to offer.
    Samardzija will require giving up more than you get in return. I think the Jays should continue to be in on him, helping to put upward pressure on the market for him, but not be overly agressive about getting him. The Yankees, having signed Kuroda, will probably sign, or trade for, at least one more SP. If Tanaka is posted, it could very well be him. If the Mariners get Price, I can definitely see the D-Backs making a very competitive offer for Samardzija. If the D-Backs get Price, I wonder if the Mariners would go so far as to deal Walker for Samardzija.
    If the Jays play the waiting game, they could perhaps find a better value for someone like Ubaldo Jimenez, or not have to overpay in prospects for someone like Brett Anderson (an injury risk). Remember, the Jays have at least 7 SP options for the #4 and #5 slots — Happ, Romero, Hutchison, Drabek, Nolin, Stroman, Redmond — going into Spring Training.

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