May 1, 2013; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista (19) discusses a call at the plate with home plate umpire Bruce Dreckman at the Rogers Centre against the Boston Red Sox. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Blue Jays to Trade Jose Bautista?

May 31, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Toronto Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista (19) disagrees with a called strike three made by home plate umpire Dana DeMuth (left) during the fifth inning against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Bautista is one of the league’s elite power hitters and is the “leader” of the Toronto Blue Jays.

TRUTH: Jose is a child who needs to be humbled. All too often Bautista gets upset and shows the same classless act of yelling at umpires.

How is this leading a team to a World Series?

Keep tossing your helmet, yelling at umpires and telling them they’re stupid. Keep doing it. Smart Blue Jay fans will continue to think you’re a child who is extremely selfish. Fans are going to start thinking the organization needs to start a childcare for their own players. Jose Bautista is supposed to show the younger players how to be a big league ball player but what has he shown Brett Lawrie? Both players are suffering from the same problem and Brett needs better leadership around him to teach him how to be a big leaguer.

What makes this situation sad is that there are veteran players on the Blue Jays like Adam Lind and Colby Rasmus who show great respect to the umpires when they get punched out. For some reason Jose can not seem to watch and learn.

The team had to bring in Mark Derosa, Mark Buehrle and RA Dickey to lead this team because what they had in-house was toxic. Who was the leader ? Jose Bautista. This season has been a disaster AGAIN and the team needs to continue to make changes and I believe Jose should be #1 on their trade list.

Now What Makes him so valuable:


His current contract (5 years, $65,000,000) has him with the Blue Jays until 2017.


2010 – Games- 161 HR- 54 RBI- 124
2011 – Games- 149 HR- 43 RBI- 103
2012 – Games- 92 HR- 27 RBI- 65

Based on his production this $14,000,000 looks like a steal and would make him the most valuable trade commodity the Blue Jays have.

People can debate the value return for a player like Jose but I know pitching is needed. Would I be upset if the team trades him for two high-end pitching prospects and a mid level major league ready bat? No.

Our batting order would still be deadly:

1. J Reyes
2. M Cabrera
3. E Encarnacion
4. A Lind
5. JP Arencibia
6. B Lawrie
7. C Rasmus
8. E Bonifacio
9. A Gose/ R Davis

The rest of this season will be filled with speculation about the teams future and I hope Jose Bautista is not part of it.

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  • Rog

    Ridiculous post.

    Arguing with umpires is extremely common, even among star players. You want to ship an elite talent on an under-market contract out of town? The only reason people are writing this kind of nonsense is because the team is losing. Had Bautista committed the same atrocity on a ten-game winning streak he’d be praised for his passion. Some players are hurt and some are playing at career-lows. That’s why the team is losing, not because Bautista got into an argument with the umpire. I’d rather Bautista hit a grand slam and then punch a kitten than see Arencibia politely go back to the dugout after his 200th K. It’s a baseball team, not papa Michael’s finishing school for boys.


    “The team had to bring in Mark Derosa, Mark Buehrle and RA Dickey to lead this team because what they had in-house was toxic.”

    LoL. Dickey and Buehrle were not brought it to ‘lead’. They were acquired because of their pitching talent and ability to stay healthy. Try harder!

    • Mech0T1

      What does arguing with the umpire achieve, exactly? Think the umpire will be more sympathetic to his point of view next time?

      • Rog

        Not the point, even a little. I’m not saying he SHOULD be arguing, But trading your best player because of it, which is what the author is suggesting, is monumentally stupid. I’d expect better discourse from a site that has historically had some good content.

        • Justin Jay

          Yea, I don’t think it would go unnoticed if Bautista argued during a 10 game winning streak, but I don’t think 1 ejection is worth shipping out an elite talent. He’s actually very good in the clubhouse

          • Mech0T1

            It’s not just 1 ejection, and he’s constantly arguing with umps (super effective). He’s not far ahead of Lawrie in maturity.

          • Justin Jay

            He also keeps Lawrie under control. Who in the minors could replace either player right now? I’m all for sportsmanship, but the bigger picture is, for the most part, Bautista keeps players under control. Like I said, I know this from talking with him and from observing when I attend games. He’s more of an attribute than than detriment.

        • Mech0T1

          ? If you can get good value in replacement, for someone who doesn’t get tossed from games (what if the Jays had tied it up after him, then he’s not there next time through the order). Not to mention, he doesn’t perform in crucial situations. It’s always the 3rd inning HR when nobody’s on base. When you need him (say, with 2 on in the 9th), he makes an unproductive out.

          • Rog

            Again, that’s not the argument. The author is saying Bautista’s behavior is why he should be traded. No players should be untouchable, so if the team is blown away by a trade proposal, then have at it.

            Also, it just simply isn’t true that he “doesn’t perform in crucial situations”. I know you wish it were true, because your argument would make sense. From 2010 until now he’s second in the AL in Win Probability Added (WPA), so clearly he is doing things that helps the team win. Want a more recent example? Last night he hit a go-ahead three run home run.

            But sure, want to trade him for minor league lottery tickets because he might get tossed from a game a time or two in a year? Makes sense.

          • PMC

            Oh, hummm, maybe you could describe when did Bautista’s HR come in last night’s game (the one on Tuesday night)? That didn’t look anything at all like the third inning.

          • Mech0T1

            Your powers of hindsight are amazing! Will you wow us next by predicting last week’s lotto max #s?

          • Justin Jay

            He performed pretty crucially last night…

          • Mech0T1

            Damn right, this is what we expect. Not arguing with umps, nor getting tossed. He’s had 2 excellent games (beyond what’s expected!) so let’s hope he keeps it up. One Lawrie on the team is enough.

  • tommyjohn_45

    you’re a fucking moron… shut down your blog immediately.

  • Mech0T1

    I actually completely agree with this post. I’ve thought the same since last season – he’s just a big baby and gives Toronto a crap reputation as a team of whiners. If you could package Bautista and Lawrie together into one hot-headed trade package, that would be awesome. Sure, we’d miss Bautista’s no-pressure 3rd inning solo HRs, and Lawrie’s .210 average, but we’d get over it.

    • Khadafi

      I always thought Bautista was a selfish arrogant whiner, since I noticed that whenever he draws a walk he just throws his equipment at the ball boy.

      • Paranoid600

        He throws it towards the ball boy, so he doesn’t have to run as far. Are you really that stupid?

        • Khadafi

          Well you just made my point, it’s a walk he does not need to run to first. We can ask he ball he would rather save 10 steps and have equipment tossed at him like an animal.leaders treat every person thats puts on their teams jersey with respect

          • Paranoid600

            Are you serious? He throws it so the BALL BOY doesn’t have to run all the way to the plate. He’s making the ball boy’s job easier.

    • brad

      “Sure, we’d miss Bautista’s no-pressure 3rd inning solo HRs”… if you actually think that is all the value he brings I don’t think you can be helped

  • Dupon

    Haha yikes. I’m glad the Jays have a GM that isn’t this reactionary.

  • Kit Cheng

    IMHO, Batista should be trade but not because his behavior, but to bring flexibility to roster, free up right field, get rid of the log jam at DH/1B (Lind, Encarnacion and Batista can’t all fit in there). I never like the 2 blockbuster (especially the Dicky trade, hate it from the first day). We can replenish our farm and balance out now and future.

  • Zach Burtch

    I think Stoeten over at DJF summed up my thoughts on this article: “Please tell me this Jays Journal piece is just a joke and not actually the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. This one,
    too. What kind of mindless clickbait sub-Damien Cox horseshit is this,
    seriously? Probably the last links that way for a while.”

  • RyanMueller

    I think this is a great conversation to have. This is the most comments I have seen on this site in a long time. I think that trading Jose should be looked at, but not because he argues or gets ejected here and there. Looking to trade him to better the team’s future should be the driving force behind moving Jose. We are out of the race and have little talent above AA ball. If we were able to make a trade for elite prospects with a team like Texas or St. Louis (who have great farm systems), than I would be all for it. I would look to pry Olt from Texas to compete with Lawrie at 3rd, and get an arm or two and throw in a couple B type prospects.

    • Paranoid600

      Trading Bautista for prospects would be idiotic when we have several top players signed for the next 2-3 years. It would essentially be like throwing all the money that was spent during the offseason out the window, all based off the fact we’ve had a few injuries to key players, and because others are having poor seasons thus far. This season hasn’t started out as we had hoped, but there’s a very good chance things will turn around, if not this year, then in 2014.

      • RyanMueller

        First, you should never start a retort by stating an option is ‘idiotic’, it starts the conversation off poorly. If you like that kind of stuff go to the MLB Blue Jays website. Secondly, your points are well laid out and true. I am not saying that I want to trade Jose, I said I think it is a great conversation to have. If you were able to improve your team by trading any player in the early to mid 30′s I would look closely at that trade 10 times out of 10.

  • Troy Johnson

    Wow…The Nonsense Journal strikes again.

    You want to swap Jose Bautista, the most prolific home run hitter in baseball the last 4 years, for Gose? (a .230 hitter in AAA).

    You want 2 prospects and a “mid level” major leaguer? hilarious.

    If healthy, Bautista is a perennial MVP candidate with perhaps the best contract in baseball. I guess getting ejected once erases your memory? You can pencil this in for 2013 40 HR – 110 RBI .400 OBP and .950 outfield arm in baseball

    When Jose Bautista continues to put up huge numbers for us and you are forced to do a 180 on your feelings here, please write a written apology to Bautista and anyone who had the displeasure of reading this article.

    • Eric Suley

      HUGE NUMBERS by Bautista?????? We need “CLUTCH” hitters….not someone who can hit a home run when we are leading by 4 or more! Jose should go to the ‘Joe Carter’ school of clutch hitting……….NOT to the Andre Dawson school………Dawson could always be counted on to hit the ‘big one’ (when the game was out of reach for either team), but put the game on the line, Dawson (nor Bautista), is/was nowhere to be seen! Right now he’s .132 with runners in scoring position! Makes me sick!
      Jose………….Go to the Kirk Gibson school of hitting when it’s on the line!!!

      • Rog

        Stop trolling. He’s hitting .292 with a 646 slugging % with runners in scoring position. That’s incredible. And with runners in scoring positions and two out, he has a 300 average, OPS of 1.300. My gosh, he couldn’t be more clutch.

        Jays Journal: You guys are probably patting each other on the back ecstatic of all the comments and traffic this post has received. But this isn’t the way you want to get hits. Throwing up posts like this will have a short term effect with a response from current readers. But eventually click-bait drivel posts like this will drive away those thoughtful readers, and other blogs would be too embarrassed to link to you. And you’ll be left with only the occasional Yahoo!-type comment like the one I responded too. You can do better than this.

        • Michael Wray

          Appreciate the feedback Rog!

  • Marco Chacón

    Brett Lawrie needs to be lead?!!?!?!… what’s this, kindergarden???… this is the MAJORS! .. you don’t need to babysit players, they perform or not, period… no excuses for Lawrie, he is a talented player, and he will have to show with or without Bautista…

    These days anybody feels like a ‘sports writer’…

  • williamwoof

    I take it Rob Ford isnt the only one in Toronto smoking something from your article….absolutely garbage, would have a few other choice words for this post but this isnt DJF

  • Syed

    Damn stupid post …

  • [email protected]

    Why does anybody think Lawrie is such a great player?? He is so so on defense at best. A liability on the base paths. A .200-225 hitter. And, to put the icing on the cake a hothead that thinks of one thing…..himself. Quite frankly he is embarrassing.

    • RyanMueller

      I would not say that

    • Rog

      Oh totally. 139 at bats in 2013 is totally an accurate reflection of what Lawrie is, and will be. Bravo.

      He’s already had offensive success at the MLB level and is still only 23. He’s way above average defensively by both the eyeball test AND defensive metrics.

  • G-man

    Whoops, look what got posted on the internet. Just wonder for a moment what could have been this season if the new “leaders” of the team did what they were brought in to do (win games while pitching into late innings). Anyway, it’s obvious that NOBODY agrees with this article…’nough said!

  • Doug Dwyer

    Good god. How do I get back the 20 seconds it took to read that drivel. Arguing gives trash 1% credence and I wouldn’t even allow for that much. My favourite part, “our lineup…”. Congrats on making the club senseless author! Well done!

  • Joe Mama

    You are the reason I don’t take BR seriously. Jose is an emotional player and yelling at the ump is his way of expressing his displeasure over a questionable call. After being ejected, Jose bounced back with a great game, displaying that although his emotions do get the best of him from time to time, for the most part they fuel his game and allow him to be the magnificent batter that he is. Unless the Jays could get a similarly talented all-around player i.e. Mike Trout, (extremely unlikely) your argument is invalid.

  • george yanakeff

    Bautista only becomes upset with bad UMPS!!! The Joyce crew is the worse always has been.

  • Eric Suley

    Unload Bautista?????? Absolutely!!! Get as much for him as you can!!! The OTHER GUYS, as owners/managers (with a true baseball background)? Where are their heads???? In the sand???…They’ve Gotta know two critical things that lead to success! Key pitching (bullpen stoppers), and key hitting when it counts!!

    As for pitching – the Jays lead the league in homeruns! And they have scored more runs per-game, (BUT THE WON LOST RECORD – in relation to the number of runs they score is atrocious! DO YOU KNOW THAT LAST YEAR THEY LOST 26 GAMES…WHEN THEY SCORED 6 OR MORE RUNS).. DUH!!!! Does it take a mental giant that the weakness is pitching?????????? Especially, it the bullpen?? All millionaires, we don’t have a solid closer???? Duh?

    As for unloading Bautista? Take a good look at his record! He has gone to the “Andre Dawson” Expos/Cubs, CHOKE hitters of all time!!! Dawson could come through with a clutch hit or even a home run (WHEN THE EXPOS WERE LEADING BY 5 RUNS OR MORE)…. But put the “Hawk” up with men in scoring position when the game was tied or on the line, he was a .150 hitter???

    Jose Bautista is an awesome Dawson clone. Do a review…when was this “slugger’s” last “walk-off” dance? The opposition must chuckle when JB comes to the plate with a game on the line! A “pretty workout” show (shoulder shrug, fancy glasses – ad nauseum). GIVE ME SOME WHO CAN COME THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH……To hell with ‘pretty’ players who can hit the long ball…. but never one that decided the game……….. Andre Dawson, if you follow the Jays, you must get a chuckle…. Bautista is quickly headed to breaking the all-time Dawson, record for “extra-base hits that had no impact on the final score”.

    Not recognizing this is like the P/Penguins that; unless somebody in their Management notices that all the other teams in the league are randomly taking shots at Crosby, loving it and more than that, (getting away with it!!!).

    (Probert vs Yzerman) – Shultz and Dupont for Clarke – McSorley, et al for Gretzky…and so it has gone for these key players……….HOWEVER, as a true-blue Detroit fan (but now leading to the Q)???? Only superstar Gordie Howe could take care of himself!

    • Michael Wray

      Umm… where do I start? I think you are confusing the value of relief pitching. Usually relievers are former starters that weren’t able to develop enough secondary stuff so find themselves in the bullpen. How about some good starting pitching the Jays don’t need to score so many runs to win a damn baseball game?

      And I guess you missed the game on Tuesday night when Bautista tied the game up with a home run in the top of the ninth? Walk-off home runs are a rare play and he does have a walk off single as recently as May 22. The fact that you feel his hits “never decide the game” is an incorrect statement, based on the eye test and sabermetrics.

  • Bammy Ragg

    This guy is really stupid why would you trade your star player for arguing with the umpire. I am not saying its right to argue with the ump but to trade your star player because of it you just don’t do that