The Jays Journal Draft Event: Come Chat Draft on June 6th

Over the days leading up to the draft, I’ll be putting up my thoughts on the draft and who the Jays may have interest in. It’s always close to impossible to predict the outcomes of the draft, as most of us know, and “experts” who make their pre-draft predicitons prove that to be so over and over again each year they get it mostly wrong. However, the players being drafted are usually within their realm. Even though a player may go 20th instead of 7th, that player is still a first rounder. Normally, experts get the “realms” correct, meaning that if you want to know more about the players who the Jays may draft in the first 3 rounds of the upcoming draft, you may want to read up on many of the best players available out there.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to do just that right here on Jays Journal. Blue Bird Banter’s Woodman663 put up a great Preview, available here and split in 2 parts. I intend on going more in-depth, providing links to what others are saying, and trying my best to put some “Jays targets” up there just to see if my radar can get a hit or two in the process.

While the draft in ongoing, we invite you to join the Jays Journal Chat and “live post” in order to share thoughts on the draft as it proceeds. We’ll also be monitoring Twitter and trying to gather any and all news to keep Jays fans in tune with what’s going on out there. Once the Jays make their pick(s), we’ll also provide more in-depth information on those players, or as much as we can find.

I’m hoping that this year the draft will have more players showing up in order to make it a little more interesting. It should be a good time, and a very nice glimpse into the Jays future. With 5 picks ready to be selected by the Jays within the 1st rd and the Supplemental 1st rd, we’re going to have plenty of the future to chat and blog about on the first day!

The draft begins Monday, June 6th, at 7 pm ET, and will be aired on MLB Network and The intervals between picks are 5 minutes during the 1st rd, and 1 minute during the supplemental rd, so things will move quickly once the 1st rd is done.

For a full run-down of the picks in the top 3 rounds, plus the compensatory rounds, visit our 2011 Draft information page here. This page will be updated as soon as the draft begins!

Hope you’ll join us and have some good conversations about what could be (before the pick), what is (the pick), and what could have been (who could have been the pick)!


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  • Matt

    Two guys who I’m intruiged by and who should be going right around #21 are Kolten Wong and Josh Bell.

    Kolten is a lefty 2B from Hawaii with very good offensive potential, decent base runner and won’t kill you in the field. Because he’s only 5’10″ he may slide to 1S but I doubt it.

    Josh is a power hitting switch hitter, currently playing CF but likel to slide over to one of the corners.

  • Larry Gallone


    A while ago you had published the names of some pitchers that he the Jays may be interested in. You also indicated that you would put together a small list of position players. I have not seen that list. Was it published?

    Thank you.

    Re: Larry

    • Mat Germain

      Definitely! I’ll be putting it up this weekend, Monday at the latest. It got lost in the fray, but I’m glad it did because there are more prominent guys that have crept up the boards since that time. As for the pitchers, however, they’re all still in play. Particularly Henry Owens. To me, he may be the best guess #21 pick unless someone drops.

      I entirely agree with Matt who brings up Bell and Wong. Jim Callis seems to think both will last well into the 1st rd, while I believe they may go in the 8-20 spots, sort of like where Delino Deshields (8), Michael Choice (10), and Jake Skole (15) went in 2010. If no team grabs Bell before the Jays, I will be entirely shocked. It would only be because of his asking price, and I can’t see that stopping the Mets, Astros (who have a new owner who wants to make a statement), or A’s from grabbing him before the Jays come up, for example.

      If Bell is available at 21, you might as well write him in there. Wong may wind up being this year’s Dustin Pedroia. I think that the Jays could be interested and could very well grab him at #21, but they may also try to nab him with their 1st sandwich pick.

      The problem for the Jays is that the Rays are picking 3 times between their 1st 2 picks, so they’re going to be very aggressive with the 1st pick.