Jun 2, 2012; Toronto, ON, Canada; Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher Kyle Drabek (4) against the Boston Red Sox at the Rogers Centre. The Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 7-4. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jays Will Have More Starting Pitching Depth In 2014

You can blame the Toronto Blue Jays season on John Gibbons, bad fundamentals, bad defense, an inability to hit with runners in scoring position and whatever else your heart desires but make no mistake about it the Jays were bad this season because of starting pitching.

The Jays are dead last in the majors in starters ERA.

And that’s explainable in 4 very simple bullet points.

- Josh Johnson
- Brandon Morrow
- Ricky Romero
- J.A. Happ

If you told anyone the Jays weren’t going to get anything out of those pitchers all season even the most bias and delusional Jays fan would know they were going to suck.

But injuries and down years happen sometimes. It’s just harder to accept as a Jays fan because it’s been happening for too long.

But with the Jays trading Henderson Alvarez and letting Carlos Villanueva walk they didn’t really have much depth after their 6 starters this season as you saw.

They had to give starts to Chein Ming Wang, Ramon Ortiz and Aaron Laffey.

Next year should be different without the Jays even making a move yet.

As of right now the Jays have R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, J.A. Happ, Brandon Morrow, Ricky Romero, Esmil Rogers, Todd Redmond, Kyle Drabek, Drew Hutchison, Chad Jenkins, Sean Nolin, Marcus Stroman.

And that’s before the Jays even do anything in the offseason.

You can argue all day that none of those starters are guaranteed locks to be good and healthy next year.

But there’s no way that ALL of those arms could get injured and/or not develop into something decent enough to help the Jays contend in Alex Anthopoulos 5th freaking year as GM.

He should be fired on the spot in September 2014 if the Jays aren’t in contention with that much starting pitching depth.

You’d also have to assume the Jays will add a good starter or 2 in the offseason to go along with their internal depth.

Teams that contend every season are able to contend every season because they have more starting pitching depth then they know what to do with.

That should be the case for the Jays next season. And having that real starting pitching depth is what should have them in contention next year.

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  • Andrew van Laar

    “He should be fired on the spot in September 2014 if the Jays aren’t in contention with that much starting pitching depth.”

    That’s pretty much the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard. How in the heck does a crap load of depth of 5th or AAAA starters mean a team can contend? Apart from R.A. Dickey, Mark Buehrle, and Brandon Morrow (I am being loose with Morrow because he has only proved once in his career as a starter that he isn’t a replacement level pitcher. I understand the hype with him because he has great stuff, but he has never shown he is a dominant, consistant starter other than 2012. I was baffled why everyone had him slotted as one of the stars of our pitching staff.), none of these guys have ever been better than a 5th maybe 4th starter (other than Ricky but I am pretty much writing him off).

    So yes you can bring in 2 good starters if you want, but if any of the front of the rotation goes down and you are filling holes with pitchers whose best ceiling is 4.50 ERA, than that doesn’t cut it.

  • Joshua Menezes

    My point is when you have that much starting pitching depth at least some of it’s got to be able to provide at least league average innings, that the Jays have missed out on this season because of a lack of depth. That can be the difference between contending and not contending.
    With another offseason and already more starting pitching depth there’s no excuse to not be in contention next year, which is why I feel AA should get canned if they don’t

  • Justin Jay

    Ok, I’m on board with Drew here… this team is NOT a contending team. Period. Dickey will be better next season. That’s the only form of optimism there is with this starting rotation. Johnson won’t be here. Morrow may as well be lost too (though, honestly Drew, the reason he was thought to be a star is because he had the GREAT stuff for years, but finally controlled it in 2012. This year, it fell apart.) Buehrle will be Buehrle… hopefully. Romero will be a #5 at best, but honestly, the guy I look forward to getting back is Hutchison. Screw Drabek, Hutchison can be a viable #3 guy.

    And why is it Happ’s fault that this season went to crap? He was pitching pretty decent… and then took a line drive to THE FACE! Alex Cobb had the same thing happen, and sure, is 3-0, but he’s been far from the same guy. K/9 and IP/G are down, pitch count is up. He’s not as sharp either. Happ has less margin of error to work with and like anybody that’s been hit in the face by a line drive and missed time, the guy is rusty… and maybe even a little rattled.

    This team won’t be in contention next year. How anybody can say “Gibbons will be back” is ridiculous, because that means Anthopoulos will be back. Is that a guarantee yet? Does he deserve another year? He DID get rid of Wells’ contract. He did have the balls to trade Halladay and get back 3 guys that will in face play in the majors. But ONLY Gose remains and he’s the byproduct of Choice-for Wallace-for Gose. I feel this was an Win or Lose Your Job year for AA. I feel he went against his original plan of building… and honestly, as John Farrell recently pointed out, this organization doesn’t seem to understand how to develop prospects… so as I said early when I wrote my “Push the Panic Button” back in June and got laughed at thanks to Stoeten… Maybe it’s time to blow this shit up, bring in a GM that KNOWS how to build and knows coaches that know how to develop, drop some of our shittier contracts, and work to find pieces that make sense, like the Red Sox did this offseason. I’ll say it now, GM Ben Cherrington should be Exec of the Year for the job he’s done… and that can trace back to last season. Some guys got it. AA doesn’t. It’s time for him to go… and though Gibbons doesn’t deserve it, he’ll probably get canned too if that happens.