Jays Affiliate Assigments Begin

The following players have been asigned to some of the Jays affiliates over the last few days. It does not guarantee that these players will begin the 2011 season with these teams, but it’s an indication that it is the plan, for now. Since all of the recent assignments deal with AAA and AA rosters, those are the ones I will present below. Here are the additions that the Jays have made to those affiliates:

AAA Las Vegas


C Brian Jeroloman (returns), CF Darin Mastroianni (promotion from AA), RP Alan Farina (promotion from AA), RP Josh Roenicke (returns), SP Brad Mills (returns), SP Luis Perez (promoted from AA), SP Robert Ray (returns), and the newly acquired SS Chris Woodward have been assigned to Las Vegas.


This means that the LV roster currently has the following players on board:

  • Infield: C Brian Jeroloman and Ryan Budde, 1B Ryan Shealy, 2B Ivan Contreras, SS Chris Woodward, 3B Al Quintana (could become Brett Lawrie if he begins 2011 in the minors).
  • Outfield: LF Corey Patterson or Dan Perales, CF Darin Mastroianni, and RF Jason Lane.
  • SP: Robert Ray, Brad Mills, Luis Perez, Ryan Page (Page was also promoted from AA New Hampshire).
  • RP: Alan Farina, Josh Roenicke, Clint Everts, Dumas Garcia, Rommie Lewis, Wil Ledezma, Mike Hinckley, Jamie Vermilyea, Sean Henn, Winston Abreu.

AA New Hampshire


SS Adeiny Hechavarria (will repeat AA, at least to begin 2011), SP Joel Carreno (promotion from HiA), and CF Moises Sierra (promotion from HiA) have been assigned to the New Hampshire roster.


This means that the NH roster currently has the following players on board:

  • Infield: C Matt Liuzza, 1B David Cooper and Roan Salas, 2B Callix Crabbe and Jonathan Diaz, SS Adeiny Hechavarria and Luis Sanchez, 3B Craig Stansberry and Niuman Romero.
  • Outfield: LF Eric Thames (yet to be given assignment) and Adam Calderone, CF-RF Moises Sierra, and RF Adam Loewen and Ricardo Nanita.
  • SP: Joel Carreno, Reidier Gonzalez, Mike McDonald, B.J. Lamura, Randy Boone, Zach Stewart (yet to receive his 2011 assignment)
  • RP: Mike McDonald, Vince Perkins, Ronald Uviedo, Vince Bongiovanni, Boomer Potts.

Other majors and minors rosters notes:

  • RP Dustin McGowan has been placed on the 60-day disabled list and will now attempt to return as a RP. I still can’t believe they were trying to have him return as a SP. That didn’t make any sense from the get-go.
  • There’s a chance that RP Octavio Dotel will begin the season on the 15-day DL, likely allowing for Casey Janssen to begin the 2011 season with the Jays and easing the pressure on the Jays to figure our the Jo-Jo Reyes situation.
  • Another RP, Frank Francisco, is also dealing with injury issues to his pectoral area and will be a close call to make it onto the roster for opening day. If that’s the case, it has been said that Jon Rauch will likely get the first shot at closing for the Jays.
  • There promises to be many changes to be made to the AA roster in particular when Anthony Gose, Travis d’Arnaud, and Michael McDade receive their assignments. This could result in some older players being released or traded. My inclination is that Eric Thames should join Mastroianni in AAA, allowing for Anthony Gose to take over CF in AA and Moises Sierra manning LF instead of Thames in AA. We should know if that’s the case fairly soon, but it could result in the Jays letting Jason Lane go or using him as a DH the majority of the time.
  • OF Joseph Hage, signed this off-season, has been added to the LoA Lansing roster and seems likely to begin his minors time with the Jays alongside Jacob Marisnick, Michael Crouse and Brad McElroy.

I’m still looking forward to seeing how will round out the HiA and LoA rosters. As the upper-level rosters do take shape, however, you do see that the Jays have a lot of “close to MLB ready” talent in the works. Hopefully the newly promoted do well on their new squads and force the Jays to make the toughest decisions possible as 2011 goes on while providing them with as many great assets to use as possible.

- MG

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  • gabriel

    Probably Loewen should get moved up to AAA, as Sierra is definitely a RF. I imagine Gose starts at AA, especially after a good Spring Training.

    • Mat Germain

      I agree, which is why I don’t understand why they re-signed Jason Lane. It may turn out to be a waste of money if they’re forced to release him (although there may be a clause in his contract that minimizes the cost).

      Gose should definitely be in AA, putting a TON of pressure on Mastroianni to perform at a high level in 2011. When you have a player like Gose who can turn every single he hits into a triple by stealing 2 bases – all the while driving the opposing pitchers and catchers nuts – you have a ton of talent on the way. If Gose gets on base regularly, he could even get a cup of coffee in September to get him some ABs before 2012.

  • Steve

    Thanks for the information. It will be nice following the Jays minor league affiliates this year, with so many legitimate prospects to follow. One point I disagree on. If Gose, Loewen and Sierra end up being the AA outfield, wouldn’t you have Loewen in LF and Sierra in RF, since Sierra has the stronger arm and those are the positions they have generall played anyway?

    • Mat Germain

      I think you’re right about Loewen and Sierra, but they’re interchangeable really. I think Sierra can handle all 3 spots, while Loewen more of a corners guy. Once Gose is assigned, that should be clarified on their roster page.

      • gabriel

        Let’s not forget that Loewen also has a rocket for an arm. Both Sierra and Loewen are well-suited to RF.

        That being said, if Sierra has the range to handle Centre, we should give him some playing time there, even if Gose or Marisnick are the CFs of the future.

  • Steve

    Agree on the good news/bad news implication of having Dotel and Francisco starting the year on the DL. It will give the Jays more time to figure out the crowded bullpen picture and you can judge each player’s performance better in April games over ST games. The only bad thing would be if the injuries to Dotel and Francisco turn out to be serious.

    • Mat Germain

      If they do turn out to be serious, there’s an outside chance that the Jays could take a look at keeping Stewart on the roster in a relief role. The worst part about have things turn serious for the Jays would be that it would lower the chances that either pitcher qualifies as a Type A or B FA after the season. That would cost the Jays the possibility of letting them walk in return for pick(s) if/when they sign elsewhere.

  • Ryan

    Thanks to the folks at Jaysjournal! I have followed the website all winter and will continue to throughout the year. Great coverage of the young guys and the minor league systems.

    I am curious about Arencibia and D’Arnaud. They are clearly struggling with the bat this spring, is it merely a case of focusing their efforts on the pitching staff and ensuring their defensive game is up to snuff or have we (myself included) overhyped their hitting capabilities?

    Anybody put some comparisons to the type of player that Thames looks to be modeling? I can’t help but compare his potential to that of Nick Swisher. Average D, 20+ Dingers, 80ish RBIs?

    • Mat Germain

      I think that either way, the catcher will be hitting 9th (except when John McDonald is in the lineup), so the expectations at this point are fairly low. If JP proves his defensive skills are up-to-par and he can add some power to the low end of the lineup, he’ll likely get his fair share of ABs.

      However, if he proves truly abysmal at the plate, there’s an outside chance that the Jays swap him for Brian Jeroloman, a catcher who has outstanding defensive skills and can get on base at a very high rate.

      Personally, I think he’s 100% focused on being great behind the plate right now and is putting so much energy on that part of the game that his hitting is….well….taking a hit.(pun unintended)I entirely believe that the Jays will begin keeping score, sort of speak, when the season begins. If he has 2-3 hits in all of April, then the Jays may decide a change is needed. But, to me, that’s likely to be the time that he starts being more comfortable behind the plate and when he’ll likely begin to make better contact.

      He should be able to stick around all season long. If he does well defensively, there’s no reason for the Jays to send him anywhere.

      As for Thames, I thought about it for a while and decided that the closest I could find was Andre Ethier. Both are lefties, both have similar builds, although Thames is 2 inches shorter, and both have lots of power. Thames could reach the majors in 2011, as Ethier had also done at age 24, the age Thames will be this season. At 23, their stats were as follows:

      Ethier (AA/AAA): 520 ABs/165 hits/31 db/18 HRs/82 RBI/.317/.384/.492
      Thames (AA): 496 ABs/143 hits/25 db/27 HRs/104 RBI/.288/.370/.526

      Also, Thames had 58 extra base hits total, while Ethier had 52, this despite Thames having fewer ABs. Thames struck out more often, however, (121 times to Ethier’s 96) but we have to take into consideration that Thames was returning from a serious injury that kept him to only 216 ABs in 2009. Considering that, I think it’s fair to say that he could have hit for better average in 2010 if he had played a full 2009.

      The only real difference between the 2 at this point in their progressions and for the future comparison is that Ethier plays RF, while Thames may be relegated to LF. But, offensively speaking, it’s possible that Thames develops into an Ethier type outfielder. That would mean the possibility of developing into a couple of 30 HR / 100 RBI seasons with .270 to .300 averages and middle of the road OBPs, high slugging percentage, coupled with some 20-25 HRs /70-80 RBI seasons.

      • George

        Thanks for the great info, Matt. Given the Jay’s recent philosophy of having a plan for the development of their young talent, I would be very surprised if JP were removed because of poor hitting. Young catchers have so much on their plate that it is only a rare few who hit well right out of the gate. I expect the Jays to be patient with JPA for a year or 2, at least until D’Arnaud or Perez are ready for the majors. Jeroloman would be called up in case of injury, but I believe his path to a steady job with the big club is well and truly blocked by the depth of the Jay’s catching prospects.

        • http://none Brian

          I really don’t see how Thames will fit into the Blue Jay’s long term term strategy.

          After 2011, Rivera’s contract will expire and will leave the Jays organization. Thus in 2012, we have two outfielders ready: Snider (LF), and Davis (CF). Bautista will likely return to RF in 2012, and either Lawrie or a FA will fill in at 3B.

          In the unlikely event that Baustista stays at 3B in 2012, then Thames MIGHT have a shot at OF.

          Keep in mind that Thames is already 24 yrs old (DOB Nov. 1986). If he doesn’t enter in the majors with us by 2012, then he’ll likely be traded.

          One more thing:
          Due to the similarities between Davis and Gose (both are ideal leadoff hitters), Gose is likely to replace Davis. We signed Davis to a two-year contract (2011 – 2012) with an additional club option for 2013. This way, Gose will have up to two (or three) more years in the minors.

          • Ready

            I think Thames could be a good 4th OF. He’s not an All-Star type and AA wants an All-Star type at each position. If you look at the good teams, they usually have a decent 4th OF, who can get 300+ AB in a season.

  • George

    It’s taken a bit for the AA7 effect to trickle up to the AAA level, but it looks like the Lost Wages fans will be watching some pretty good baseball this year. We are now starting to see the shape of a Blue Jays lineup in a couple of years.
    Outfield: Snider, Gose, Thames, Bombista, Marisnick /Mastroianni
    Infield: Lawrie, Hech, Escobar, Lind/McDade
    Catching: Arencibia, D’Arnaud/Perez
    Rotation: Morrow, Romero, Drabek, Cecil, Stewart/Jenkins/McGuire/et. al.
    These are just guys that have done well this Spring. Pretty fearsome.

    • George

      In 92/93, John Olerud hit #6, mainly because there was no room for him at the top of the order. We could possibly see that happen with Lind in a couple of years.

  • Kelekin

    I imagine Page won’t start at AAA, unless it’s simply just due to us being short on starters there. Only 2 innings above High-A, and not even good numbers there. Should be converted to a reliever at AA, but really he’s just organizational filler.

    I fully anticipate Cooper will be our 1B at AAA, with Shealy as the DH (and vice versa). Diaz should get the starter’s job at SS, and Thames/Loewen/mastro should be our starting OF. I am hoping Scott Campbell comes back strong and can claim the 2B job with Lawrie likely ending up at 3B.

    I also imagine Boone and Stewart will be in AAA this year.

    • Mat Germain

      Agreed. Once all assignments are fulfilled, Stewart should be taking his spot. It’s just how it’s slated as per today’s lineup.

  • Bravo

    Everts seemed to be awesome coming out of high school. After the TJ surgery, do you think he still has what it takes to crack the 40-man?