Dec 6, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos answers questions during the MLB winter meetings at Hilton Anatole. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays I Would Be Mad To See Traded

September 18, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; Toronto Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos speaks during a press conference addressing offensive comments written on the eye black of infielder Yunel Escobar (not pictured) before a game against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

You don’t have to be a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays for very long to realize that when Alex Anthopoulos wants to make a trade, there’s probably a pretty good chance that you won’t it coming.

And unless you’ve got a crystal ball, you probably didn’t see the Detroit Tigers trading Prince Fielder to the Texas Rangers for Ian Kinsler either.

So with all the unpredictability surrounding potential trades there’s very little use in trying to guess what will actually happen.

However I can safely say that there are certain Blue Jays players I don’t want to see traded so let’s talk about that for a minute.

Unlike the trade market, this post isn’t going to be that unpredictable because (obviously) I’ll be focusing on the Blue Jays best players for the most part.

Jose Bautista: You would think just saying his name would be enough with no explanation necessary. But with more Jays fans okay with the idea of trading him than you would think I may have to actually explain this.

He’s the best player on the team. His bat is irreplaceable. You take away his bat, you take away a big chunk of the Jays offense. The Jays are obviously a much better team when he’s in the lineup. Trading Bautista could lead to Encarnacion not getting as many pitches to hit for the rest of his Blue Jays career with only one fearsome bat in the lineup to pitch around. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a guy who hits a lot of monster home runs and is fun to watch!

Edwin Encarnacion: See Jose Bautista.

Jose Reyes: One of the most entertaining players in baseball and my personal favorite player on the team. I’d also love to see him hit a triple in a Blue Jays uniform at least once.

Colby Rasmus: Rasmus is entering his contract year and if he follows up his career year with another great season, the Jays may not be able to afford him. But that’s all the more reason to disagree with AA if he decides to trade Rasmus. He’s about as fun of a player to watch as any so if 2014 is his last year as a Blue Jay, I’ll be cherishing every last moment. He also finished up last season with a four-game home run streak, which is a great sign leading into the off-season and if he manages to improve even slightly he’ll just be that much more fun to watch. And in my opinion, only Ken Griffey Jr and Barry Bonds have historically hit more beautiful home runs than Colby.

Mark Buehrle: When the Blue Jays acquired Buehrle I was very skeptical of him pitching in the AL East. However, he pitched his way into my heart this season. You would think a guy who had thrown 12 straight seasons of 200 innings wouldn’t have much to prove anymore. But after witnessing him do everything he did firsthand last season, it just gave me a much bigger appreciation of what he brings to the table. Besides, the Jays would have a tough time replacing the quality of his 200 IP even of they manage to add another “innings-eater” pitcher this off-season.

Honorable mentions: R.A. Dickey, Brandon Morrow, Melky Cabrera, Brett Lawrie. Meaning I’ll be upset if they get traded but I won’t be angry enough to fantasize about taking violent measures against AA.

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  • Chris Sherwin

    Couldn’t agree more. Although I would have bumped up Lawrie to that list. I think it’s too early to start talking trade for him. The return would have to be massive for me to like it.

  • Andrew van Laar

    Sooooo… no one can get traded? I think the only real untouchable should be EE, Reyes and Lawrie. Bautista does bring a TON to the table but If AA does have a replacement in mind he can trade him, free up some salary and get something significant in return.

    I’ve never been a Colby fan. He’s way to streaky for me and strikes out a ton (I’ve never liked high strikeout players). He has done nothing to make him untouchable.

    I love Buehrle but his contract is ENORMOUS! If we can trade him, free up salary, we could easily land one of the top starters in the free agent crop is AA is so inclined.

    I just think no one on this team has done enough other than EE (just and amazing pure hitter), Lawrie (fan favorite and and elite defensive 3B with massive offensive upside) and Reyes (one of the few true elite leadoffmen in the game). Although… Reyes’ legs mught not hold up too like at Rogers Center so maybe he’s untouchable too…

    • Michael Wray

      I love me some Colby Rasmus so I completely agree with the list. Also wouldn’t want to see Lawrie go unless it’s for something huge, which is doubtful. But can I add Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman to the list?

      • Andrew van Laar

        I know you do Mike :P I knew you would comment on that haha! But ya Sanchez and Stroman should be on that. Cheap home grown SP for this this year (In terms of Stroman) or 2015 and 2016 when I think Stroman and Sanchez will be ready respectivly.

      • Joshua Menezes

        I said Blue Jays not Bisons, Fisher Cats, and whatever other minor league teams they have. So I get off on a technicality :)

  • Quincy-Sam

    The list is basically the core players that AA is trying to build around. He has no reason to want to trade any of them this year. And I doubt he will unless a really good pitcher becomes available. Next year will be a very different story.

    Earlier in the fall I would have completely agreed with you. Reyes, Bautista, and Laurie probably aren’t going anywhere no matter what is offered. Buehrle, Dickie and Morrow probably also safe. Cabrera, Izturis, and pitchers returning from the DL just don’t have enough trade value to warrant a move. Rasmus, Janssen and EE the only ones that have enough trade value to make an upgrade. Simply because Gose can handle centre EE can be replaced (if they sign Morales or move Cabrera to DH) and he has a couple of guys that should be able to close. But all at risk only if AA finds a pitcher he really likes. Doesn’t mean I want to move them, just that they might come into play without leaving a hole that would be hard to fill.

    His trading chips are his surplus pitchers without options, Lind and Sierra. I really hope he doesn’t move his best prospects. The guy hardly ever mentioned that might really open eyes this year is Pilar. I would hate to see him moved despite what we have seen so far.

    I really don’t see AA making a big trade. Just some minor ones. If a big name player, maybe Phillips, Kemp, or even Price, but doubt it. Price and Kemp only because he can take on salary, and not give up much. He might sign a FA late, but only because he wouldn’t lose a first round draft choice, but he won’t do it for long term or anywhere close to their current asking price.

    This year we won’t be picked as favourites. But we don’t have to trade anyone to be as good as anyone else in the AL east.