Poll Results - Matt Cain, Dustin McGowan, Jays Jerseys

Over the last week or two we have included polls in a few articles, ranging from whether or not the Jays should try to trade for Matt Cain this offseason to whether or not Dustin McGowan is a lock for the Jays’ rotation next year.

Here are the results:

Matt Cain (From: Could the Blue Jays and Giants work out a trade for Matt Cain?)

Would you want the Jays to trade for Matt Cain this offseason?

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Dustin McGowan (From: Dustin McGowan’s Rollercoaster 2011)

Do you think that the No. 5 starter's spot is McGowan's to lose next season?

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Jays jerseys (From: Initial Thoughts on the New 2012 Blue Jays Uniforms)

Which new Jays jersey do you like the most?

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