Jun 28, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Jose Reyes (7) loses control of the ball against the Boston Red Sox during the sixth inning at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays Now Own Baseball’s 2nd Longest Playoff Drought

Prior to the start of the 2013 campaign, optimism ran high. Rogers, trying to capitalize on Blue Jays fever, re-broadcast the 1993 World Series, perhaps to create some sort of tie-in between the last World Series championship in Toronto and the supposed World Series contender.

Things don’t always work out quite as intended.

We all know what happened next. Optimism quickly fizzled as the Blue Jays quickly spiraled into oblivion, injuries took their toll, and the fan base quickly started pointing fingers. World Series dreams quickly faded and the rooting interest that supplanted it was Toronto’s draft position in 2014.

And what of that re-broadcast of the 1993 World Series? Well, it helped to remind Blue Jays fans, both new and old, of a time long ago, when a winning team took the field and there was meaningful fall baseball to be had by all. But it served another purpose as well. It served as a tether to a past the the current generation of Blue Jays fans cannot break.

We were reminded on Monday night of how much a tether like that can weigh on a franchise. The Pittsburgh Pirates cut that anchor on Monday, ending their own playoff drought, which dated back to 1992. And while it is a heart-warming story for a fan-base that has not enjoyed a winning season since that last appearance, it is nonetheless a kick in the teeth for Blue Jays fans.

We now own baseball’s second longest playoff drought, one of only two that equal or surpass the 20-year mark.

The only other team in baseball to spend more time home in October is the Kansas City Royals, who haven’t tasted playoff baseball since 1985, when they also won a World Series. However, the Royals have one thing the Blue Jays don’t currently have; a glimmer of hope. Kansas City sits just 3 games out of the Wild Card, so even if they don’t make the postseason, they are still playing for something at this point in the season.

The Blue Jays, well they mailed it in in August, effectively making fans look to 2014 and hope that something comes along to make sure it doesn’t turn into a 21-year slide. The 2013 winter of throwing R.A. Dickey, Josh Johnson, Jose Reyes, Melky Cabrera, and Mark Buehrle at the drought didn’t seem to break it. What will Alex Anthopoulous have to do in 2014 to finish off the job?

Dubious as it may be, at least the 2013 Toronto Blue Jays season carried one distinction. And it is one we’d all gladly let go of in 2014.

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  • Justin Jay

    Yea… and unfortunately, the team with the longest with the drought is STILL in the race. It’s pretty possible Toronto takes over #1. Thanks Pitt! Come on KC!

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  • brad

    This article made me sad…. so I came up with a long winded personal armchair general manager strategy to fix the 2014 Jays… without addressing my hatred of Gibby

    step 1. pick up Adam Lind’s option. I really dislike Adam Lind and think he is pretty much an automatic out late in games but he hits the hell out of righties.

    step 2. Find right handed hitter who hits lefties(and I mean actually hit lefties…. not Mark Derosa). An outfielder ideally. If you find a guy to play against lefties, you can a) pinch hit him for Adam Lind when the starter was right handed and they bring in a lefty specialist. b) give Melkey some time at DH against left handed starters(… not sure how he’s going to look next year) and c) have a real major league caliber bat on the bench at all times

    *note: Moises Sierra would be an interesting fit in this role but his splits (particularly this year…. small sample size notwithstanding) suggest he is not really a better hitter against lefties…. hard call

    step 3. Sign a catcher. Doesn’t need to be McCann…. actually I would rather it not be McCann. We need a good catcher not necessarily a huge bat. Someone with a good amount of grit and some good game calling ideas would be nice…. ruiz or pierzynski maybe…. even satly. Probably looking at $7 mil/year.

    step 4. Do not resign rajai davis (even though I love the guy), resign DeRosa and let Gose be next year’s Rajai Davis. Kawasaki/DeRosa to back up the infeild, hitter from step 2/Gose to backup the outfeild. AJ Jiminez/JP to back up catcher…. bench done

    step 5. Sign exactly 1 starting pitching reclamation project for about 5 million dollars a season. Sentimentally speaking, Halladay would be cool. Lincecum would be an interesting pickup as well if he got a reliever’s salary(and thus could be used as a reliever if things didn’t work out)

    step 6. Trade Casey Jansenn after picking up his option… and then trade some other bullpen salary. The guy is awesome but replaceable. The jays have bullpen arms everywhere. Save the 4 million, get a reasonable prospect or 2 and let Santos close.

    step 7. Pick up a big game pitcher. This doesn’t need to be an ace, but a guy that steps up when the team needs him to (like James Sheilds). This could be by trade of some combination of mlb players and minor league-rs not named Sanchez or by free agency(Ervin Santana maybe)…. 13 million ish

    At the end of all this you have added 7 mil at catcher, 5 million and 13 million at SP, saved 3 ish mil in the bullpen and added 5 mil with Lind’s option. Grand total when added to the 110 mil they have already committed is about 140 million or about 20 million more than this season. Rotation has 3 dependable guys a high upside reclamation project and a big fight for the 5 spot(with a lot of depth at AAA). Lineup has a hole at only 2B where defense rules anyways. Bullpen still good, bench a bit better. Done

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