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Are There ANY Silver Linings to These Blue Jays?

I’ve had it. The debacle that is the Toronto Blue Jays season stinks. The stench carries all across this country thanks to the inability to do the most fundamental part of the game: Pitch. We can always fall back on the fact that we have a pretty decent bullpen. Sure. All they are doing is keeping horrid scores from becoming even worse. The fact that we didn’t even bring up an ace in the making for a few starts and instead had to settle for the Wang guy speaks volumes.

Alex Anthopoulos doesn’t want any of our prized pitchers to be thrown to the wolves for a team going nowhere. Why let them see what a losing team is all about? It just adds to the burden these kids feel knowing that the future of the franchise pitching falls on their young shoulders. So the Sean Nolin‘s and Marcus Stroman‘s will battle down on the farm and ready themselves for next year because at this rate…next year may be their year.

Is there anything positive to glean from this punch drunk bunch of players playing out the string? Can you find anything good to say when the ASTROS are kicking your ass? Well yes. Our offence is no problem as long as we recognize who deserves a hot next year and who deserves to be shot and left for dead in baseball limbo (I do not condone shooting anyone…really). Let’s go around the horn 2-9 and see who deserves to be here next year:

2. J.P. Arencibia: Goner. I love J.P. Arencibia as a person and team mate. That’s it. He has gotten worse as the year has dragged on and is approaching the mendoza line yet again. I would rather give a defensive gem like A.J. Jimenez the at bats next year. We don’t really need 20 homers from the position. a dozen and perhaps a 50 point spike in batting average would suffice.
3. Edwin Encarnacion: Keeper. Without hesitation. He has proven last year was no fluke with the bat and no slouch with the glove either (thank the baseball gods every day he doesn’t have to throw);
4. Maicer Izturis: Keeper…for now. He has made the plays that need making after a horrid start to the year. Good veteran influence who may be a great trading chip if Ryan Goins can prove he belongs. 2B is not the deepest position in the majors.
5. Brett Lawrie: Keeper. His renewed patience at the plate and slightly calmer demeanor as allowed Brett to flourish offensively and defensively post all-star break. He is still learning.
6… Jose Reyes: Keeper. I would love to see what this man could do when healthy for 140 games a year. A spark plug who needs a decent backup in case one his varied little injuries pop up.
7. Melky Cabrera: Goner: I would much rather give this to Anthony Gose. His speed and better approach to hitting the last month or so bodes well. Think of the better defense with him and our CF out there.
8. Colby Rasmus: Keeper. Next year should be a full breakout for Colby. He still strikes out a bit too much but he still has numbers thank rank him with the best centre fielders in baseball. That coupled with his defense should keep him here.
9. Jose Bautista: Keeper….for now. It would take a lot for me to want to get rid of Bautista but sometimes you sell high to get other parts you need for your team…like a front line starter. His defense is decent and he is certainly a presence. For how much longer though?
10. Adam Lind: Goner: He has fallen back into old habits and his numbers are dropping quickly. This would be a great place to put Melky while we hold the space for someone younger coming up the pipe.

I will desecrate the pitching in another column. We do have the pieces needed to move forward in the field but right now it would seem we need a new culture in the clubhouse and that means not John Gibbons. If Mike Scioscia is let go by the Angels I think the Jays should be first in line to sign him. I am sick of losing. I am sick of looking pathetic against our division foes. It is time to tinker not blow up. If you change the manager keep the players and see how a new man does with them…worked for the Orioles and Red Sox…

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  • Justin Jay

    I think they should keep Lind and exile Izturis. I don’t fully agree that Lind’s regressed back to the way he was as a hitter. So far in August, he’s got a .257 BA, which looks bad, but his K:BB is 13:13. His OBP is .368. July was an awful month for him (.195 BA) but it averages out his mindboggling .350 in June. For the most part, he’s been more NEW Adam Lind, rather than old.

    Izturis has a negative WAR value, not just as a player, but also in the field. There are so many veterans in the clubhouse already, another veteran presence of a player that should be replaced doesn’t bring much. He’s also making $3 mil, which is a lot for a sub-par bench player. Goins could be a better option if he can show he can hit. If not, then maybe if he can show he can field.

    I’m not sure I’m sold on Gose yet. His minor league numbers suggest .275 is over his head at the moment. He also seems to have “slowed down.” 13x CS in the minor on 35 chances. Not good and a far cry from his 70 SBs in NH. The other thing that worries me is his 13 K in 51 ABs. That’s more than 20%, For a guy who’s considered to be leadoff, it’s all about making contact, and 20% %K/AB is about average for a power hitter. That’s not Gose.

    All the other stuff I mostly agree with. I think the Jays SHOULD KEEP Rasmus, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on a breakout year. St.Louis and this fanbase have been waiting 4 yrs combined for that to happen. He’s 27 next season. Sure, Bautista did it at 29, but how often does that happen? Rasmus defense alone is worth keeping, but if he can put up .270 25 HRs, which he was on track to do, that’s a potential All Star.