With Brandon Morrow on DL, Will Kevin Slowey be Acquired by Jays?

The rumors linking the Jays to Twins starter Kevin Slowey earlier this off season didn’t make much sense at the time, but how quickly things change. On the same day that the Jays place Brandon Morrow on the DL, the Twins are apparently increasing their chase of a late innings reliever in return for Slowey. Does this increase the chances of a match between the 2 teams? I’m almost certain it does if the Jays want to ensure they have as many options as possible in hand.

As most know, forearm tightness – the injury Morrow is dealing with – often leads to a visit with Dr. Andrews and possible Tommy John surgery in the worst cases. The Jays could simply use the time Morrow is on the DL as an opportunity to see what they have in-house. However, having seen how active Alex Anthopoulos gets when there is a need within the team, you know that he’s working the phones and looking at every possible solution and scenario.

If the Jays believe that pitchers like Kyle Drabek, Zach Stewart, Marc Rzepczynski, and Brad Mills are truly ready to get a shot at starting full-time for the Jays, then there is no real need to make any relatively big addition. However, what the injury to Morrow does is thin out the overall depth of starters at the higher levels of the Jays minors. Therefore, it seems more likely that the Jays may attempt to bring in at least 1 more starter to ensure that they increase their options.

To me, a Jason Frasor in return for Kevin Slowey trade makes perfect sense and would resolve issues for both the Twins and the Jays. That seems to be the likeliest scenario right now, with the possibility of the Jays sitting back and waiting to see how Morrow rebounds and whether some decent options become available on the waiver wire as teams make some tough decisions (such as the Rockies with John Maine and the Yankees with Bartolo Colon).

So, with that in mind, who else could be available for the Jays?

Here’s a run down of pitchers that are Free Agents and could be added to eat some innings at the back end of the rotation:

Personally, I’d much rather see Zach Stewart get a shot than to see any of those listed above being brought in. It’s doubtful that any of them would be seen as attractive to the Jays, unless of course the Jays are taking each pitcher’s MLB time clock and attempting to limit their exposure until they’re ready for the challenge. Still, after seeing the Jays give Brett Cecil a shot when faced with injuries, I keep leaning towards staying put or an addition such as Slowey.

What are your thoughts on the Brandon Morrow situation? Do you believe he may be out for the year, or that it’s simply a spring training issue that could be resolved within the 1st week of the season? If you do believe an acquisition will be made to fill a possible void, who is your favorite target?

I’m really hoping for the latter in my heart, but my mind is telling me that we could be without Morrow for the entire season, and that would be a crying shame.

All together now: “please be healthy Brandon, please be healthy Brandon”….continue the thought until confirmed….I hope!

- MG

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  • Mylegacy

    The Morrow Saga would be more fun if JP were still here…now, we’d be wondering if the pain in his forearm was actually code for his right knee or left instep. Man – it was was hard to read JP’s mind.

    As to our REAL problem with Morrow – newly titled “Does Morrow have a ‘morrow.” – is that it’s either going to 100% minor or 100% major. Just to help the team out I’m going to watch the whole game tonight with my legs crossed. My fingers will be too busy to cross as they’ll be making sure I don’t spill too much scotch.

  • grouchy

    how do you go from strained forearm to out for the season?

    when’s the last time a jays rumour actually became true? I highly doubt there’s anything to slowey. he would get killed in the east

  • earlweaverfan

    So, after tonight’s outstanding Reyes performance, the starting 5 seems pretty clear, at least for the first week: Romero, Drabek, Cecil, Litsch and Reyes. Farrell seems very happy with Rzep in the pen, and Purcey has dug his grave just a bit deeper. Let’s assume Francisco does not start with the team, but Dotel does. The highly assured BP members to start the season are: Rauch, Dotel, Frasor, Camp, Rzep, and if there is justice in this world, both Janssen and Villanueva make it, too, and Purcey gets to go to some team where lack of control is more appreciated. He is just about the one Spring Training contender for a 25-man slot who has, as you might say, ‘fallen to the occasion’. Now when Francisco comes back, one of Janssen and Villanueva have to get sent down, but that will be really too bad. Then if Morrow is back very soon, then both of them will need to get sent down. There has to be a better answer than that!? Is there any chance that Drabek moves to Vegas, for a while?

  • Baseballkid760

    I seriously think the rotation is fine for now. It’s the 15 day DL, we can relax a little. Farell even said that if it had been playoffs, Morrow would have been pitching. As for Purcey, he does not deserve to make the team out of camp, but i see the jays keeping him anyway(and hopefully being put on waivers after he implodes in the bullpen)

  • allcanadian34

    Did you guys see the interview with Morrow on Sportsnet during the game last night? He basically said that he was disappointed and surprised to be placed on the DL. He acknowledged that the front office is trying to do what’s best to protect him, which he can respect, but he had obviously pitched well in the last outing and wasn’t not expecting to go on the DL.

    In other words, I’m not too concerned…

  • JayTeam

    Brandon has muscle inflammation, not ligament, so you can stop worrying about TJ surgery.

  • Theo_Adorno

    I heard this evening on fan 590 that Cecil claims to have lost 5 miles per hour on his fastball. When this happened to League I believe he missed a significant amount of time. Slowey may be an a good pick up given the potential long term injuries the Jays are facing.
    In a related matter, I believe that the majority of Cecil’s victories came on six days rest – this fact plus the velocity thing has me concerned more than the injury to Morrow.

  • Daniel

    I think an acquisition of slowey would go against AA’s philosophy since he started- which to me appears to developing talent through the minor league system and draft. Specifically high end prospects with high potential. It would make much more sense to give reyes or mills a shot to fill that 5th spot, it’s not like the team has much to lose. If we were ready to compete for a world series right now adding slowey to the back end of our rotation would make sense [who at most is 4th or 5th starter on a championship caliber team- more likely 5th]. But I don’t think it makes sense with our current dynamic. And AA is smarter than that. We add slowey to the mix, and when morrow comes back, he potentially pushes litsch out of the rotation. I don’t think that kind of competition is necessary. Sure pitching depth is great, but not if its filled with 4 and 5 starters.

  • George

    With the depth of starting pitchers the Jays have, I don’t see them going for Slowey. In four major league seasons, he’s never managed over 160 innings, and last year in 28 starts, he only managed 155.2 with a 4.45 ERA. Not exactly an innings eater. In a year when they aren’t going to contend, I would much rather give the job to Stewart or Scrabble, who could manage 155 innings with their eyes closed.
    I would also like to point out that Brandon went through some arm soreness last year, and he said that it was a pretty normal thing for him, so no need to panic yet.