Week in Review: October 23-29

Now that we’re back to consistently publishing content every day, here’s the first of what will be a regular Sunday morning recap with quick and easy access to every article from the previous week in case you missed anything.


John Farrell: New Red Sox Manager?
Looking at the rumors surrounding the Red Sox considering John Farrell as their next manager. Though they have since been addressed and corrected by the Jays, the article gives a look at the opportunities Farrell turned down prior to signing with the Jays.


Bautista’s second Hank Aaron Award sweeter than his first
A brief post congratulating Bautista on winning his second consecutive Hank Aaron Award, with the suggestion that this year should feel more special because he emphatically answered his critics.

Rangers win thriller in Texas, Canada advances to Pan Am Finals
Outlining the Jays links to Canada’s baseball team at the Pan American Games.


Jays Jots: Kelly Johnson, Octavio Dotel, Mike McDade, Josh Towers
The week’s edition of links, with articles from FanGraphs, The Toronto Star, RotoGraphs, and CBCSports, among others. The embedded video in this installment is a retro McDonalds commercial featuring former Jays skipper Bobby Cox in 1985.

Is Mark Buehrle the type of free agent Alex Anthopoulos wants?
With all of the talk surrounding C.J. Wilson and free agency, there’s another left-hander that will get a substantial contract by the name of Mark Buehrle. Is he someone that the Jays would be interested in signing?


Baseball Gold Medal Goes to Canada at Pan American Games (Video)
Brief summary of Canada’s epic 2-1 win over the United States at the Pan American Games, along with ESPN’s highlight video embedded at the bottom.

Offseason Chat This Sunday
Reminder that our offseason chat begins today starting at noon!


Joe Nathan: Blue Jays Closer?
When the Twins declined Nathan’s 2012 option last week, did it open the door for the Jays to potentially go after one of baseball’s elite closers from 2003-2009?


Should the Jays go after Yu Darvish
Everyone knows the Japanese phenom can throw seven pitches and possesses exceptional command of the strike zone. Should the Jays sign him to a lucrative contract?

Jays AGM Tony LaCava front-runner for Orioles GM vacancy
A take on the recent rumblings that current Jays assistant general manager Tony LaCava is the new favorite to be offered the Orioles’ GM position. Let’s just say he would embark on quite the uphill climb if he was to accept the offer.


Poll results: David Ortiz, David Cooper, left-handed relief
Reviewing three poll results from previous posts, and the results are interesting.


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