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Winter League Wrap up: Position Players

Australian Baseball League
  •  Kenny Wilson: | CF | 2011 club: Dunedin Blue Jays

.253 AVG|44 G|174 AB|28 R|44 H|10 2B|4 HR|24 RBI|17 BB|.347 OBP|.379 SLG|.726 OPS

  •  John Tolisano: | 2B/LF | 2011 club: New Hampshire Fisher Cats

.333 AVG|6 G|21 AB|6 R|7 H|1 2B|2 HR|3 RBI|3 BB|.417 OBP|.667 SLG|1.083 OPS

Dominican Winter League
  •  Ivan Contreras | 2B | 2011 club: Dunedin Blue Jays

.000 AVG|14 G|5 AB|1 R|0 H|0 BB|.000 OPS

  •  Edwin Encarnacion: | 3B | 2011 club: Toronto Blue Jays

.133 AVG|5 G|15 AB|1 R|2 H|1 HR|4 RBI|6 BB|.381 OBP|.333 SLG|.714 OPS

  •  Ricardo Nanita: | LF | 2011 clubs: New Hampshire and Las Vegas

.299 AVG|35 G|117 AB|16 R|35 H|7 2B|6 HR|20 RBI|17 BB|.399 OBP|.513 SLG|.911 OPS

  •  Moises Sierra: | RF | 2011 club: New Hampshire Fisher Cats

.217 AVG|34 G|92 AB|9 R|20 H|3 2B|1 HR|14 RBI|10 BB|.295 OBP|.283 SLG|.578 OPS

Venezuelan Winter League
  •  Balbino Fuenmayor: | 3B | 2011 clubs: Lansing and Vancouver

.190 AVG|10 G|21 AB|3 R|4 H|2 HR|5 RBI|3 BB|.320 OBP|.476 SLG|.796 OPS

  • Anthony Gose: | CF | 2011 club: New Hampshire Fisher Cats

.182 AVG|18 G|55 AB|9 R|10 H|1 3B|2 RBI|6 BB|.274 OBP|.218 SLG|.492 OPS

  • Luis Valbuena: | 2B | 2011 club: Cleveland Indians

.284 AVG|60 G|211 AB|25 R|60 H|13 2B|3 3B|5 HR|31 RBI|33 BB|.380 OBP|.445 SLG|.825 OPS

Liga Mexicana del Pacifico
  •  Kevin Howard: | 3B | 2011 clubs: New Hampshire and Las Vegas

.252 AVG|39 G|135 AB|12 R|34 H|5 2B|11 RBI|10 BB|.301 OBP|.289 SLG|.590 OPS

Puerto Rican Winter League:
  •  Ruben Gotay: | IF | 2011 clubs:  Gwinnett (ATL) and New Orleans (MIA)

.242 AVG|39 G|128 AB|19 R|31 H|2 2B|1 3B|2 HR|18 RBI|29 BB|.386 OBP|.320 SLG|.706 OPS

  •  A.J. Jimenez: | C | 2011 club: Dunedin Blue Jays

.189 AVG|28 G|90 AB|11 R|17 H|5 2B|1 3B|1 HR|8 RBI|6 BB|.255 OBP|.300 SLG|.555 OPS

– JM

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